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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez isn't bad, Change My Mind
Australia 0ladmeister 
Implementing policies which will help fight climate change and reduce income inequality isn't bad both morally or economically. Thoughts?
2019-04-20 10:37
USA deserves to have AOC as president.
2019-04-20 10:44
Idk about that
2019-04-20 10:49
They deserve to have Donald Trump cus they're fucking stupid like he is
2019-04-20 10:51
Republicans are like the worst political party in the whole world - they got people who support jews and at the same time supporters who are nazists
2019-04-20 10:54
they don't actually support jews they're just playing the shallow liberal identity politics whenever they pretend to get outraged over fake anti-semitism
2019-04-20 10:59
Pre shallow analysis but ok
2019-04-20 11:20
must suck to live in racist denmark while Im in the best country in the world
2019-04-20 10:54
Pakistan ItsfuckingRAW 
Justin Trudeau is 100x worse than Trump lol
2019-04-20 11:04
racist denmark LUL. Would rather live here than corrupt canada
2019-04-20 19:19
France Esquinox 
Every thread ending with change my mind is a bait Change my mind
2019-04-20 10:57
You're wrong. Clearly, OP is looking for a constructive conversation.
2019-04-20 11:01
France Esquinox 
Why would he said change my mind if he was serious?
2019-04-20 11:18
cause it baits people in
2019-04-20 11:19
Good intentions, but she's not very smart and extremely annoying.
2019-04-20 10:57
At least she is okay looking
2019-04-20 11:01
only thing that matters
2019-04-20 11:03
For me? Non american and non impacted by american policies? Yes it is.
2019-04-20 11:06
Switzerland hanniba1fade 
france is affected by american politics
2019-04-20 11:14
I'm am not France as far as I know.
2019-04-20 11:22
Switzerland hanniba1fade 
good mindset but you follow their rules and buy within their economy :D
2019-04-20 11:25
So in what way US policy impact the rules I have to follow or what I can or cannot buy?
2019-04-20 13:19
Spain Sito_omg 
She thinks USA can print dollars and there isnt gonna be inflation LMAO and well,if u print more money there will be inflation
2019-04-20 11:02
Not working that simple mate.
2019-04-20 13:19
Spain Sito_omg 
who said that economy is simple¿?
2019-04-20 13:44
Inflation is considered good between 2-3%. I would assume that she would pay for government programs such as green new deal and single payer by raising taxes (reduces inflation), and possibly borrowing money to finance a deficit (increases economic growth and increases inflation). So I think the strawman of "she just wants to print more money" really isn't an accurate representation of her views and policy goals.
2019-04-20 13:25
Spain Sito_omg 
She as economist is terrible he thought that things that warns the economy community around the world are stupid or it doesnt matter,i dont like Trump he is a racist with people that is close in culture with me like mexicans but this one,idk how is she in the congress.
2019-04-20 13:57
When did she that? And which President stopped printing dollars? Good luck!
2019-04-20 14:23
Spain Sito_omg 
The fact is not print money she shaid that USA to take down their debt they have to print more money based on the MMT and well its only a theory not something comprobated
2019-04-20 19:11
The world needs a Bernie presidency ASAP, USA going to shit fast and we need to fight Climate Change ASAP
2019-04-20 11:22
2019-04-20 11:51
Ask your mom
2019-04-20 12:32
she said who
2019-04-20 12:32
ask her now
2019-04-20 14:09
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
2019-04-20 13:20
World Notb8ing 
She might have good intentions but her ideas are bad :).
2019-04-20 14:10
Single Payer healthcare is bad?
2019-04-21 02:30
Nice bait
2019-04-20 14:16
India otgps 
She's not gonna do anything different and doom americans worse. She's a puerto rican jew.
2019-04-20 19:21
United States jay_320 
If Democrats are smart they'll run out old Joe. I'm sorry but the Elizabeth Warren/Bernie/AOC club types aren't going to make it in a general election. The republican machine is just going to print the word socialist in every place you can think and we might have the dumbest motherfucker to ever hold the presidency be a two term president. He's already a national embarrassment. He's likely going to jail after his term because he won't be impeached because Republicans only have values when it comes to people not on their team. The state of New York will be the ones that ultimately get him. The Mueller report is so damning it's crazy and Fox News / The president are talking about how it exonerates him. It's incredible how stupid 40% of the American populace is. It's also crazy that the American and not just American but world populace thought that it was ever about collusion something that's not even a thing. It was about finding out if he was compromised and if he obstructed justice. Apparently no on the first count absolutely true on the second count. There's literally no question that his son sought out help from foreign Russian interests. Mueller even says the only reason he wasn't charged is because they believed he was too stupid to know it was a crime. And the president still obstructed and obfuscated throughout that entire episode. I miss the Obama years.
2019-04-20 19:26
Neoliberalism and incremental change isn't the way America should move forward in my view. You can't win an election on a Trump is a bad platform. The Democrats clearly need someone who can win the midwest (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc). I think about 9% of Obama voters voted for Trump last election, so it's about getting those people back on side. The best way to do that is how Trump did it, through a populist message which yes, is what Bernie, AOC are pushing. People are already calling Bernie socialist and it isn't slowing him down. He is beating Trump head to head in the polls and is up 5 points on Joe Biden (even though the poll was comprised of 61% Hillary voters in 2016 primary and 35% Bernie voters). And screaming about the Mueller Report and thinking it will get you a victory is clearly idiotic when you could focus on issues which will actually improve quality of life, reduce poverty, income inequality (which is extraordinarily high). This is why Bernie and AOC are the clear way forward if the Democrats want to win consistently and comfortably, by winning over working people.
2019-04-21 02:29
United States jay_320 
I agree that focusing on the Mueller report isn't the key to victory. I disagree that running out 100 year old Bernie is going to get the job done in a general. People calling Bernie a socialist i sn't hurting him now. I'm not convinced that will always be the case. But you could be right. Shit I hope you are right.
2019-04-21 02:32
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