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CIS Ninja2k 
one of the most emblematic orgs in CS history. not having a CS team for this long after brazilians guys contract expired [SK] after danish astralis dropped [tsm] after NA noobs [dignitas] brazilians LUL [100t] wake up boys. lots of money in CSGO right now. SO MANY cheap teams like ex space soldiers or free agents right there, and u are sleeping.
2019-04-23 01:29
E S s K e E t i t
2019-04-23 01:33
b u m p
2019-04-23 01:33
Luxembourg top_1_TF2_Pro 
SK - can't they not get a team due to owning vp as well? Dignitas - have female team, not sure why no regular team. TSM - Multiple report that they looking 100T - Don't blame them after Brazil forgot to take out to dinner first EG - Why the fuck they no here Secret - Female team iirc Kaliber - who?
2019-04-23 01:38
United Kingdom Ginoe 
Why secret won't invest in male team? It's like they are pretty wealthy org - their dota team won latest "The International"; and huge amount of sponsors.
2019-04-23 01:44
Luxembourg top_1_TF2_Pro 
That's pretty much my thought process with EG, especially considering their roots.
2019-04-23 01:54
That was og. Secret is one of the moment great teams. They just won majors recently.
2019-04-23 01:57
United Kingdom Ginoe 
Sorry my bad, but still we got the point that they should try to invest in other games
2019-04-23 02:20
Team Kaliber used to have a CS team with like Ocean, dsr, no_one, kaboose and nifty or some shit
2019-04-23 01:48
Luxembourg top_1_TF2_Pro 
Good to know must have been before I got into CS. Do they have any notable teams rn it have they just stopped existing
2019-04-23 01:56
i think they have a Rainbow Six team, Call of duty, gears of war, fortnite, and Halo. but not on CS since like 2015/ 2016
2019-04-23 02:13
United Kingdom gillschlossen 
secret.fe are besiktas now
2019-04-23 02:22
Europe potatomato 
theres no money in CS , thats why they left
2019-04-23 01:51
tK - I think every player knows that org is shit so I dont see anyone going to them ever again in cs TSM said cs is too expensive for them to invest in right now or something along those lines SK wont cuz VP have a team 100T idk I know Nade loves CS but there arent any teams I can see he him investing in unless you can name some and his first and only experience with buying a team was ex immortals and that went awful Secret and EG no clue Dignitas said theyre done with male cs correct me if im wrong
2019-04-23 02:22
SK bought VP org?
2019-04-23 02:29
I meant since sk and vp are under the same big company they cant have 2 cs teams. Thats why rfresh dropped godsent and i think heroic and kept astralis. Its some rule idk how to explain it sorry
2019-04-23 06:08
United States jay_320 
There's not a lot of money in CS. There's a lot of money generally in esports. Certain orgs like C9, G2, Liquid, Fnatic, Faze etc have done a really good job spreading it around to many games and building "household" brands. To me this means a couple things. If you are an NA org for example and you get lucky like Team Liquid did then having a prescense in CS is absolutely worth it. If you are TSM or EG then it might not be. If C9 can't bring in local talent off a lesser org like NRG then there's no chance you are going to be able to without outlaying a huge amount of cash. The same is really true in Europe. It's not like there are S and A tier players just lying around. Maybe Sunny and that's it? Not only that from an organizational perspective the really succesful rich orgs are super interested in franchising. That's why being involved in League is the main focus of pretty much every big org out there. That's why Overwatch got so much attention in the beginning. I wouldn't want a franchise type of system in CS because I like having independent tournaments but I totally understand the appeal. Just using C9 as an example their London Spitfire team and LoL team virtually ensure them a huge fanbase and good cash flow. Their fortunes in CS have risen and fallen based off the whims of players. If I'm running the org as a businessman and not a fan of CS then it's not going to be my first focus either.
2019-04-23 02:26
Cambodia litdabber21 
100theives be like wtf kngv said a swear word >:((((((
2019-04-23 02:27
World Donut123 
eg should buy ence
2019-04-23 02:27
Jame | 
Actually u need a shit ton of money to get a good team
2019-04-23 06:20
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