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zowie s2 divina
Iceland black_nygaards 
does the white scroll wheel turn yellow like in ec2-a?
2019-04-21 18:46
2019-04-21 19:01
2019-04-21 19:03
2019-04-27 19:54
lol buy wired plastic shit for 60 dollar xaxaxaa kid got pranked ;)
2019-04-21 19:04
yeah im not sure to get it either, but idk im curious about the shape
2019-04-21 19:06
get logitech wirless <3 wireless techonlogy with 1ms, sick stuff, Its more justified to pay 60 dollars for
2019-04-21 19:07
its too expensive
2019-04-21 19:10
Switzerland hanniba1fade 
i have s1 divina and it feels cheap but im using it and still global soo..
2019-04-21 19:11
We are all global on hltv tho my guy even though half of us play cs on the xbox full spin
2019-05-19 18:22
get G603, and use only ONE Lithium AAA with alu foil then u get only 92g weight which is ok this mouse is only 60 dollar, I didnt say go buy G pro
2019-04-21 19:12
it might be too big, with ec2-a it fits my hand perfectly but g603 is even higher
2019-04-21 19:38
Germany Kaidixdeh 
If the ec2-a fits your hand size why not go for it? Or just get the EC2-B Divina. It has glossy coating, better sensor and the side buttons has been improved alot. I'm currently using the EC2-B Divina pink btw. Love this mouse. My hand sizes are 19.5cm long and 10.3cm wide.
2019-04-27 19:29
My hand is around 21 cm long, and I've claw grip (I grip a mouse using fingers and part of my palm). Can you recommend the best mouse out of these? Steelseries Rival 110 Logitech G402 (best selling mouse in India) These are mid range mice. I'm not able to afford mice like zowie ec2, which are around $80 here.
2019-05-19 15:20
Germany Kaidixdeh 
If you are fine with a smaller mouse go with the Rival 110. If not then go for the G402. The Rival 110 might be a little bit small for you. You are using a finger/palm grip.
2019-05-19 17:09
By claw grip, I meant gripping the mouse using finger and lower half of palm, as shown in this website: I don't mind smaller mouse size, since I don't use palm grip. Thanks a lot for your suggestion man.
2019-05-19 18:20
Germany Kaidixdeh 
Then, go for the Steelseries. The shape is superior for claw imo and should fit large hand sizes. Also the buttons are really crisp. Plus they are not light as these from logitech which I prefer for FPS games and should be even better since you got large hands
2019-05-19 19:22
Thanks again!
2019-05-19 20:31 Check out this video if you wanna know which Zowie mouse variant suits your hand.
2019-05-19 20:30
in my opinion logitech mouse 1 and 2 clicks are way too sensitive and the only mice that have nice mouse 1 and 2 are zowie
2019-05-19 15:24
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
Dont listen to him, this guy obviously has no clue what he's talking about. Logitech g403 wireless is shit, i notice some delay even on shitty 120hz monitor that has 5ms input lag. I have both wired and wireless. Even s1mple have said that Logitech is shit and he prefers zowie. I'd go for zowie if i didnt have specific dpi.
2019-04-21 19:13
maybe s1mple likes the shape of zowie, no?
2019-04-21 19:36
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
He said that there was something weird with the sensor but imo the sensor is the only good thing that G403 has.
2019-04-21 20:29
GuardiaN | 
Belgium ZxTox 
wired will always be better than wireless
2019-04-21 20:30
2019-04-22 06:59
epoh | 
United Kingdom agathacs 
you are an idiot
2019-04-24 21:05
Other kaiske 
2019-04-27 20:08
Morocco dest- 
g pro wireless is better than most wired mice don't @ me
2019-05-19 14:53
might be the lift off distance then. maybe s1mple likes it low like in zowie
2019-04-24 09:07
2019-04-21 19:07
Roccat is better
2019-04-21 19:10
yep i always wanted to get roccat kone pure owl eye as my next mouse but i heard about qc issues
2019-04-21 19:10
ive got a nyth and it is absolutely amazing
2019-04-21 19:31
mmo mouse WutFace
2019-04-21 19:49
Kova 2016 cant like a mouse more
2019-04-27 19:32
Austria goditi 
zowie > steelseries everyday
2019-04-21 19:14
? Only thing steelseries has is a dank mousepad
2019-04-24 09:15
g403 > shit zowie ec2-a with shit material KEK
2019-04-21 19:15
g403 is bigger than ec2-a though
2019-04-21 19:49
i said g403 is better not bigger
2019-04-22 10:34
The rubber on the side of the 403 is shit though, it loses the original texture really fast. it doesn't disintegrate though, which is good, but goodbye texture
2019-04-22 07:05
depends if u frrom britian or not
2019-04-21 20:31
Finland hotguy2004 
wdym turns yellow? the colours are red pink blue green
2019-04-22 10:37
the scroll
2019-04-22 14:48
Finland hotguy2004 
there is no yellow colour in ec2a
2019-04-22 14:59
2019-04-22 18:57
If you are asking about the led lights, divina series has only lights under the mouse, both for dpi and pulling rate. No other lights
2019-04-24 09:11
im asking if its white scroll will turn yellow because it's white and white shit turns yellow like my ec2-a scroll wtf..
2019-04-24 20:57
Germany Kaidixdeh 
No it doesn't. Proof: Me
2019-04-27 19:30
but its just released so how do u know if it wont turn yellow later? are they different materials?
2019-04-27 19:54
Germany Kaidixdeh 
The scroll wheel has got no LEDs at all execpt on the buttom where you can adjust your mouse HZ and Led. Usually, when you change your DPI on any EC2-A or EC1-A mouse you will see that your scroll wheel changes colour. However it is just not the case with the new S series and with the EC-B series. The scroll wheel is still white
2019-04-27 20:05
i mean yellow as in it getting dirty not led colour lol
2019-04-27 20:05
Germany Kaidixdeh 
oh lol. Well, maybe but It will take months to process. But I don't think it will tun yellow because it is a different material and feel. I use my EC2-B Divina for a month and I can tell that the scroll wheel and the mouse looks like new.
2019-04-27 20:58
Russia fixet 
gloss shit:/
2019-05-19 20:36
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