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-get_right +krimz
Ukraine drawdeCSGO 
-get_noob +KRIMZGOD
2019-04-20 01:18
GTR wont leave NiP and KRiMZ wont leave fnatic
2019-04-20 01:19
if faze wanted him i feel like krimz would leave fnatic
2019-04-20 01:20
I don’t think so, and FaZe probably is/was interested at some point. flusha is a better fit for FaZe as he can IGL
2019-04-20 01:21
i have no idea where this sudden delusion that flusha is a good igl came from him being a trash igl was the biggest reason dennis fnatic became trash they still had good players if they had any system in place they still would of been a good team
2019-04-20 01:28
His calling seemed to improve C9, that the only reason people think he can IGL.
2019-04-20 01:27
Never said he was good but he made C9 look competent so he can’t be worse than NiKo
2019-04-20 01:38
he was igl maybe 2 lans? ok ok
2019-04-20 01:40
I’ll just repeat myself, he looked pretty good while doing it and FaZe don’t have many other options. On top of that he is a great player
2019-04-20 01:41
Chile StfanoLELE 
C9 was looking somewhat decent with flusha as an igl, also, I'm sure that niko would be pleased to have someone who can help him with igling stuff Plus, at least in my eyes he's a much better player than adren, so it's an upgrade even if he wouldn't igl
2019-04-20 01:43
oh it is definitely an upgrade i would just prefer krimz and then you can replace olof with an igl i would of preferred msl but that seems to be too late
2019-04-20 01:44
Why would you fucking use as a disadvantage something that happened 3 years ago when Flusha just showed improvement as IGL in the past months? Besides that Niko/YnK would help him with strats/mid-round calling, so he doesn’t need to be 100% focused IGL
2019-04-20 02:04
i want them to have a dedicated igl and no they didnt look that great with flusha at the helm i was more convinced when they using golden
2019-04-20 02:08
Yeah, because flusha was forced, of course they would look better with a dedicated IGL. But flusha is the only free agent that can IGL(Don’t considering Sunny as a viable IGL). You could say “but faze can just buyout anyone, rofl”. They can’t. The org most likely is being sold so the owners won’t spend tons of money in a IGL such as Golden, that a actually good amount of players said that dislike his way of IGLing(old fnatic, Kio). Flusha isn’t the best fix, but is the best viable one now
2019-04-20 02:13
What you mean Krimz won't leave Fnatic he already did before why wouldn't he do it again? You remember Godsent?
2019-04-20 01:50
3 year contract, different situation now. Even though they are bad they seem happy in the team
2019-04-20 02:01
I wish
2019-04-20 01:20
f0rest | 
United Kingdom maxa_ 
-krimz + kenny
2019-04-20 01:20
would be nice, but i think wont pay the buyout
2019-04-20 01:20
Germany zeolikk 
fnatic is shit but NiP is worse
2019-04-20 01:23
Poland friendlySeb 
-GeT_RiGhT -dennis -LEKR0 +friberg +flusha +Nawwk f0rest (IGL) friberg (Support) Flusha (Rifler) REZ (Rifler) nawwk (AWPer)
2019-04-20 01:23
El Salvador SenorFakeflag 
Keep lekr0 forget about friberg. Let him die in heroic
2019-04-20 01:41
Dennis was performing pretty well, give him a few more matches
2019-04-20 02:03
3 Yr contract
2019-04-20 01:28
doesnt matter as long as krimz is willing an org can buy him out
2019-04-20 01:39
2019-04-20 01:47
both just play for ez salary, they dont really care, both being on their teams = confort zone, no pressure even nip fans want gtr in the team lol, even him being trash for 120 years already xd on the other hand they deserve it tho... if adren got salaried by top team for years, leave gtr and krimz alone legends deserve to rest
2019-04-20 02:14
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