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Shadowplay mic bug
Andorra skiLfuI 
I've been using shadowplay for some weeks now, and its really good, easy to use, doesnt eat all of my fps etc. I have a pretty good mic, but I have to lower its volume in windows setting to achieve the best quality possible, but for some reason when I open csgo with shadowplay, the mic volume changes back to 100% and then I have to lower it again, everytime I open csgo. Anyone has had the same problem and/or knows how to fix it?
2019-04-18 12:53
i did have the same problem and its still not solved, wasnt really looking for solution tho
2019-04-18 12:55
Andorra skiLfuI 
I searched it up a bit but didnt really found an answer to my problem
2019-04-18 13:07
same here
2019-04-18 13:01
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