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P2000 TBH
Relaxa | 
Brazil RidiculousJoke 
You know that feeling when you see a pro whit an p2000? For me it goes in stages -Wtf is that guy doing -Calm down, it has more bullets, kinda same accuracy and one shot hs -Who am I to judge? Hes the pro, maybe Ill even see a p2000 highlight -Guy dies to a glock -usp-s multifrags on remaining players
2019-04-18 04:38
Thank you for your honesty
2019-04-18 04:39
Thancc* You are welcome m8 I just couldnt watch fuckin stanislaw keep picking that shit and being an absolute nothing on pistols
2019-04-18 04:41
2019-04-18 08:00
Shazam is pretty good with it though
2019-04-18 16:38
Omg, your nickname is confirmed by HLTV. Did you know?
2019-04-18 19:05
Finland ProstoChudak 
idk whats wrong with them. But I know guys who feels better with p2000 just cuz of their playstyle
2019-04-18 04:48
But there never was any good play whit an p2000, its just inferior
2019-04-18 04:50
Shox was kinda good with it for a noticeable period of time.
2019-04-18 04:54
But switched back
2019-04-18 06:09
walle | 
Germany Fl0RR3 
Did you forget about hikos 1tap?
2019-04-18 05:20
Didnt compare to his Tec9
2019-04-18 06:08
xantares always uses p2k
2019-04-18 05:23
Slovakia Denysis 
GuardiaN was and sometimes still is playing with P2000 and he is doing well in pistol rounds.
2019-04-18 05:23
Lekro has had many nice multi-kill rounds with P2000.
2019-04-18 07:14
Guardian had a one tap ace against VP on inferno
2019-04-18 07:19
i can do a one tap ace against medium bots as well though
2019-04-18 07:48
Sweden Bakkmann 
2019-04-18 09:06
2019-04-18 09:06
That was in 2015..
2019-04-18 09:52
2019-04-18 10:57
Yugoslavia HeavySmoker 
2019-04-18 15:10
2019-04-18 16:39
Poland morosek 
Shox, hiko, get right
2019-04-18 07:46
BelieveR | 
Finland FinTz 
GeT_RiGhT* 😂
2019-04-18 10:50
woxic is kinda good with it
2019-04-18 09:55
gruby insane ace on train with p2k
2019-04-18 10:51
so crisp
2019-04-18 16:40
The USP and P2K are nearly identical weapons stats-wise. If you can rekt with p2k, you can probably rekt with usp and vice versa.
2019-04-18 09:08
Usp is actually more accurate over long range.
2019-04-18 15:01
P2K is actually more accurate while moving, but USP is more accurate while standing still. But the differences are so small it doesn't really matter.
2019-04-18 16:31
sometimes when i use p2000 i feel it's more accurate than usp, idk why
2019-04-18 04:58
p2k is more accurate while moving apparently so that's maybe why?
2019-04-18 16:32
don't think that's why, im standing still while shooting
2019-04-18 17:05
i'd use p2000 if it had the old sound
2019-04-18 04:59
+1 this man knows what he says
2019-04-18 05:06
2019-04-18 07:19
Russia accn 
yep, its good, but sounds weird
2019-04-18 07:25
sounds like someone clapping
2019-04-18 07:43
Russia accn 
2019-04-18 08:56
Switzerland meme_jesus 
Someone clapping your mom
2019-04-18 11:21
ahh cmon jesus
2019-04-18 14:59
+1 )
2019-04-18 09:26
United States ClickHole 
2019-04-18 16:40
Shox was amazing with it, and Idk why but when I use it I feel more comfortable and like... you know, like I can play more aggresive, but I mean, I obviously prefer give a hs with usp, but yeah, P2000 is not that bad, just depends the player and situation
2019-04-18 05:08
Idk man just seems worse and inacurate, even thou its almost the same
2019-04-18 06:10
I feel like is a P250, you can run and shoot (not at all but at least for me works better than the usp in this), give hs is easy, but to me is like the M4, I mean, with the M4 I just CAN'T aim to the head, I don't know why, I just can't, I feel like I just need to spray for a kill, is the same that I feel with the P2000 (not the same weapon and not the same situation ofc, just the feeling)
2019-04-18 06:14
Because the m4 is shit, thats why :)
2019-04-18 15:02
P2K > USP, usp for big gay faglords
2019-04-18 06:16
Russia accn 
sjw will eat you xD
2019-04-18 08:58
they can eat my ass
2019-04-18 09:03
Russia accn 
they will enjoy to eat any ass they can get
2019-04-18 09:13
2019-04-19 05:13
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
Usps is for people who dont want to hear them selves miss.
