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Navi need to replace Flamie.
United Kingdom sirdetmist 
His form is so inconsistent, he seems to just go full bot mode half the time, you can get much more consistent fraggers than Flamie.
2019-04-20 00:58
Edward has been playing pretty well recently, Zeus is IGL and has proven his worth time and time again, all Flamie does is have a big game from time to time, you need a player who consistently secures 20-25 kills to backup simple, not a guy who just seems to go missing.
2019-04-20 01:00
Edward has been shit for the past 2 years. Flamie should not be the one being kicked
2019-04-20 02:11
If you look at recent form Edward has actually been playing well and fulfilling his role, Flamie hasnt.
2019-04-20 02:12
I see Edward die with full utility at least 3 times a game.
2019-04-20 02:17
Ukraine  Pasha 
he is the entry fragger no shit he will be the first one dead
2019-04-20 02:24
Guess what? Just because you entry doesn't mean you shouldn't use your utility. You should be one of the first people to use up all of your utility. Edward also isn't even entry fragging most of the time. You will usually see Zeus or flamie going first with edward being 3rd or 4th.
2019-04-20 02:44
Germany Moe_Szyslak 
They already have player who has 27+, they actually have two XD so what is your point morr
2019-04-20 02:21
Yeah and they need a third star just behind them to back them up, Flamie was meant to be that and hes not.
2019-04-20 02:22
Germany Moe_Szyslak 
Yes they should introduce SIMPLE2 !!!
2019-04-20 02:22
United Kingdom profit$ 
+hunden men 😎 Hunden star player Electronic and s1 support for God
2019-04-20 01:01
Switzerland HailedBean 
+1 yes mens)))
2019-04-20 01:02
United Kingdom KD141 
When stating "you can get much more consistent fraggers than Flamie" ; I feel that you should impart who these more consistent fraggers are that are obtainable. Furthermore, regarding Flamie and his form that appears to be very precarious, I do coincide with what it is you say when conversing about Flamie's form. For a person that has been adjudged as the third star of the team, he is unsuccessful at demonstrating that he is worthy of such title.
2019-04-20 01:07
From what ive seen i would say Frozen who is very young is a more consistent player and he seems more intelligent, he has a style that is replicable, Flamie is like s1mple but with much less skill, he either goes hyper aggressive and gets all the kills or none of the kills and then goes missing. sdy and iDISBALANCE also seem to be good although they havent played at the highest level, you could maybe even try Jame if s1mple is willing to drop the AWP sometimes or not be main AWP. Everyone mentions Flamies ceiling, that ceiling isnt relevant, whats relevant is your real level, Flamie is average for someone who is meant to be a fragger.
2019-04-20 01:38
Germany naeqode 
its 2019 and youre trying to replace a supportive player with a star player/baiter on a team that already has 2 of them. Some people just never learn.
2019-04-20 01:38
Flamie isnt a support, he meant to be a third star and he routinely goes missing in games and costs them because of it when he doesnt deliver and have impact, hes meant to be an impact player at minimum, often he had no impact at all.
2019-04-20 01:40
Germany naeqode 
no. The entirety of NaVi is based on s1mple and electronic. famie often runs in first and dies for trades. And youre trying to replace him with an Awper, Jame no less, who baits more than even s1mple. Whos gonna take flamies spots ? electronic ? nah. S1mple ? Fuck no, he loves his rating too much.
2019-04-20 01:42
Yeah he often entries, so does Dupreeh, look at his stats, look at the impact he has, Flamies opening kill success is below 50%, he has the worst flash time and the second worst KD in the last 3 months, Edward has been closer to being a backup star than Flamie. Flamie needs to go, his form is all over the place, hes not a support, hes an average player who has some freak games, he offers Navi nothing they cant get from other CIS players. But its clear Flamie is the weak link. Zeus is IGL, who are going to replace him with???? S1mple, do i need to say anything. Electronic, hes their second best player. Edwards is their only real support and lately has been better than Flamie. What does Flamie offer that Navi need, nothing, you dont have to get Jame its an option if s1mple is willing to change his play a little, but sdy and iDISBALANCE are 100% worth a try, they could have gotten Frozen.
