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Astralis Era Over??? Discuss
Australia itzsassym8 
Hey guys! How is everyone going! I would just like to discuss the 6th Episode of my series of 5 minutes of csgo. This week we discuss the blast pro series, esl pro league eu and americas, charleroi esports and ofc the invites and quals! I just want to get a real discussion going of what people think will happen with Astralis as I think they are going to bounce back like they have done many times in the past, but is this going to be the time where they finally start to break. I just want as much feedback as I can again but most importantly to get discussion happening about these topics and other topics in csgo. Nevertheless here it is: Please enjoy gamers and get keen for the next few weeks as we lead into IEM Sydney, as I will be going there as well!
2019-04-17 13:32
France edrissM 
2019-04-17 13:33
okay isnt too bad my dude
2019-04-17 13:35
Brazil dev2ce 
are u the dude who posted a video of ur pickems
2019-04-17 14:37
hardstyle | 
Spain rmkx 
no /close
2019-04-17 13:33
no to what
2019-04-17 13:35
Brazil D1sco 
he's saying that the astralis era isn't over
2019-04-19 01:55
I know gamer
2019-04-19 02:09
Brazil D1sco 
rise up
2019-04-19 02:21
How high should we rise up
2019-04-19 03:10
cringe /close
2019-04-17 13:35
what is cringe gamer man
2019-04-17 13:37
did u even read
2019-04-17 13:43
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
Losing to mibr and having a era Pick one xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
2019-04-17 13:43
2019-04-17 13:44
even Windego can beat them
2019-04-17 13:48
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
Gorilla gang (team) almost won a map against them xaxaxaxaxxaxa.
2019-04-17 13:49
Brazil I_Hate_North 
Mibr almost won against mibr what
2019-04-17 13:50
2019-04-18 11:28
Windigo > MIBR > Astralis
2019-04-20 03:00
but seriously its probably not the end of them, but it would be sad if it was but also good for competition
2019-04-17 13:48
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
Astralis are killing them selves to ne honest to's should stop inviting them until they cut ties with rfrsh
2019-04-17 13:50
Dev1ce is really scared of Kangaroos
2019-04-17 13:52
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
I would be more scared of the cenno recipients who will bludgeon them to death when they beat rng.
2019-04-17 13:53
probably cant handle the heat of aus which is dissapointing, jet lag is bs. Just get here earlier or split it into many different trips or something
2019-04-17 13:55
Fake flagger Every American knows "a" and "an" grammar
2019-04-17 20:59
Since when does a burger do grammar
2019-04-18 01:14
True You're right my bad
2019-04-18 08:59
No worries man
2019-04-18 09:32
Every era has 2 years. 2012 and 2013 = NiP 2014 and 2015 = Fnatic 2016 and 2017 = LG/SK 2018 and 2019 = Astralis 2020 and 2021 = Liquid
2019-04-17 13:48
2012? lul xD 5 months with 3 teams nice "era" 2014 fnatic? lul they was nowhere till cologne and was #2 after lLDLC was recreated in november. nice "era" nip was the best team of 2014 same with LG/SK: nowhere till mlg 2016, then 3 events (not even in a row) and nowhere in the end of the 2016 and till june on 2017. nice "era" And ofc 2020 will be navi/ence not choquid
2019-04-17 13:54
2019-04-17 14:02
France LanaRhoades 
2020 will not be era of a top 9 team actually ;;);));
2019-04-17 14:40
So NiP era 2013-2014 Fnatic era 2015 Lg/sk no era just 2 Majors Astralis may 2018-tbd
2019-04-18 11:33
2014 - no era. It started with VG/Titan on top. then VP, then DIgnitas, Nip, Fnatic and ended with LDLC. Greatest year for csgo imo
2019-04-18 13:03
Okay but NiP was the best in 2014 right?
2019-04-18 13:24
I would say they were the most stable, so overall, yes
2019-04-18 13:43
Get a life men
2019-04-19 19:04
get a brain men? you need just few minutes per week to know what happens here
2019-04-21 12:18
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes 
2019 and 2020 is FaZe's Era
2019-04-17 14:57
I aren't think that
2019-04-17 15:58
2019-04-18 11:33
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
TRUE +1 Let's see IF Astralis Break Record for another YEAR
2019-04-17 16:06
NiKo | 
Brazil vChuck1 
Astralis won in 1 year what lg/sk took 2 years
2019-04-17 16:40
2019-04-19 02:06
2019-04-19 01:56
Ahaha lolquid
2019-04-19 02:00
Netherlands toothpaste 
What's with all the spaniards in this thread
2019-04-17 13:47
to contribute their /close abilities. Whats your fav toothpaste man?
