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Office chair or gaming/racing chair?
forsaken | 
Denmark idkwhoami 
What best?
2019-04-17 17:23
autist | 
CIS bjornzz 
no difference, wtf men
2019-04-17 17:25
yes their is men
2019-04-17 17:25
autist | 
CIS bjornzz 
it's just a chair, there is no difference unless you sit like jdm \_ounge
2019-04-17 17:27
i thought gaming chairs gave u like +10 in aim or smth men
2019-04-17 17:27
autist | 
CIS bjornzz 
true men, you should buy it 😎😎😎
2019-04-17 17:30
the only purpose of a stool like this is to reach the noose
2019-04-17 18:53
Gaming, since you can use it for work too. Although it would look stupid in an actual office.
2019-04-17 17:26
You can use office chair for gaming too (surprise).
2019-04-17 19:44
I found them to be overall uncomfortable for gaming. Specially for long hours.
2019-04-17 19:45
2019-04-17 19:52
Brazil BENd 
Both are okay, if you have extra money I would recommend gaming one. Otherwise it's necessary.
2019-04-17 17:26
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
"if you have extra money I would recommend gaming one" Gaming chairs are way less expensive than any good ergonomic chair (office chairs) you could buy. Youngsters nowaday think that gaming chairs are good when they're actually uncomfortable cheap materials, you wan't a good egronomic office chair it will costs between 700$ and 2000$ and there's no comparison to gaming chairs, they're better for you back and way more comfortable. DX racer and AK racing bullshit are the worst things you can get your arse on and low quality products. That's an example of what a good and "cheap" chair is (well not cheap but for a good quality chair it's not that pricey) :
2019-04-17 18:53
Brazil BENd 
Idk I have IKEA 500$ office chair and i chill
2019-04-17 18:53
CHEAP??????????????????????????????? are you sure?
2019-04-17 18:54
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
Yeah it doesn't look cool like a racing seat but yeah, it's good, adjustable in everyway and if you had tried one of those you'd never sit on a shitty DXracing again. And if you're gonna put your ass on hit more than two hours per day it's not that of a big deal in terms of investement. + cheap is relative.
2019-04-17 18:58
i would never get a dxracer or anything like that in my life, i'd rather spend my whole time standing than waste that much on a chair
2019-04-17 18:58
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
Well stand then. I used to have a job where i had to sit 8 hours a day and having a good seat is not even a comfort, it's fuckin mandatory. If you're ready to put money on stupid shits (like phones, skins, games or whatever) and does not consider putting money on things as important as chairs, mattress and things that are actually good for your body then i think you don't know what "wasting money" means. (if you keep it only 1years it cost you 1.9€ for you back and you could keep it like 10 years since those are not shitty quality chairs. SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE to preserve your back and have a bit of comfort) Anway not gonna argue hours about things like that on hltv. (too much trolls/kids and stupid people).
2019-04-17 19:10
i said i would stand instead of that chair. i've got a chair that cost around $70 and that was already a big investment, it's comfortable and i haven't got any back problems i'm a minimalist, i don't waste money like a typical belgian lowlife. $150 phone, 0 skins, only bought the CS games and insurgency on sale for $2, don't waste money on anything, play with 60+ fps only on wingman shortdust and nuke since i refuse to waste money on a pc and i could easily buy a car for that money
2019-04-17 21:11
whatever you prefer big dog
2019-04-17 17:28
2019-04-17 18:18
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
Since you’re from denmark and u should have alot of money buy a herman miller
2019-04-17 18:23
Slavery doesn't exist in Denmark
2019-04-17 18:28
2019-04-17 18:29
He said you can buy a person (unless if he's referring to domestic labour).
2019-04-17 18:31
sorry lxxl, i had to report you FeelsBadMan
2019-04-17 18:41
wtf mens)))
2019-04-17 18:44
jk men you cool 😎👍
2019-04-17 18:45
thank you mens))) 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
2019-04-17 18:45
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
Wtf no herman in china )))))) expected from communism jokes aside search for herman chairs
2019-04-17 18:47
i dont have that kinds of money bro, im poor student
2019-04-17 18:51
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
Then buy an office one from ikea
2019-04-17 19:35
ok ty bro
2019-04-17 19:37
Floor OP
2019-04-17 18:28
Finland m1b 
i have a gaming chair but it doesn't really matter, more important is that you feel comfortable and your back isn't hurting
2019-04-17 18:30
Germany KaZo04 
2019-04-17 18:45
Liechtenstein yppiL 
Racing chair? lmao
2019-04-17 18:45
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
massage chair
2019-04-17 18:48
Park bench
2019-04-17 18:54
office. Gaming chairs are overpriced and silly looking, plus your place looks like a kids place if you are having a girl over
2019-04-17 19:01
thats what i was thinking aswell. I trust your word
2019-04-17 19:37
Get a good office chair NOT WHITE, i made that mistake, it's going to get dirty. I feel like leather is very uncomfortable, if you have long sessions. You will sweat and it's nasty. So a good quality office chair, in fabric and not white. My recommendation ;) I have this one. Can definitely recommend it! i can game for an entire day with no problems regarding my back +it's cheap and the back is vented and it is great quality, no plastic shit. Only thing to consider is the height of the armrests in regard to your table. Keep that in mind
2019-04-17 19:52
Yeah, I've been looking quite a bit at it.. I sit quite low with my chair anyway so i dont think the armrests should be a problem. I do have a quite low table tho. So thanks for the heads up. Heard a guy complain that the back was sloped and he disliked that? Will definitely try it out in my nearest IKEA Thanks for the replies! :)
2019-04-17 20:09
It is sloped and i love it. In the beginning it may feel wierd, but your back is suposed to be like that. It ensures the proper spine positioning and it just works. Happy hunting in IKEA xD
2019-04-17 20:10
Thanks :D
2019-04-17 20:12
2019-04-22 09:41
Got the markus, its great :D
2019-04-22 17:33
Awesome, i knew you'd like it !
2019-04-22 17:34
s1mple | 
Europe JakeXd1 
2019-04-17 19:40
Dx racer chairs are absolutley not my thing, like why would you take something that is meant to hold you keep you planted through corners and make a plasticy gaming chair out of it, like why?
2019-04-17 19:46
Slovakia twat 
office chair for sure
2019-04-17 19:51
United States Nellie^ 
how about ♿?
2019-04-17 19:52
im no north
2019-04-17 20:16
Brazil jmarcelo 
Office. Gaming chairs are overpriced as fuck. A $500 office chair will be 10x better than a $500 gaming chair
2019-04-17 20:14
thats what ive heard many say yeah, think ill go with an offie chair so i dont look like nerd when i have girs over u kno
2019-04-17 20:17
gaming chairs are a joke lol
2019-04-22 09:45
Indonesia EvilPolish 
office chair obviously
2019-04-22 09:46
Russia ttteaser 
Office ofc
2019-04-22 09:49
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