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VP Fans
Ukraine Radar07 
I was afraid that VP would disband but they now stand as a solid T4 team, time to celebrate. They managed to play toe to toe agianst X-KOM in a very tight match. Lets hope they can stay T4 for many years and not fall to other tiers.
2019-04-18 18:06
2019-04-18 18:07
vp memes are getting boring let them die peacefully
2019-04-18 18:07
Europe ban1c 
just as VP itself as a Team is dying peacefully.
2019-04-18 18:08
Skadoodle | 
United States TOCU 
they are now being humiliated because they once humiliated others. peace
2019-04-18 19:20
2019-04-18 19:41
b y a l i
2019-04-18 18:08
Poland exsemple 
maybe they will attend the Gaming Paradise event, with the best infrastructure and best organization
2019-04-18 18:08
you will never achieve what they did anyway so just shut ur mouth the fuck up
2019-04-18 18:08
So true, Taz for example is now playing for a top tier team known world wide. Pasha and Neo are excitingly looking for a new project to take down Astralis. The other 2 are in the promissing world of T4. But who cares about the future? the past is what matters.
2019-04-18 18:18
They are not 20 years old, they are 30+, what should they do in the future? They achieved enough, they are only still playing for fun. In ur logic, when messi gets old and "bad" and goes in america or china T4 football club,, he will get trolled because he has no future anymore, and only lives in past as one of the greatest footballer ever, right? 0 logic.. But who cares about the logic in HLTV? the 0brain is what matters.
2019-04-18 18:38
Oh I see. I didn't notice they were only playing for fun. I believe once Messi gets old he will be billionaire and if he does go to a T4 team in China, he will be offered wages that surpass his actual contract. I expect him to do marvelous things even then but if he gets outclassed by the chinese I can totally see him getting trolled with memes.
2019-04-18 18:52
gonna say 1 checks out :))))
2019-04-18 19:13
Europe Cirro 
Rly imprest by their performance. Mby for few years they will go to t3.5 who knows...
2019-04-18 18:17
Can you imagine that? That would be their Era.
2019-04-18 18:19
dycha | 
Poland Foros 
Whats better is that xkom played with 2 new players
2019-04-18 18:29
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
2019-04-18 18:30
CIS ShimonSS 
xkom will get the series 2-1 anyway
2019-04-18 18:31
byali clutched I was shocked Later found out it was 100 hp vs 2 hp + 12 hp Went to sleep again.
2019-04-18 18:32
they are surely improving, t3 in 2020 is possible taz was the problem though
2019-04-18 18:39
Poland ragequitv2 
russian vp> polish vp > ukraine VP
2019-04-18 18:42
x-kom is a new Astralis
2019-04-18 18:43
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