2019-04-17 13:49
Netherlands toothpaste 
The one that looks like my flag
2019-04-18 01:13
Solid I can respect that, show I do a toothpaste review on my channel sometime
2019-04-18 04:54
just wanna know the toothpaste :(
2019-04-17 14:20
Finland James Nelson 
colgate total, any problem u have it cures it. I saw on tv
2019-04-17 14:45
2019-04-18 05:05
Brazil I_Hate_North 
1 bad event, calm down
2019-04-17 13:49
I was baiting people in to discuss, as I said I think Astralis will come back like many times in the past. Props to MIBR tho
2019-04-17 13:50
Brazil I_Hate_North 
But what I expect now to see is that mibr with this confidence boost can compete to that top 3 spot and maybe start to take astralis out of their comfort zone
2019-04-17 14:25
ye like I think thats what MIBR really needed is some sort of traction to get started. Yes its a bo1 and one day but 16-2 is really dominant. Like you cannot take that away from them and you can almost say this contributed to Astralis losing out the rest of their matches. I am keen to see what MIBR are gonna do, im sure Astralis will bounce back though
2019-04-17 14:28
How could Astralis have era when it has been MIBR era since 2016
2019-04-17 13:50
China should make MICH so they can win everything
2019-04-17 13:51
tf did i just watch
2019-04-17 13:53
I mean the start is meant to be cringey, but the actual content if you got through it all is just csgo news throughout the last week
2019-04-17 13:59
zonic | 
Denmark meganice 
1 bad day = era over.. Use your head :)
2019-04-17 14:03
read past the title man! I am obviously using it for a reason
2019-04-17 14:06
with all due respect use your head ;) but nah I get where you are coming from
2019-04-17 14:06
zonic | 
Denmark meganice 
Ha :)
2019-04-17 14:08
just look at all the replies
2019-04-17 14:09
Xyp9x | 
Bulgaria Georgi50 
+1 they will continue to be the best :) because they are Astralis they did it before why not again :/ maybe we will see at the major
2019-04-17 19:51
An event they finally won’t skip! :)
2019-04-18 21:31
Italy Gio_bose 
Astralis: loses 3 bo1 Everyone in the cs community: Aaaaa Astralis are shit End of Astralis era
2019-04-17 14:08
zonic | 
Denmark meganice 
What he said.
2019-04-17 14:09
thats so true man
2019-04-17 14:10
wait you read far enough or watched far enough to realize I dont actually think this right>
2019-04-17 14:11
Italy Gio_bose 
No I wasn't saying you I was just saying most of the irrational Cs fans I mean if any fan would want there to be an Astralis downfall it would but liquid fans. So coming from a liquid fan u can see that most people are being delusional
2019-04-17 15:00
ye ye I can agree aha was just making sure hence the 2nd reply :)
2019-04-17 15:18
It had to happend eventually... I think its time for FaZe or MiBR to take over... Could be NaVi but if they get Jame instead of Edward.
2019-04-17 14:12
ye obviously it isnt said and done yet, but I can agree it is definitely a positive step in the right direction. I hope to see MIBR rise back to fruition again. That would be great and a good story about "old lineups"
2019-04-17 14:14
Italy Gio_bose 
Not liquid ?
2019-04-17 15:01
No, they choke alot, maybe if they get Autimatic or smth
2019-04-17 16:45
Italy Gio_bose 
Yeah I guess but they are still the next best team by far to Astralis.
2019-04-17 19:22
That is for sure but they just have a tendency of always being second no matter what
2019-04-19 02:13
Italy Gio_bose 
Watch Dallas and Sydney and we will see
2019-04-19 19:00
Aye excited for both
2019-04-20 02:57
Denmark blue_sheep 
They had a bad day, lost a few games, and didn't make it to the finals of one minor tournament The era is far from over.
2019-04-17 14:35
France LanaRhoades 
Skipping a lot of events and lose their rigged blast ?? Mhmh they ran out of strategy
2019-04-17 14:41
Denmark blue_sheep 
Blast isn't rigged and certainly not for Astralis. It is a terrible format for their style. The era isn't broken because of one tournament where they dont quite make it to the final. Both nip and fnatic missed finals of tournaments before their eras truly ended
2019-04-17 14:52
France LanaRhoades 
Katowice was a fluke for Astralis imo. Facing NiP , MIBR and ENCE to win ? At this moment ENCE was worse , NiP is just decent and MIBR was very inconsistent like rn. And the others teams choked
2019-04-17 14:44
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
This is by far the best bait ive seen this one right here
2019-04-17 14:51
Denmark blue_sheep 
It was easy for Astralis, yes. No shit, it always is. You are a real Sherlock buddy.
2019-04-17 14:56
They had a bad day, the cameras don’t lie...
2019-04-17 14:48
France Telt 
You're coming back down, and you really don't mind
2019-04-18 11:07
France Telt 
That wasn't a "minor tournament", actually one of the biggest considering the #1 team doesn't attend that many competitions. I'm with you in saying that it doesn't make their era over or anything something like though.
2019-04-18 11:12
Congrats on comment 100
2019-04-18 11:23
France Telt 
Oh, didn't see that, thank you. I want to thank my family, my friends and girlfriend, my school teachers, the guy who was walking on the other pavement this morning, Chuck Norris, Elvis Presley and finally Thanos.
2019-04-18 11:25
That’s great man! Are you going for 200?
