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Kpop (please help I'm suffering against BTS fans)
DickStacy | 
Australia TheVtecPro1 
I believe current Kpop is overrated because songs that are both lyrically lazy and focusing more on its background bass to supply music. I believe music is like an art, the integration of instruments and meaning creating this art but the Kpop songs that receive such high praise right now are nothing but lines, dots and plops of paint on a canvas, undermining the true music hidden behind those songs. I also screwed by mentioning BTS instead of groups like EXO and BlackPink who I truly despise based on what I have said before and I've... kinda started a war. I am now continually getting replies to my comments that praise BTS so highly plus "pave the way" for Kpop (meaning they globalised Kpop, not found it). You can find this whole thing on Instagram on @Asianandproud 's post, about Asians who made being asian cool, and if you scroll down you can see a comment with 300 replies.
2019-04-20 03:20
Honestly. Dont argue against them you can't win. Well you can, but they're so ignorant that they dont care what you say
2019-04-20 03:22
True since they're so fucking toxic. Literally wanted it to end, it stopped after 300+ but then they just kept coming
2019-04-20 03:38
Nero | 
China Aachen 
2019-04-20 03:22
Brazil matheuszyy 
Most annoying part of it is its fanbase
2019-04-20 03:23
They're so fuckin toxic, some girl continually goes accept and bts paved the way, then blocks me, saying i need to learn how to comeback and shit. Pathetic. If you wanna send a message and talk shit, Blocking isn't one of them
2019-04-20 03:41
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
2019-04-21 12:08
bumo 2nd account
2019-04-20 03:24
wait hold up why is that flag full green?
2019-04-20 03:36
hold up is my second account fake flagging?
2019-04-20 03:38
nah, just didn't realise Libya's flag was only green
2019-04-20 03:39
it till like some civil war there but hltv2lazy to update
2019-04-20 03:40
lmao icic
2019-04-20 03:41
Nero | 
China Aachen 
It was until Gaddafi became Ripddafi
2019-04-20 03:42
As in the leader died?
2019-04-20 03:43
Nero | 
China Aachen 
Overthrown and executed
2019-04-20 03:44
Europe tonchbrubonch 
Klop is gonna win the champions league, so stfu nibba
2019-04-20 03:27
Yeah Yeah they gonna be meggin Ronaldo and Messi eh?
2019-04-20 03:36
Bts might be the most overrated piece of shit I’ve ever seen
2019-04-20 03:39
I've learnt so much though from the 300+ replies and I've learnt that BTS isn't that bad after all... But if you want to talk about overrated, look at BlackPink, they're making #1 in trending and breaking world records with BOOM WAMP WAMP, okish lyrics and shit-ass chorus
2019-04-20 03:40
Portugal nakbarone 
why do you care about whatever tf other ppl are listening? Just let them listen to whatever shit they want like tf, r u rly that insecure?
2019-04-20 03:45
Because music now is generally getting shit, people who make repetitive music about sex and love over and over again while being lyrically lazy and relying most of the music to be electronic are getting more recognition than others who make great music but are practically unknown.
2019-04-20 04:26
You're incredibly narrow-minded dude, music is all about sharing an emotion and shit, it's up to the artist to do it however they want. The easiest example would be reggae music which is insanely simple and repetitive yet somehow held as a pillar of good music. But that's too s1mple so my example will be mumble rap. The beats are usually very basic and the lyrics are almost non-existent because the whole idea is that you create a vibe that the listener can resonate with (eg 21 Savage, Young Thug and X among others). The checklist that you're making up that supposedly defines which music is good and which isn't doesn't exist. What's important is how people feel about the music based on what they like and what their lives are like. If you don't resonate with a certain type of music well big fucking deal, the Internet is right there for you! And don't come claiming that good music is dying, KPop is for white teenage girls aka the least influencial group in our entire society. The fact that KPop is popular or not has 0 impact on the quality of music as a whole.
2019-04-21 12:27
It's not just Kpop, music in general is losing those feelings. I listen to a whole lot of genres. I understand that Mumble rap has a basic beat and sometimes, the lyrics are repetitive yet they give off a large emotional impacts in their song, especially people like Joji and xxxtentacion. Reggae is chill and normally gives you the feelings of happiness. When I say people who make repetitive music, I meant people who make a song literally over and over again but change it up so it seems different. So 5 songs could basically be the same thing but with different styles. There's also songs where the singers are literaly saying how rich they are and stuff. The checklist I made isn't the full list cuz im a lazy fuck and I'm not bothered going further than the few main points but it shows music is dying. Excluding mumble rap, Rap in general is just getting worse. Instead of saying words, they'll say things like SKRAAA or ESKETIT or idk, sometimes they'll make up words and just scream to make themselves look cool and the worse part is people follow that shit. Music is dying and so are music tastes. In every genre, there's always great and amazing songs but sometimes they're not as appreciated as shitty average songs currently making top hits. Not saying all songs that make top hits are overrated because ofc there are good songs that are actually appreciated. Also, don't think that Kpop is the least influential since you're from france, unless you're a fake flagger that is.
2019-04-21 13:48
>there's always great and amazing songs but sometimes they're not as appreciated as shitty average songs currently making top hits Go back in time and tell me when you find a year where the billboard isn't flooded by average generic songs. It's always been that way, the more generic a song is, the more it will appeal to the masses. There are some very rare exceptions like some of Queen's stuff for example (although their most popular songs are arguably their most generic ones with the exception of Bohemian Rhapsody) but that's what they are: exceptions. In general most people don't take the time to find music that they really feel a connection with because they're just not that interested in music or they don't have enough time on their hands so they listen to generic regurgitated pop because it's a safe bet. Like I said it's always been like that, the most popular songs are the most generically relatable, that's statistically undeniable.
