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do you waste food?
Denmark discoroboto 
-throwing out leftovers -not eating every little bit of food on your plate
2019-04-20 12:07
2019-04-20 12:08
I do not waste food Thank, god
2019-04-20 12:09
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
2019-04-20 12:35
2019-04-20 13:07
2019-04-20 13:19
Palestine zwe 
no, why would you waste something poor people dream about
2019-04-20 12:09
Iceland fatboislim 
so you give the leftovers for poor people?
2019-04-20 14:43
yes, aint proud of it but my city has almost no trash bins lul
2019-04-20 12:09
2019-04-20 12:10
ZywOo | 
Colombia 7RU7H 
i give the leftovers to my dogs (if its not spicy/dangerous to them)
2019-04-20 12:10
about dangerous u meant cocaine xdd?
2019-04-20 13:20
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
Ur so fany mens omg)))
2019-04-20 14:09
GuardiaN | 
Slovakia Scr4T 
Yeah i order a burger and throw it in a trash can. Same with pizza
2019-04-20 12:11
Wtf men's 😎😎😎
2019-04-20 12:36
Finland MMAd 
That's not food tho
2019-04-20 14:10
2019-04-20 12:11
Finland Kanis 
almost never, once i bought frozen french fries from Lidl and they were fucking awful, had to throw them away don't EVER buy this shit: taste like ass!
2019-04-20 12:12
no, and i dont share my food with non-lifters, sometimes friends want a share of my food lol, you´re eating my food just to shit it later, in my case food has a objective.
2019-04-20 12:17
be sure they inject their insulin beforehand otherwise it's a waste of nutrients
2019-04-20 12:28
guess if I made an arguments you'd respond with desire of beating me up
2019-04-20 13:20
actually no, sometimes when people want to discuss someting to me, they say something and stay in silence looking me like waiting my response, that will be a waste of my time, in a world of blind people i cannot show them the light unfortunately
2019-04-20 14:06
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Yes, I waste a ton. The amount of garbage bags I go through weekly is ridiculous. I once calculated my ecological footprint and it was pretty bad. Definitely not proud, but it's the way it is.
2019-04-20 12:19
its really easy to change though? or you dont really care i guess
2019-04-20 12:37
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
I don't find it easy to change my habits after it's been ingrained.
2019-04-20 12:42
sh1ro | 
Latvia denzyE 
Yea, every time i buy canned drinks coke for example take 3 sips gets tired throw it away as i can't put it anywhere
2019-04-20 12:21
Yes because I live in Switzerland.... And we have the money to flex with it. Fock of shitty leftovers.
2019-04-20 12:22
i eat just enough to stop the hunger, sometimes i finish later, but it tastes much worse when you reheat it, so i usually just throw it away
2019-04-20 12:22
hell yea, i usually throw away half of it cuz i always make too much and dont want to cook again xD im rich so it doesnt matter for me:) not my problem mr africa starving boys
2019-04-20 12:22
Germany zeolikk 
2019-04-20 12:30
always eat up kids
2019-04-20 12:30
Canada NELK 
Sometimes, depends what I eat
2019-04-20 12:32
I eat people and play with their bones. Leftover are clothes which I either wear or give to the gypsies.
2019-04-20 12:35
expected from poland
2019-04-20 12:36
Give to gypseys =wasted Use them to ignite a fire to cook the meat Ez ecological tips 😎😎😎
2019-04-20 12:38
gla1ve | 
Denmark flapdur 
Yes, sadly. Buy stuff to make proper food and eat more fruit/veg. Then come home from work too tired to cook and eat shit food instead. Me very bad and getting fat
2019-04-20 12:40
I just look at my kangaroo steak and then throw it out
2019-04-20 12:43
Poland morosek 
Not really
2019-04-20 12:46
India MihirX27 
I don't waste food, hence I'm fat af, cuz I serve myself more than required.
2019-04-20 13:02
Laz | 
Japan Unagi 
no cuz i don't cook excessively
2019-04-20 13:19
A lot cuz I'm cutting my carbs intake
2019-04-20 13:21
Netherlands WitnessMe 
Yes I do because I am rich
2019-04-20 13:21
2019-04-20 14:01
Romania Anonym20 
2019-04-20 14:08
United States PsychoLogical 
yes and no.
2019-04-20 14:08
Europe The_HLTV_Lier 
Sure , in my family we don't care about poor people ; we're too rich for that.
2019-04-20 15:45
2019-04-20 19:26
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