2019-04-20 01:52
Germany naeqode 
Astralis are an exception to a lot of the principles that apply to other teams. Partly becuz dupreeh also doesnt fulltime entry. Magisk does it alot as well and if gla1ve isnt feeling it he runs in first all the time. Also you dont seem to understand that Im less critizing your point that flamie needs to go and more the way you elect to replace him with the worst possible players for the job lel
2019-04-20 01:53
But they arent, Flamie isnt a support, he just entries sometimes, his general play isnt good and hasnt been for months other than a few break out events and performances, in general hes pretty poor for someone who is meant to be this talent. The fact is he offers Navi nothing, theres nothing about him that players like sdy and iDISBALANCE. Also Flamie doesnt always go in first, very often Zeus or Edward will and id argue Edward does a better job of it.
2019-04-20 01:58
Germany naeqode 
running in first is supportive play since in tier1 cs the first guy in dies 80% of the time, often without getting a frag. Read sunny's QnA on how he defines the support role. flamie is a supportive player. Not much less than Edward who has an ego and likes to lurk fairly often. And once again. Im not saying he couldnt be replaced. Im saying the idea of Jame being the man for the job is completely ridiculous and would result in s1mple and Jame sitting in T spawn at 10sec left still baiting eachother.
2019-04-20 02:00
I never said it had to be Jame, hes talented and as i said s1mple would have to edit his role a little with regards to awping, sdy doesnt cause this issue at all and iDISBALANCE is also a good rifler although he awps for Spirit. The reason Jame baits it simple, his teams success is tied to almost him alone, look at the team hes at, at Navi he wont have to do that. This roster doesnt have much longer left in it, Zeus will be gone soon, Edward is also old, any change is a risk, but in this case its a risk worth taking. Id rather make Edward hard entry and get any of the 3 players i mentioned, id ideally like Frozen as he young and talented and clearly has massive potential but hes at mouz.
2019-04-20 02:08
Germany naeqode 
Ye he wont have to do that. Has it come to your mind that maybe just maybe he looks sickaf in Avangar BECUZ hes allowed to bait like a mofo and the second he stops doing it in Navi and plays flamies role hell look like shit and plebs like you will call for him to be replaced by that guy with sick stats who replaced Jame in Avangar and gets to play all the sick roles there.. whats his name again ? Ah right FLAMIE LUL ya lets get flamie back eh ? Its a never ending cycle of people not understanding the way teams are set up to enable their players. Even the fucking casters dont get it. The other day HenryG literally said "you expect Stewie on the top of the scoreboard" while Stewie literally runs in first every single round and plays every single CT shitspot on every map except Mirage. I honestly dont even care about flamie, go ahead and replace him. But stop trying to pull starplayers from other teams and puting them into bitchspots. Get fkin buster or someone who has sick aim and doesnt mind going first. Theres your replacement. Fuck off with Awpers and baiters.
2019-04-20 02:13
Just get sdy This guy deserve to be in navi
2019-04-20 01:39
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
Another "REPLACE [X]" thread. Aren't you tired already? I'm pretty sure they'll disband If this lineup doesn't win the next major. They do believe in this squad and think they can be top1. Zeus will retire either way, however "on a win note" it'll give s1mple motivation to keep NaVi GREAT. Otherwise, hello faze/liquid. And as we all know NaVi without s1mple is tier2.
2019-04-20 01:43
pray for navi to become gods on vertigo to even challenge map pool of astralis and liquid
2019-04-20 01:45
qikert | 
Russia zbogus 
So you’re blaming him for a replacement thread, and doing a disband comment. That’s a bit twofaced, don’t you think
2019-04-20 01:45
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
The difference is I've NOT said NaVi should disband or called them unworthy. Nor did I blame their players. I mean being tier2 without s1mple is still a good way to go.
2019-04-20 01:49
But its clear Flamie is the weak link. Zeus is IGL, who are going to replace him with???? S1mple, do i need to say anything. Electronic, hes their second best player. Edwards is their only really support and lately has been better than Flamie. What does Flamie offer that Navi need.
2019-04-20 01:49
the way s1mple and electronic are playing, doesnt matter how good the player who joins is he will only do good if he plays full pug style anyone who likes to play structured cs will get rekt in this navi kids talking shit about flamie just proves my point lol always fault of the teammates, incredible kkkkkkkk
2019-04-20 02:23
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