2019-04-18 11:56
But to actually reply to your point like Astralis surely has to win every event they go to just to compensate
2019-04-19 02:20
France Telt 
Maybe yeah
2019-04-19 08:03
NiKo | 
Spain kroosw0w 
FaZe killed the Astralis era.
2019-04-17 14:46
female era will be next
2019-04-17 14:54
Denmark blue_sheep 
Blast isn't rigged and certainly not for Astralis. It is a terrible format for their style. The era isn't broken because of one tournament where they dont quite make it to the final. Both nip and fnatic missed finals of tournaments before their eras truly ended.
2019-04-17 14:51
Ye but atleast fnatic and nip weren't skipping tourneys
2019-04-17 16:10
2019-04-17 16:36
nice memory you got there fnatic werent in numerous tier 1 tourneys in 2015
2019-04-19 08:05
say the names of the tourneys.
2019-04-19 08:05
fnatic weren't invited to iem. dreamhack london wasn't really a tier 1 tourney. navi vp fnc obv and nip were missing from that had fucking cpw ezskins rng at that tourney. cevo and gfinity ok you got a point with those 2. and like you said dhm leizpig isn't in 2016.
2019-04-19 08:32
i completely forgot about that iem thing
2019-04-19 08:35
i forgot about the tourneys they didn't attend so thx for pointing that out.
2019-04-19 08:44
Fair points
2019-04-19 12:52
Brazil camunguelo 
Not yet
2019-04-17 15:03
Fair enough
2019-04-19 07:30
North America silly[] 
not over, but they keep up this whole skipping Tier 1 events thing then their dominance in the moment will be brought into question
2019-04-17 15:21
Ye for sure, unless they win every event they don’t skip
2019-04-18 23:13
Finland Ronaldofanboy 
Me love pashabicepsZ
2019-04-17 16:00
thats so good man, how much do u love him
2019-04-17 16:46
They got to drop from their #1 position in the rankings first and have negative results in bigger events than Blast as well. They only lost on overpass and dust 2 in bo1 games.
2019-04-17 16:47
this is very true
2019-04-17 16:48
I think if those games were decided to be on nuke or inferno, let's say, the results would be better, even for a bad day for them.
2019-04-17 16:51
ye true but still a cool result for other teams
2019-04-17 20:21
If it's true that they're only going to attend Blast events, and Majors, then I will not consider them a top team.
2019-04-17 20:23
I mean they would have to atleast win every event with some dominance to maybe be considered still but I agree
2019-04-18 04:49
big phat bump
2019-04-18 08:06
Having a single bad day and losing bo1's is not the end of an era when you've barely lost a series in 6 months.
2019-04-18 09:04
they will bounce back
2019-04-18 09:06
How high will the bounce be tho
2019-04-18 09:41
Sweden swediztann3 
Maybe if they play bad at 3-4 tournaments in a row we can have this discussion. But this is just omegalul
2019-04-18 09:17
blacK | 
Namibia Toonga 
The rain has destoryed the dev1ce. And not even zonic can run past that guardian
2019-04-18 09:19
2019-04-18 15:12
2019-04-18 09:43
2019-04-18 11:06
A green screen would go very well on these videos
2019-04-18 09:46
Ye I got one at my parents just working out how to get it to mine
2019-04-18 10:45
nt kwebbelkop
2019-04-18 09:49
Ty man
2019-04-18 10:48
United States ClickHole 
2019-04-18 13:27
2019-04-18 15:13
What a name
2019-04-18 15:30
United States ClickHole 
Thats not a bait.
2019-04-18 15:49
it was just 1 tournament, so soon to say
2019-04-18 13:29
I mean hopefully we find out soon
2019-04-18 14:29
Europe crosst 
nice i like when someone is passionate but u wasting ur time making these videos. also trash mic bro
2019-04-18 15:33
How is my mic trash I mean it ain’t the best but it ain’t the worst.
2019-04-18 21:21
I used to cast this game but got banned from twitch so this is the closest things I can do
2019-04-18 21:22
Europe crosst 
Why u got banned?
2019-04-18 23:37
For calling someone a faggot because him and his stream were making threats towards my misses kid and myself
2019-04-19 00:30
Europe crosst 
2019-04-19 01:05
Aye it ducks
2019-04-19 01:53
2019-04-18 21:50
For everyone; They choked lol like liquid.
2019-04-19 02:30
137 is my reply rip
2019-04-19 03:20
Ahaha aye just liquid do it consistently
2019-04-19 03:10
Big bump
2019-04-19 04:53
Azerbaijan Jakubko345 
It was just a choke
2019-04-19 19:05
Denmark Xipingu 
If it is, it’s fine. They have an era now. We can go back to competition the way it was early 2018 - very contested.
2019-04-19 19:06
kennyS | 
Singapore _d0nut 
tbh you should invest in a decent mic(maybe a cheap-ish one) and a decent facecam, would really improve your video quality. Also please lower down the volume of the background music, would rather listen to your voice than shitty royalty-free music
2019-04-19 19:08
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