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NiP Nawwk , GL Dennis
If Niap goês good on Sydney with a very good placement they should keep the team a little longer , but if it goes wrong and they have bad placement. They should try to talk with Gamer Legion and try to trade ( dennis for nawwk ) like mibr and liquid did. I hope it happends Ninjas in Pyjamas ( -Dennis +nawwk ) Gamer Legion ( -nawwk +dennis )
2019-04-23 21:11
what is a nawk
2019-04-23 21:12
Germany Sabba1 
its short for nah dawg
2019-04-24 14:04
not nice menss)))
2019-04-23 21:13
I like Dennis. Bit did u see how EPL went? Wait for Sydney. #GONINJAS anyway
2019-04-23 21:14
im still not convinced about post-break Dennis and EPL, in my point of view, was really bad for them. They dont need an awper, they need a creative and fast thinking IGL, not saying lekr0 is bad, but they could find a better one and let lekro frag. In the game vs Faze on mirage they got pushed like 6 times on ramp and they never did something about it, always losing 2 or 3 ppl there and later the round
2019-04-23 21:45
New NIP: Hampus Forest Rez Nawkkk Plopski
2019-04-23 22:06
Don’t remove Lekr0, he’s good mens
2019-04-24 13:55
Keep Gtr. Not every player on a team is going to be an amazing Fragger and the experience and branding he can add to a team while still performing decent for his role is worth it.
2019-04-24 14:10
draken | 
Romania meIodic 
just go, leave.
2019-04-24 15:52
Wtf me )))
2019-04-24 17:23
actually Pog PogChamp oh wait FeelsBadMan
2019-04-23 21:14
2019-04-23 21:33
Germany Cyasera 
Even if something like this happens GL would much rather take Draken back probably.
2019-04-23 21:47
Romania cyber8 
draken>nawwk Please stop overrating nawwk he has only played in tier3 teams hes not good enough for nip.Its sad because he has potential but all of these retards saying ,,NIP NAWWK NIP NAWWK" made him the most overrated player.
2019-04-23 21:49
draken had multiple chances in top teams and every single time he got kicked/remove.
2019-04-23 21:50
Romania cyber8 
Because nip is the most dumb organision ever.When draken first played for nip he was INSANE,and everyone was like wtf when they kicked him.In Fnatic he wasnt that good i agree but he said that he took the offer too fast and it was a bad period for him.Now when Nip took him back he was good considering the fact that he had only 1 week of practice because the most dumb IGL Lekr0 thinks ,,yOu cAn wIn wItHoUt pRaCtIcE".Its not his fault,its the nip organision that is overall retarded and always decide to keep the washed up bots and kick new talents.
2019-04-23 21:57
Romania cyber8 
Also kick GTR,Lekr0 is good rifler but horrible IGL.
2019-04-23 21:57
GeT_RiGhT gives them motivation , teaches them a lot of stuff , and you were talking about Practice! GeT_RiGhT is the player that most practices on the NiP lineup. Respect him. And he is playing better now. Wait for Sydney and more tournaments , the spray god is back my friend.
2019-04-24 01:03
Romania cyber8 
Im not saying GTR is bad,but someone needs to be benched.This lineup will just not work,they dont have a primary awper and they have a horrible IGL.So lets look at the options they have:First of all they wont kick REZ and f0rest because they are insane.Lekr0 as i said could be good as a rifler,dennis needs to go and they need to bring back draken and they also need to kick GTR in order to get a IGL,imo pronax definetely deserves a chance.If they make these changes they would have pronax,REZ,f0rest,draken,Lekr0 which is a line up i can see going somewhere.Another option is to just kick dennis and bring draken but still the first option seems better.And going back to GTR i dont agree when people call him a bot but still in the past 2 years he just proved to be an average player with experience.He will never be as good as he was before we all know that.
2019-04-24 01:38
And this is not in the subject but when people start saying he is only On the Ninjas brcaude of money Everyone obviasly cares about getting salary and money But the true big reason gtr wont leave and is there , is because of his love for this org , this name , and this GAME! No one loves the game more than GTR. He has provén that a lot of times
2019-04-24 01:41
Let’s go pronax
2019-04-24 13:58
oh REZ isnt as save as you think
2019-04-24 14:03
2019-04-23 22:04
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
draken is garbage...especially on lan he has had enough chances too proof himself nawwk is overhyped i agree.. but hes for sure more potential than draken
2019-04-23 21:52
but we will only see and will be able to compare draken and nawk if nawk joins tier 1 team.
2019-04-23 21:55
Romania cyber8 
Fnatic draken=shit i agree Nip draken=very good player Dont say draken was garbage when he played for nip thats just not true.
2019-04-23 21:56
dephh | 
United Kingdom Leechy 
idk bro draken's kinda shit tbh. Vs top 50 last 12 months, Nawwk 1.06 Draken 0.96.
2019-04-23 21:59
2019-04-23 22:04
Because Dennis is totally going to want to go to a brain wash team
2019-04-23 21:50
Portugal ProudT 
meu tens uns 10 anos, vai dormir masé
2019-04-23 21:50
Tas a falar para mim? Tenho 15 anos e provavelmente percebo mais de esports do que tu. Cala-te
2019-04-24 01:05
Portugal ProudT 
coitadinho ;( tenho 23, ganho a vida a apostar nesta merda achas mesmo que percebes mais que eu oh chabalito? vai para a primária, já vais chegar atrasado às aulas oh nabo
2019-04-24 12:46
Vejo CS profissional desde os 9 anos. Não vai ser um convencido paneleiro como tu que me vai afetar , não percas o teu tempo aqui , ganha juízo
2019-04-24 13:12
Portugal ProudT 
kkkkkkk ves desde os 9, tens 10 ahahahahahah
2019-04-24 15:50
Como já disse , tenho 15 anos. Mas tu podes ter 23 anos. Mas mentalmente deves ter uns 6 anos para falares assim.
2019-04-24 16:09
Bosnia and Herzegovina onom 
nawk is an upgrade, 4 sure
2019-04-23 22:00
They should take draken but nawwk is also better than dennis
2019-04-23 22:03
HSK | 
Albania re1242 
draken > nawwk lul -gtr + flusha -dennis + draken confirmed
2019-04-23 22:07
who is nawwk?
2019-04-24 14:42
young talanted awper he better than draken/jw for sure
2019-04-24 14:43
Sweden swediztann3 
How do you know that he can perform against t1 teams.
2019-04-24 15:00
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
fuck no. 1 - Too soon for nawwk, he needs to learn how to play in a high tier team (ex6 will definetly help him) 2 - NiP will put him in shit positions and it will ruin his career. He's an upcoming star, he should not play as a support, entry.
2019-04-24 17:25
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