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Trump LOL
Liberia HlTVSpellchecker 
Donald Trump just makes the liberals go insane. I don't even like him but he is so obviously baiting out the maniacs into going crazy over anything even the theme.of the memes he makes gets a public statement. It's hilarious to watch yet also a reminder who fucked up America is
2019-04-20 02:44
United States kick_tarik_ffs 
The politicians have a good reason to get upset. The masses don't.
2019-04-20 02:51
gla1ve | 
Denmark flapdur 
You´re right. I think many liberals and liberal media have lost their dignity in the proces, and are now playing on the same field as Trump. It´s not pretty. 2 lies doesnt make 1 truth.
2019-04-20 02:51
They can't play the same polictal games as him. They are overextended and trump caught them off guard
2019-04-21 02:58
Morocco Azs 
i wish he stays president for life just like putin, real men
2019-04-20 02:52
2019-04-21 04:05
It's amazing He is amazing USA are amazing
2019-04-20 02:53
2019-04-21 04:25
Liechtenstein yppiL 
Just go to his Twitter comments for a laugh, it's a fucking riot.
2019-04-20 02:53
United States Raptorial 
+1 same black dude commenting shit
2019-04-20 23:26
Brazil Collee 
+1 he's a legend. Probably the best baiter ever
2019-04-20 23:48
what did i miss?
2019-04-20 02:54
People being dumber than Trump lol
2019-04-20 03:02
United States darth_mac 
so everyone was going crazy thinking the fbi were gonna find all this dirt on him, its pretty much saying he was colluding with russia (putin). he was not now libeys are mad.
2019-04-20 15:16
how do you know he was not colluding? his aides were talking to russians ffs
2019-04-21 15:23
2019-04-20 02:59
Other xrist 
This is cringe
2019-04-20 03:01
Israel Baitlander 
2019-04-20 03:06
Cringe are the way the swedes are being pushed out of Sweden day by day.. the muslims are taking over. You country is full of no go zones.. The small supermarkets are hiring security guards... CRINGE>
2019-04-20 03:39
Other xrist 
Every year Brszil lose 0,03% of the population to murder (63,8k), wheras in Norway it is 0,0005%. For brazil to get on same level they need to murder only 1500 people per year. More Brazilians get killed EVERY YEAR than all Americans who died during the ENTIRE Vietnam war. Almost 2x more people were murdered in Brazil than how many casualties there were in Syria 2017 (39k)
2019-04-20 03:44
Bolsonaro just reduced this number by 25% in his first 100 days of government.. And he didnt even approved the anti-crime law yet.. I know Brazil is taking the right path.. We cant say the same about sweden..
2019-04-20 14:22
So all he did is take credit for what his predecessor did, just like Trump :D
2019-04-20 15:15
hahahaha lmao +1
2019-04-20 16:04
what is the purpose of your post, to glorify sweden's / norway's white privilege? maybe if sweden stops being so racist and takes refugees from impoverished brazilian villages to come to sweden, the murder rates of brazil would go down. what do you think?
2019-04-20 15:11
Other xrist 
because this guy talks shit about sweden when brazils problems are far far faaaaaaaar worse
2019-04-20 15:58
you didn't answer my question
2019-04-20 16:02
Other xrist 
Sounded like bait
2019-04-20 22:54
hmm, glorifying an overwhelmingly white country which is a huge beneficiary of white privilege while mocking a racially diverse country like brazil. shouldn't you be reading your daily chapter of mein kampf or reciting hitler's speeches instead of bothering me with vapid replies?
2019-04-20 23:18
Other xrist 
first time soneone calling me a nazi on hltv, im usually called a communist. but ok dude.
2019-04-20 23:23
i suppose that's what happens when you are both a closet racist and nationalist, but also incompetent to the point where you can't stand the idea of hierarchies.
2019-04-20 23:37
Other xrist 
you are a troll
2019-04-20 23:39
funny, i thought you were the troll and i was the one providing free counseling. you can get back to practicing your saluting now.
2019-04-20 23:43
Other xrist 
"maybe if sweden stops being so racist and takes refugees from impoverished brazilian villages to come to sweden"
2019-04-20 23:47
what's so bad about that idea? wouldn't you say there is a huge crime inequality between the two? surely by going with my suggestion the crime in brazil will decrease and the crime in sweden will increase bringing us closer to the ever desired state of equality. instead, you'd rather mock the less privileged, the more multicultural and multiracial country while taking pride in yours. and then you have the audacity to call me a troll. hell, i bet you wake up every morning, and tell yourself "what a beautiful aryan" when looking in the mirror, basking in your white privilege.
2019-04-21 00:37
What is your source?