2019-04-18 06:27
P2k is oddly good wepon but i dont use it coz u got 4k with it at buy round and tf idk
2019-04-18 07:22
Canada top_zozzle 
p2000 red fragcam looks at dragon lore and says “you are suck” drafon lore go cry home to mother and then die of HIV. i hope you enjoyed my story
2019-04-18 07:32
Very nice story men)))
2019-04-18 07:56
such a bad attempt.
2019-04-18 10:07
Vietnam anhtuan0296 
I dont have good aim so i just use p2000 to spam and maybe have some luck 😯
2019-04-18 07:53
2019-04-18 07:54
Finland James Nelson 
I like usp more on other rounds but in pistol p2000 better. Dont have to worry about missing :D the difference isnt that big either. Usp just satisfying dinks
2019-04-18 08:12
Sweden Bakkmann 
So true, damn
2019-04-18 09:06
Depends on your playstyle. I'm not a pro player at all but i always buy p2k instead of usp
2019-04-18 09:55
it has 1 extra bullet, sometimes thats the 1 you need to win the fight
2019-04-18 10:00
France uNLmofo 
P2000 is better for people who are moving and USP for people more static. that's all. look at the strat. Anyway Deagle is better. /closedebat
2019-04-18 10:07
You know that feeling when you see a pro whit an p2000? For me it goes in stages - something different :O - sees a pro hit a nice hs - equips p2k in-game - gets fucked by an army of glocks - FUCK THIS
2019-04-18 10:13
the main point is more reserve ammo 12+24 is not lot of ammo if some1 likes to spam trough smoke or prefire etc
2019-04-18 11:12
Switzerland ElonMusk 
I play P2000 and M4A1-S all day. Ar some pint I tried the USP but TBH I hated it. Don’t know what’s wrong with me.
2019-04-18 11:17
they are literally the exact same except the p2k has 1 bullet more.
2019-04-18 11:23
MUTiRiS | 
Portugal antCB 
well glocks are better than usp-s or p2k anyway, so. thanks for reminding to change usp for p2k
2019-04-18 11:32
Israel Aaron_btc 
topic by a gold nova player
2019-04-18 11:34
frozen | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
you didn't make the topic tho so how come
2019-04-18 16:39
Israel Aaron_btc 
smfc so nt
2019-04-18 17:00
frozen | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
LUL imagine not being global in 2019
2019-04-18 18:33
Israel Aaron_btc 
i play faceit so idgaf :)
2019-04-18 18:56
frozen | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
No wonder u r lvl 5
2019-04-18 19:04
Woxic uses p2000 and he is good with it
2019-04-18 15:01
RpK | 
France KepleR82b 
P2000 is as good as Usp-s if you know how to play with
2019-04-18 16:33
Ukraine ksay 
they are nearly identical. it's just about the feeling
2019-04-18 16:34
p2000 has better accuracy and 1 more bullet it is better but usp has a nice feel to it
2019-04-18 16:37
They balance out the p2k is more accurate while moving and the USPS is more accurate standing still
2019-04-18 17:11
Germany AP)) 
i like the p2k more i think its just about feeling
2019-04-18 16:41
So true
2019-04-18 16:43
P2K is so up and down for me, my taps are much better with P2K but I’ve whiffed so hard from behind with the P2K so I’m playing USP for now
2019-04-19 06:51
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