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mm grind LE-GE
Austria veryniceperson 
we are 2 and grinding mm till GE now if someone want to join let me know (we will probably tryhard train, 10win streak rn) req: -1500hrs -brain
2019-04-20 21:41
2019-04-20 21:42
imagine getting ge with premade soloq or no skill
2019-04-20 21:43
already did but we wanna make it fast
2019-04-20 21:48
let him do what he wants lol maybe he has a life
2019-04-20 23:49
no friends?
2019-04-20 23:56
you mean lottery? it'll take forever.
2019-04-20 23:56
Lithuania FnaticLit 
Solo q or pleb
2019-04-20 21:44
already did but we wanna make it fast
2019-04-20 21:48
Finland raivokkuus 
Why do they need more than 1500 hours?
2019-04-20 21:45
+1 i have friends with 3k hrs who are still garbage...
2019-04-20 21:49
Finland raivokkuus 
That, and also anyone who's good will already be global in 1500 hours imo.
2019-04-20 21:50
Not really, everyone has their own learning curve. Some are mechanically gifted and get there faster, some need to grind it out
2019-04-20 21:52
I suppose it isn't really a fair comparison for me to make since I played about 2000 hours of 1.6, so coming into GO it was a lot easier for me than for most people (edit: just looked and I still have more 1.6 hours than GO hours actually, only slightly). I agree that if CSGO is someone's first FPS game, then it will take longer for them to get good ofc :P
2019-04-20 21:55
Europe xrnavkha 
yea i played like 700 hours im still shit but im improving slowly, not everyone will be global 1500 hours some people are slower than others
2019-04-20 23:55
+1 this is the truest thing i've heard anyone say on hltv
2019-04-21 00:01
im faceit lvl 10 and 3.5k hours. i can boost you to global.
2019-04-20 21:50
no boost needed at all but if u want to join dm me your profile
2019-04-20 21:52
Unless u get 64ticked 64 feels ASS if u played only faceit a long time people dont have a brain on MM tho so u get brainfrags
2019-04-20 23:50
its not that big of a difference
2019-04-20 23:57
I think it is on 128 just everything hits on 64 it can feel good but still not hit also mouse movement feels slower on 64 even tho its placebo my sens feels low as fuck
2019-04-20 23:58
yeah some shots dont hit but its not that common
2019-04-20 23:59
I have both but I don't play train
2019-04-20 21:51
2019-04-20 21:59
hammer cool bruder mens)
2019-04-20 23:45
Netherlands installwizard 
only dust2 man
2019-04-20 23:46 Currently supreme due to inactivity(((
2019-04-20 23:49
Poland Vech1e 
dude 200h+ on Geometry Dash? How many demons do you have? Ranking?
2019-04-20 23:57
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