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2 faced HLTV users
Canada NordicPride 
people says oh god f0rest such a goat then one match they dont see the player performing to their liking suddenly they are like ''ha forest frags only simple kills'' or other bs like that,just proves HLTV users are low iq bipolar tards that has literally no understanding to how the game actually works.
2019-04-18 22:11
Serbia s1v9mple 
F0rest is overrated af Olofmeister>>>f0rest
2019-04-18 22:12
Serbia s1v9mple 
NEVER said otherwise
2019-04-18 22:13
no one thinks f0rest has been good since 2013
2019-04-18 22:14
Russia Perch_The_Fish 
>talking about few morrons >all hltv users are 2 faced Ok men))))😎
2019-04-18 22:16
>all hltv users 2faced >2faced hltv users two totaly different things dude chill out pls
2019-04-18 22:20
Russia Perch_The_Fish 
"...just proves HLTV users are low iq bipolar tards..."
2019-04-18 22:24
still doesnt relate to every single one :)
2019-04-18 22:30
Russia Perch_The_Fish 
2019-04-18 22:31
2019-04-18 22:31
true, everyone with a sane mind knows f0rest is an overrated baiter and not a tier 1 player
2019-04-18 22:18
I have a sane mind I can confirm this
2019-04-18 22:31
Literally everybody has changed their opinion before on multiple different issues
2019-04-18 22:32
2019-04-18 22:34
Netherlands WitnessMe 
f0rest is one of the GOATs. It's not only his aim, but also his movement and positioning that makes him such a good player.
2019-04-18 22:35
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