2019-04-20 15:16
All the sources possible.. Its reality.. No one can hide it anymore. And ive been there in Sweden many times.. Malmo/Lund area, i had someone closer living there. The difference between one year to another was big.. I was followed in a parking lot by a refugee.. The supermarket one year didnt have security guard. Now they have.. Not even in Brazil we have security guards in neighborhood markets. Whats happening to sweden?? Im not even talking about people afraid to go out on streets at night and getting raped.
2019-04-20 16:01
Argument depth : 0 People's fear are Not reality.
2019-04-20 21:30
yeah, that's fear. You're just being scared of others. There are security guards in supermarkets in the region I lived in France and it was very safe. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, in which 20% of its population aren't Swiss citizens (therefore are immigrants), I've been in a place in which they sold all sorts of apples - no cashier, no security guards, nobody whatsoever expect the clients. The crates of apples are out in the open, there is a box of money on a table with the prices of every kind of apple displayed. You take your crate, you put the money in the box, and you leave. Without any surveillance. That's the level of security there is in Switzerland, a country very similar to Sweden/Norway. EDIT: There are bigger issues out there than immigration and refugees, like climate change. We should focus more on how to find ways to fix this problem rather than ignoring it/blaming it on the others and creating divisions.
2019-04-20 23:41
Other xrist 
"he is so obviously baiting" No
2019-04-20 03:01
People are acting pretty dumb
2019-04-20 03:02
Israel Baitlander 
He is a joke....where is your wall? Good job giving israel 50 billion dollar
2019-04-20 03:06
I’m not taking sides but just wanted to inform you the wall is being built. Google it.
2019-04-20 14:58
No. That's a fence.
2019-04-20 15:29
When you're too stupid to tell the difference between a wall and a fence
2019-04-21 04:28
So triggered. Edit: Judging by your posts I see you’re just a trump hater with no objectivity. Explains it. “A thing regarded as a protective or restrictive barrier.” “Any high vertical surface, especially one that is imposing in scale.” “an upright structure of wood, stone, brick, etc., serving to enclose, divide, support, or protect” “An upright structure of masonry, wood, plaster, or other building material serving to enclose, divide, or protect an area”
2019-04-21 05:15
I'm a trump hater because you can't tell the difference between a fence and a wall. 10/10 logic. If I were you, I would not try to make judgement, that's how the stupid become even more stupid. Now, if you have to go on google to find the definition of each word, to make a point. You basically just called yourself retarded for resorting to the literal word definition because you don't have enough brain cells to make the distinction between a wall and a fence.
2019-04-21 15:21
so you hate trump because a guy on hltv cant tell the difference between a wall and a fence? even tho those two are much alike and is build to do the same thing. dont even talk about being stupid when when you rate your own logic 10/10 but literally is against gaining the correct information about the topic. It seems you got some explaining to do so why not have you start with explaining to us why you hate trump?
2019-04-21 15:31
>goes to profile >has history of anti-trump posts >denies being a trump hater >says idk the difference between a wall and a fence >gets provided the definition of a wall >says I’m retarded bc I took the definition literally. >that awkward moment when you get accused of not knowing the literal definition when the other guy actually doesn’t know the definition
2019-04-21 19:47
Europe crosst 
5 iq german detected
2019-04-20 14:59
Israel Baitlander 
??? Idiot
2019-04-20 15:16
Look His name
2019-04-20 15:16
Rand Paul blocked that bill when he still could.
2019-04-21 02:57
Netherlands toothpaste 
Who is fucked up America? Now that's a good question
2019-04-20 15:17
As far as rich and powerful are concerned America is better than ever
2019-04-21 02:56
If Trump was an HLTV user he would be a top 3 poster. Guy literally is the best troll over 70 years old
2019-04-20 23:41
Algeria abdodz45 
He should spend his time dealing with US/world problems instead of tweeting like a nerd no lifer
2019-04-20 23:47
He owns the libs so hard sometimes he's gotta do it in the virtual world too
2019-04-20 23:48
He does retard. He spends like 5 minutes tweeting. He has done more for Americas foreign interests than any presudent since dumbass bush
2019-04-21 02:55
The only thing Trump is doing is wasting millions of dollars playing golf all day.
2019-04-21 03:08
LUL can't tell if you're baiting or actually that stupid
2019-04-21 04:30
imagine being jebaited by trump
2019-04-21 04:11
oskarJ | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
naah, donald just 0iq
2019-04-21 04:14
Finland no_man 
he is good at saying stupid shit
2019-04-21 04:27
The left can't meme, and this is a serious statement, not a meme. LUL
2019-04-21 04:28
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