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How come the n word is such a big deal in the US but in Europe noone cares?
2019-04-22 18:21
People sensitive af, thats why
2019-04-22 18:22
ya, in portuguese we don't even have such a dark word like this, there's no translation for N-word in portuguese, at least in Brazil idk about Asian, African countries portuguese-speakers and portugal, the most offensive word to call a black people here is just Big Black, alot of black people here even use this as a nickname, so there's no way to say N-word in portuguese, I don't think americans are too sensitive, it's just cultural and people have been getting offended with this word so much so it just let the N-word more powerful
2019-04-22 18:43
Lmao the N word came from Negro which is a portugeese word. The n word literally came from portugal wtf are you talking about
2019-04-22 20:00
just get a negro dude...
2019-04-24 12:33
Just one bite and you will become a slave... of its taste.
2019-04-24 14:24
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
2019-04-24 14:29
Portugal hgsurf 
In Portugal negro is the right and polite way to call black people. Calling them black ("preto") is the offensive way.
2019-04-24 13:26
The thing is that is not a big deal to call a black guy "negro" or "preto" even If You are White
2019-04-24 13:27
negro is black in spanish as well what you on aboot m8
2019-04-24 14:26
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
2019-04-24 14:16
France neibaf 
2019-04-22 18:22
I agree, kio
2019-04-22 18:22
United States nword_shoe 
mainly because history of the word and how it was originally used.
2019-04-22 18:23
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
2019-04-24 14:16
Yeah only in USA tho
2019-04-24 14:34
idk about other countries in europe but if you say in germany , people find it pretty offensive just like USA
2019-04-22 18:23
germans dont care at all tbh
2019-04-24 13:28
China LewsTherin 
People who are offended by N word are also ones who sing about it in songs. Hypocrisy?
2019-04-22 18:24
2019-04-22 18:25
Denmark daalsgaard 
so true. but it is somehow ok if they say it about eachother instead of the other way. understandable? maybe.
2019-04-24 14:36
Liechtenstein yppiL 
It's still considered racist in the U.K., and I can't speak for other Western European countries but I'd bet it's considered racist there too.
2019-04-22 18:27
Germany zeolikk 
nope srsly no one cares here
2019-04-22 18:28
Liechtenstein yppiL 
Maybe not in Germany, but possibly in countries like France, and the Netherlands, and other former colonisers like that (which had slaves, I know Germany had brief colonies in the later 19th and early 20th century but they didn't have slaves).
2019-04-22 18:31
Boom | 
France mbl4 
Well we don't give a shit in france neither, I sometimes call my black friends nigger but there is nothing wrong about it
2019-04-24 13:33
Liechtenstein yppiL 
Okay, fair enough.
2019-04-24 13:50
JW | 
Sweden greveNse 
Only wannabe american white feminists care in Sweden lol
2019-04-22 18:37
Liechtenstein yppiL 
It might be considered offensive in the U.K. because we've been so Americanised, sadly. :(
2019-04-22 18:40
JW | 
Sweden greveNse 
Yeah and it stupid because we don't even have anything to do with it. Also there are similiar words like "neger" (I think its the same in german aswell) which wasn't even offensive back in the day but now it's made out to be the same as nigger, not that I care that much but it is what it is
2019-04-22 18:42
cya in 10
2019-04-24 13:22
JW | 
Sweden greveNse 
shut up n word
2019-04-24 15:24
It's only racist in English speaking countries excluding New Zealand and idk about Australia. Less than 15% of the world population find it offensive
2019-04-24 13:22
Denmark Jackson2185 
Cause the worlds history is much older than just the US. We really dont give a shit about what went on over there.
2019-04-22 18:28
NBK- | 
Czech Republic Kwido 
2019-04-24 12:43
Brazil kaiknux 
study some history of the US and history of europe. it will clear things out
2019-04-22 18:32
It actually has a cultural significance in the USA
2019-04-22 18:42
Blacks have been called "niggers" back in the days by white people. Then saying it became illegal for white people, so blacks started to flex and kept using this word, while using the excuse that it is their "culture". Now, many generations past the słave owners, the word is still illegal and the flexing continues. Black people are fighting racism by using that word and not even allowing whites to quote it. How fucking smart.
2019-04-22 18:46
Argentina GREATfr 
Lmao 1000iq
2019-04-24 12:37
the n-word stands for most of the racism against black people tho and it wouldn't be used if blacks hadn't used it to flex. 0 iq
2019-04-24 13:53
I have no idea if you're agreeing with him or not
2019-04-24 14:27
Why there is a post about N word EVERY SINGLE DAY?
2019-04-24 12:26
Cause It's a stupid useless word than people think it's offensive and that some can say and some can't. Some pointless BS pretty much created by braindead people
2019-04-24 13:17
ngl how long will it take until the word just uses its value like you cant tell me black people in 10k years get offended by the n word for something that literally happened over 10k years ago
2019-04-24 13:25
It's gonna disappear in no more than 50 years, when the world hopefully wakes up and these sjw snowflakes are no more (cross your fingers)
2019-04-24 13:30
That's because Europe is racist but don't have a word to express it. In America we do.
2019-04-24 14:11
because there are almost no black people (not risking another ban here) in europe
2019-04-24 12:39
cyx | 
Liechtenstein SK_Uppwind 
I really miss my wiggaaaaaa
2019-04-24 12:40
Canada NELK 
UK and US is
2019-04-24 12:43
is it true that i will get banned if i say the n word? should i try?
2019-04-24 13:24
niggers are good people
2019-04-24 14:36
because there are almost no blacks in europa idiot
2019-04-24 14:12
xD go outside brother open ur eyes
2019-04-24 14:16
dunno, but i have a pass just in case
2019-04-24 14:19
No one cares in Argentina, the closest word in spanish would be negro i think but we also use it as a nickname here. It can be an insult but depends on the context and the way you say it, and most of the time it doesn't even refers to an actual black person.
2019-04-24 14:26
Because in America black people like to pretend they are still oppressed.
2019-04-24 14:31
Chile strong221 
they aren't ?
2019-04-24 14:35
Nope. Not at all, if anything they are privileged. They have affirmative action in colleges to make it easier for them to get into college even if they are not as smart as the other people there.
2019-04-24 14:36
hyde | 
United Kingdom 0outof8 
People would probably care here too
2019-04-24 14:33
And how come people of color are allowed to use it and caucasian people aren't?
2019-04-24 14:36
you are, bud. no one can tell u what not to say
2019-04-24 14:37
I feel like people care a bit too much in Finland. It's gone to the point where the word that was used to describe people from Africa (Neekeri) has now been made into an insult, and on par with the actual "n-word" despite "Neekeri" having no history behind it, and it was used in the same way as "Negro" in Spain and Portugal.
2019-04-24 14:46
Finland kuuu 
it is racist to tell white people they can't say the n word because of their skin color change my mind
2019-04-24 14:59
rain | 
Norway F1lur 
Because we in europe is not pussys like american burgers 😎😎
2019-04-24 15:02
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