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how many pro teams are there?
Russia cuba_libre10 
No more than 200 respectable professional csgo teams i'd assume`? Really puts things into perspective, its all of a sudden not that amazing even to be a top 5 team anymore when theres only a couple of hundred serious teams if not less. Compare it to being a succesful musician, artist, youtuber, or entrepreneur. You compete against thousands of people
2019-04-21 00:49
Denmark Almoe 
never been as many though, very few properly paid teams back in early cs, now many pros are overpaid
2019-04-21 00:51
Overpaid = VP ? Yes , agreed. Its so sad that lower tier teams with passion to play (also noone give them the opportunity to show up , as CSGO has some sh*t circle that noone can get in) not being paid well , meanwhile VP players are being paid sh&t tons of money to play PUBG and playing CSGO just when there's official match
2019-04-21 01:03
Denmark Almoe 
also g2 being paid 25k a month for constantly going out in groups for years, probably more teams also
2019-04-21 01:04
BLAST Pro series is CSGO in a nutshell. Closed circle , 7 teams and they randomly pick 1 more outsider. Players like washed_right earns sh*t tons of money and up&coming dedicated players play FPL to pay their rents. I mean if gtr "love the game" so much , he can stream for NiP and make space for the new talents, but nah he won't retire until he's 60 and goes -10 frags every single game.
2019-04-21 01:08
Denmark Almoe 
brand value is what makes orgs money, they dont care about placements its not like getting a mediocre swedish player to replace gtr will help them win tournaments but i agree
2019-04-21 01:26
hardstyle | 
Spain rmkx 
at least 2
2019-04-21 00:53
Russia cuba_libre10 
I was being too generous with 200. That list would include Virtus Pro, can you evne call them professional anymore`?
2019-04-21 00:55
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
You dont know what professional mean?
2019-04-21 00:58
200 isn't a small number. That's at least 1000 people, probably more counting people on the bench and in free agency. Comparing CS:GO to music is like comparing all the people who play rugby to being a Youtuber. It's also a lot for an Esport.
2019-04-21 01:07
There are many passionate people that are much better than the most washed up "pro" players nowadays , but noone gives them the opportunity to show up , instead they kick&sign the same players over and over again , hoping for some miracle.
2019-04-21 01:10
Well, one of the main reasons for that is because of "politics." Those players are friends with a lot of people, and also might have more worth due to merchandise (and they're more trustworthy for sponsors).
2019-04-21 01:11
Not sure if they're "friends" with a lot of people , but its mostly marketing and that they're popular and have made names. I mean who don't know Olofmeister for example , yeah he's bad and inconsistent last 2 years but who cares , everyone knows him. On the other side you have poizon , espiranto , nexa , hunter (and many more) they might be good at the game , but noone knows them.
2019-04-21 01:19
I was mainly referring to the French scene, a place which has famously recycled players (until now). But yeah, agreed.
2019-04-21 01:27
Its because the org wants players that have fans and are already established.
2019-04-21 02:43
Argentina 3comas 
The wish of becoming a professional is not monetary. In any discipline. Messi felt what being great at football was before undestarding any concept of economics. Van Gogh lived a life in poberty while staying truth to his profession. If you want to play cs, you do it. #420
2019-04-21 03:03
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