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Copenhagen Games
Germany Hltvperson101 
Who do you think will pass groups and who will win ? My guess : 1. Sprout 2.tricked 3. Gambit 4. Ex fragsters 1. Moviestar 2. Epsilon 3. Forze 4. Ambush Playoffs : Sprout 2:1 epsilon Moviestar 1:2 tricked Final Sprout 2:0 Tricked
2019-04-19 18:46
And yeah I know groups are already being played so it was easier
2019-04-19 18:47
VP In Copenhagen Games 2025
2019-04-19 18:47
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
More like 2125
2019-04-19 18:48
Pashas grandsons son to drop 50 bombs every game against robots from Astralis
2019-04-19 19:08
Vp won’t have a csgo squad 2025
2019-04-19 18:54
Myanmar xdcc 
If csgo is still the main CS then they probably will just not polish.
2019-04-19 19:09
Maybe a Russian roster again with sh1ro ;)
2019-04-19 19:10
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
Forze win event after rage that cph games boost Spaniards
2019-04-19 18:47
If they win against epsilon I could see them winning the whole event yes but they really need to step up And i Dont mean the first game they didn’t look very good against ambush who are just total garbage
2019-04-19 18:52
Sprout winning this would be a dream but they are always choking when the pressure is on so idk
2019-04-19 18:48
Chaerloi gave me some hope i mean they lost the final right but vitality is a top 10 team so that’s ok
2019-04-19 18:51
Movistar Riders are better than tricked, in fact, epsilon and forze are better too. Movistar Riders 2:1 Tricked Final Movistar 1:2 Sprout, although as Spaniard I cheer for Movistar Riders and I hope they'll win.
2019-04-19 18:52
Imo it depends if Mixwell or someone else from moviestar just goes nuts Tricked are looking quite strong
2019-04-19 18:53
Movistar too, it's not like before that they depended on individual performances, since lowel left they are stronger as a team and each match there are 2-3 players who play really well.
2019-04-19 18:56
I have to admit that I am not following them much just checking results and sometimes players stats so you know them probably better and if you say so it’s probably true But imo death isn’t on the level of the rest of team isn’t there anyone else in your scene who could replace him ?
2019-04-19 18:58
He just 24-6 on Inferno against epsilon. He played really good. And it's not about a player being good, but the team, and the team is been playing better. They just choke sometimes, something we are used to, like 16-2 before against epsilon too. The good thing about them also are their possibilities, as they permanently bootcamp as they play in MEC (Movistar Esports Center in Madrid), in which they have some of the best instalations. In fact, MiBR have bootcamped a couple times there. They also have psychologists and many analysts so that allows them to improve hugely, something they will do for sure.
2019-04-19 19:09
Yeah I know he had an awesome game against epsilon on inferno but just wondering if there isn’t any better player for his role And i know aswell it’s not only about stats Was very sad when lowel left
2019-04-19 19:12
2019-04-19 19:04
Spain Zhalos 
IMO Movistar will reach finals, and if it is against Sprout they'll lose. I see them as a serious contender for top 2 at least. Mixwell has been nuts. I could easily see Sprout winning it all, I don't think Tricked will be able to take them down at all. Hopefully some syrsoN to BIG soon.
2019-04-19 19:12
Could be they just have to concentrate and not choke but tricked is playing great lately aswell For sprout I see them as the best team at the tourney for sure maybe I am a bit biased on this one Forze and epsilon I would have said are on the same level but both are having hard times in this tourney For moviestar and tricked the other two good teams I don’t think they have the level of spirit but on a good day they can take them for sure aswell
2019-04-19 19:16
And for syrson and big I am not sure imo big needs to either get rid of xantares and make a full German lineup again with syrson maybe aswell -nex and get denis/Spiidi/faven/mantuu Or go international before woxic joined mouz i would have loved to see Woxic, gobb, tizian, xantares, tabsen Rn I don’t know who would join them in international level The problem is a big roster change would probabaly destroy sprout so I hope big waits atleast 3 more months or so maybe the roster will work out on the longer run And maybe sprout will be a top team at that moment and the players won’t leave but that’s just a German dream ;)
2019-04-19 19:20
Spain Zhalos 
I'd say Epsilon > forZe at the time being, which would be... correct me if I'm wrong: Epsilon 1:2 Sprout Movistar 2:1 Tricked ( I think that's how they playoffs will go ) In the finals, pretty much Sprout 2:1 Riders ( unless Riders gets to play Overpass in the decider ) And yes, BIG need changes. syrsoN has been quite a surprise imo, and he would fit really well. I don't know who else could replace nex, but anyone is welcome I guess. And yeah, Sprout right now is one of the best teams in Europe when it comes to T4/T3, so I'd love to see more of them.
2019-04-19 19:21
Between epsilon and forze the question just is who will choke less :) And i mean I Love nex he is my favorite player but it’s just time to step down to tier 3 and make room for new guys Maybe big could get Slaxz and mantuu so sprout will stay toegther they are for sure not as good as the sprout players but decent imo it is important for gob to call in German again in the recent months tactics and teamwork are getting worse from event to event
2019-04-19 19:26
And i already ask a fellow countryman of yours isn’t there a better player then death in the Spanish scene who could take his roles And yeah I know he went nuts on inferno but imo he hasn’t got the skill needed for moviestar to make the next step
2019-04-19 19:27
Spain Zhalos 
There's a few players that are close to RDRS level. In my opinion, it's not about individual skill, it's about the IGL. You see, ALEX is the IGL of the team, but he's mechnically really good, so I'd bring another IGL in place of mopoz ( sorry bro ) to unleash ALEX and be able to have 2 constant fraggers ( mix and ALEX ) while having a good tactical side. DeaTh isn't bad really, he's not in the best positions RN, but he's playing more as a supportive player, like olof, to bring space to his teammates. I'd say to bring arkii, a good IGL who's been long in the Spanish scene and try. IMO no chances are needed, but if RDRS needs one, it'd be that one for sure. I don't know any players that are really good mechanically in Spain, since most are average, or have bad mentalities. I don't understand how every Spanish team makes roster changes every 2 months :(
2019-04-19 19:32
Ok thx for the Info :) Was really sad when I saw Lowel leaving them I think with him they could have had tier 2 potential rn I see them more as a goo consistent tier 3 team Tier 3 for me is 25-40 in HLTV ranking
2019-04-19 19:34
Spain Zhalos 
I have different rankings, but it's cool ^v^. Yeah, it was sad, but I think that made RDRS stronger as a team. I would've changed mopoz for DeaThZz and keep lowel, but we'll never get to see that. I can only cheer for lowel as he plays in HR and for RDRS while they try to keep the Spanish dream alive. I know there's skill in Spain.. we just need to find the right combination to unleash it. I hope Sprout does well too in this tourney!
2019-04-19 19:38
Yeah let’s see when the tourney is over I’ll come back to this thread Hope the best for Lowel to especially because I juts love Issa just a good player And gl with the Spanish Dream Have a good day mate keep it up :)
2019-04-19 19:44
idc about silver cs 😎
2019-04-19 19:29
2019-04-19 19:36
And syrson to get mvp award (if they have one not sure)
2019-04-19 19:52
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