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Anyone, preferably musicians, come here
United States 14_yr_old_friendly_user 
So I wanted to play the song Take Me Home Country Roads on my guitar and I just want to know if it sounds good because I am playing it in the key of G instead of A. I know it sounds messy and there is a weird clap effect but it should get better a bit before the first chorus. Please be honest and thank you!
2019-04-23 07:09
2019-04-23 07:12
This isn’t about CSGO.
2019-04-23 07:16
frozen | 
Czech Republic Trolic18 
If I knew the song I could help you :(
2019-04-23 07:13
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
2019-04-23 11:19
What does 0/8 means mens))))
2019-04-23 11:26
Stop go A cyka
2019-04-23 07:15
2019-04-23 07:19
2019-04-23 07:19
2019-04-23 07:20
2019-04-23 07:21
Germany istheGOAT 
report for reddit
2019-04-23 07:22
United States southamerican 
sounds great dude!
2019-04-23 07:15
Thanks man!
2019-04-23 07:16
Take a look on old town road, broski
2019-04-23 07:27
I can play that and I am gonna play it this Friday you want me to send you it to see if it sounds good?
2019-04-23 07:28
Ye, I'll check it out when I'll have a chance
2019-04-23 07:28 It’s just the same thing repeating all over again
2019-04-23 07:32
Definitely fine, but seems like tempo of it is faster
2019-04-23 11:15
Biggie smalls is the illest
2019-04-23 07:28
Alright but I don’t need to worry about that right now.
2019-04-23 07:33
Who shot ya???
2019-04-23 07:47
No one did fortunately.
2019-04-23 07:48
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
you're living in the USA and noone shot you? woah
2019-04-23 11:21
fr fr doe cuh , im jus trynna keep it hunnid 😤😤💪💪💯💯🙏🙏
2019-04-23 07:51
Philippines laiff 
country road take me home to place that i beloooong west virginia mountain mama
2019-04-23 07:33
Best song in my opinion;)
2019-04-23 07:34
Lol then u stupid
2019-04-23 07:53
It’s my opinion man :)
2019-04-23 07:56
But its a bad opinion
2019-04-23 08:31
It sounds very good, but what are you really asking? If you want people to (instantly) recognize it, I would recommend you to play in it in the key of A. Apart from that, the only thing that can really hold you back here is your own skill level.
2019-04-23 07:54
I would play it in the key of A if I was in like a band or something but for solo acoustic I think I’m the key of G it’s better. I just want to know if it sounds similar to the original song.
2019-04-23 07:56
Finland Cocks 
I would play in A bit G sounds great too. I would suggest learning bar chords. It’s literally insane. More insane than playing with a capo. Haven’t used a capo in a good while. If you learn to transition between bar chords you’ll realize what a leap it actually is.
2019-04-23 08:11
I can play some bar chords, but I can’t transition with em. Still tryna learn. Thanks man.
2019-04-23 08:14
Well based on this recording alone I can't honestly say that it sounds similar to the song, because it's just a couple of chords being strummed. Don't get me wrong: what you play, you play very good. If you have plans of joining a band (which i would highly recommend because it is much more fun and you will learn much more of music in general) , I would still suggest to learn it in the key of A. However if you have some knowledge of music theory, this shouldn't be a problem at all.
2019-04-23 08:20
ropz | 
Europe SadPuppet 
sounds good but for me some tones are difficult to recognize when you play it in G. I think it sounds better in A. But it is a subjective and depends on what sounds better to you.
2019-04-23 08:08
I see man. Thanks it really does mean a lot!
2019-04-23 08:10
ropz | 
Europe SadPuppet 
if it's good, it will find a way to listeners. At first you must be satisfied with it.
2019-04-23 08:47
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
2019-04-23 08:19
Have you tried capo on 2nd fret then Am , G , D, E7
2019-04-23 08:59
No I haven’t, what’s the chord transition?
2019-04-23 16:46
Just search for Marty Music on YouTube. He explains everything clearly
2019-04-24 07:38
Try ur anus as ur instrument
2019-04-23 09:00
cosmeeeN | 
Romania qAp 
To the plaaaace where I beloooong west virginia
2019-04-23 09:04
sounds good
2019-04-23 09:15
Argentina hairybutt 
shut yo bitch ass up stupid hoe trynna play shit pop songs LMAOO im dead homie💀💀😂
2019-04-23 09:20
Not sure where the weird part is, Sounds chill af
2019-04-23 16:55
You really think so?
2019-04-23 17:10
yeah 100%
2019-04-23 17:22
Thanks man! Really means a lot!
2019-04-23 17:58
Nice bro! Try from E, it will be awesome.
2019-04-23 17:21
Play it in the key of A?
2019-04-23 17:58
Russia 10_15_22_9_11 
Why did you change the key? It's not your song, play it in original tone.
2019-04-23 18:00
Because if I was in a band or something I’d play it in the key of A but for a solo acoustic, I feel that the key of G is much better.
2019-04-23 18:03
Don't click it gave me a virus.
2019-04-23 18:05
It did not, don’t lie.
2019-04-23 18:06
Brazil LuizMoreno 
I hats strumming patten
2019-04-24 07:51
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