2019-04-21 14:05
bts, twice, blackpink and g-idle most overrated groups
2019-04-20 03:48
Like I said, I learned more about BTS in the 300 comments and the more I checked about their stuff, the more I've learnt about their songs which have helped people so i think BTS isn't as overrated.
2019-04-20 04:01
criticise any popular song artist and you're going to get their horde of brain dead fans coming at you.
2019-04-20 03:48
Criticise any shit popular song artist* :D
2019-04-20 03:59
Its so funny as well. I follow a group. (like their music, not a die hard fan). So a guy that looks like he's 30 calling this just turned 19 year old. His love, his queen, his love of his life and will to live. Im like homie chill you're like 30. In a matter of a few seconds had these fucks coming left and right calling me toxic and shit.
2019-04-20 04:29
That is very true, some are telling me fuck you and some are just continually gonig BTS paved the way like yeah ok but everyone else did so to create Kpop the way it is now, but oh it actually means bring it into western world... then if that's the case just say they globalised it or they're the best of all time (Kpop group) like seriously. I used to be so into kpop until I learnt that this wasn't my genre in the end plus the lyrics tending to be lazy. Like focus more onto the song than the choreography. I still listen to Kpop now and then, I know there's some good Kpop songs out there but Kpop music that's seen so high are complete average and overrated while good Kpop music that's not even known will never get more recognition than the overrated average garbage shit people listen to
2019-04-20 05:33
But like wow, did I even create one proper sentence?
2019-04-20 05:33
Australia invye 
yeah most of the fanbase are just 14 year old white girls who don't know the language and still sings with it, MUSIC is not just the beat. It's about the lyrics. And don't tell me you can just search up the translation cause that's fucking retarded.
2019-04-20 05:36
K-pop fan kids are just crazy , i think is just a phase like that Belieber sh't ... This songs are trash , they are in korean , bass all over , the same beats everytime , like any modern music , with shit«ty lyrics , degenerated videoclips... Idk how western love it ... Basically american pop culture influenced korean music and became degenerated Majority of this singers are depressed and gonna kill themselfs in the future cuz they are used since their childhood to become this, they are treated badly , just for money by music propaganda companies lel
2019-04-20 05:49
Pretty how I see it, like ofc in any genre you're gonna have actual good music but majority is like getting worse
2019-04-20 05:58
Compared with older music , is 100% getting worse bruv There is a video that speaks about that , and is exactly what i think , modernism is not always great
2019-04-20 06:45
It's not just about Kpop, the music in general nowadays is being done solely for the commercial purpose, no real talent involved, not much artistry. All they care for is charisma and people's preference. So lame, and pitiful.
2019-04-20 05:52
And it's so bullshit, how can people really fall for this piece of shit. That's why I listen to people like Joji and Mac DeMarco, they put their soul into their music. Like Joji sounds dead inside sometimes but at the same time I feel like I've had feelings for some of his songs. Compared to songs from this generation, nothing connects. It's like yeah it's relatable but does it put me in the feels? Does it make me feel happy, sad, remember something? No, it just has a sick beat!
2019-04-21 11:55
I am a Kpop fans also. and i like many groups in Kpop. But TBH BTS fanbase which called Army has the most toxic behaviour i think (i mean not all of them are toxic but almost 75% of them are) In my opinion the reasons are: 1. Over love to their BIAS, 2. The fanbase has many underage kid so they just blatant and ignorant af. I still remember Theres a video BTS (BEHIND THE SCENE) of .... Movie. and then an army comment on the video: stop making advantage with BTS name (Bangtan). like WTF?!
2019-04-20 06:00
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Khronov 
2019-04-21 13:24
2019-04-20 20:41
Every song these days is lyrically lazy... you cant argue with that.
2019-04-21 11:56
dont | 
Czech Republic @me 
2019-04-21 11:58
I don't give a shit if people listen to kpop but these BTS fans are annoying and are worse than the fanbase of fucking Justin Bieber.
2019-04-21 12:00
Russia cuba_libre10 
Bubble Pop xd
2019-04-21 12:03
Korea DubuDahyun 
I'm into Kpop since early 2000's , and I legit don't understand why it only became viral with BTS. Not gonna lie, they're overrated and half of their fanbase are legit retards
2019-04-21 12:03
Replay, Replay, Replayyyyyyyyyy (SHINee)
2019-04-21 13:58
tbh nobody really gives a shit about lyrics, just look at most of the pop songs it really is all about how it sounds, do u know what I mean? KPOP is popular in some part of the west mainly because they can't understand what they say.
2019-04-21 12:06
Yeah that's why music taste and music as well getting more shit
2019-04-21 13:50
Russia Lodvar 
Austrian brain LMAO Fake Love, Spring day and Save Me very good songs
2019-04-21 12:11
I'm not Austrian, I'm Australian Here's what I think. I think Kpop is getting overrated because good Kpop songs are not as appreciated as the average garbage we're currently getting that's all of a sudden getting extremely large. I don't thing BTS is that bad, like tbh they seem good, just BTS fans being extremely toxic... If you read the thread properly, you should understand I'm not shittalking BTS as well.
2019-04-21 13:56
United States Raptorial 
Kpop gay change my mind.
2019-04-21 13:25
Kpop isn't gay hopefully that doesn't change your mind :D
2019-04-21 13:57
Vietnam anhtuan0296 
I get your point, but if u go to their house and shit on them like that, u know what will come after, right ;)) maybe dont do that next time
2019-04-21 14:02
Dont waste your time like that. Five years later you will regret wasting your time like that.
2019-04-21 14:06
what you mean they get praised? Best kpop album has like 75/100 on metacritic
2019-04-21 15:10
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