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Denver fake 2nd seed #PopGoat
2019-04-21 00:14
Bosnia and Herzegovina onom 
Ez spurs
2019-04-21 00:15
Denver are overrated tbh, they lack of a true superstar
2019-04-21 00:16
they lack a mastermind like pop or smth close to him
2019-04-21 00:22
pop is a genius but they need a offensive guy, a ball handler such as DeRozan, Kemba or guys that can shoot the ball well as Tobias Harris, JJ Reddick, Harrison Barnes or Bojan Bogdanovic. Don’t know how is their situation with the cap but if they can grab at least two of these players to pace it up with Jokic, their spacing will be astonish and, as they have a PG type of center, the ball moviment would be great to watch. Their staff is actually good, made a average team to a actual playoff(title contender with a bit of experience) team.
2019-04-21 00:38
Pop>>>>>Soda>>>>>>>>>>>>>"Coke" (in the Bexas)
2019-04-21 00:17
United States G0LDEAR 
Denver is the worst 2 seed that I have ever seen in the western conference. There have been some pretty bad 2 seeds in the east but it is very suprising to see such a bad team get the 2 seed in the west. I have no confidence in them at all
2019-04-21 00:25
Georgia ecne 
2019-04-21 00:40
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