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esl group d americas fair or not fair?
Canada AngryCanuck 
i understand attracting latin-am fans with a team they can cheer for at the finals but guaranteeing unproven latin-am teams a lan spot without even playing against proven teams isn't fair ESL could have just slotted one of these latin-am teams in each group but decided to stack all four in one group last time i checked, MIBR, LG, and INTZ are latin-am as well
2019-04-24 02:58
Japan Pingu_MOUZ 
more chances for small team, fair
2019-04-24 02:59
Laz | 
Japan Unagi 
id rather they play against the other NA teams which aren't particularly good
2019-04-24 03:12
Japan Pingu_MOUZ 
they prob should make groups like in champions league where 1 team from each "pot" like pot A = tier S team, pot B = tier A etc...
2019-04-24 03:14
Laz | 
Japan Unagi 
yea they should...also if u look at these groups, if these Latin American teams aren't even better than the second best team from the other groups, then they for sure don't belong in the LAN finals
2019-04-24 03:37
Japan Pingu_MOUZ 
fair enough
2019-04-24 04:02
Germany fabiS 
Both Its probably unfair for the "good" teams like Team Liquid, mibr,... Because if they are in the group they would destroy everyone And fair for the smaller teams because they are getting chances to come in the ko phase
2019-04-24 03:03
Yeah we latins but not spanish latins like the rest of latin america, maybe they are givin spanish-latins a chance
2019-04-24 03:41
United States kick_tarik_ffs 
It's no fair. It's stupid to put all of the good teams in group D. Is it because theyd shit all over the NA teams ?
2019-04-24 03:42
Argentina makuken 
2019-04-24 04:19
denail threw. Im not a bettor, but the lil subtile plays from them gave it away. They gotta learn to throw better if they wanna throw lmao.
2019-04-24 04:04
They have bwen giving sa an spot for 2 Seasons or sth like that, so of course its Fair.
2019-04-24 04:04
ESL is not stupid, making sure at least a latam team will attend the finals, will increase their viewership, attract more advertises and more money for them. It's simple to understand
2019-04-24 04:06
OP already established that
2019-04-24 04:16
"making sure at least a latam team will attend the finals" He didn't establish this part, and we all know the most important part of ESL Pro League is the finals.
2019-04-24 04:19
reread his first and second sentences
2019-04-24 04:41
Yeah, my first comment just explained to him why ESL is doing this. MONEY. I don't know what you didn't understand.
2019-04-24 04:46
there's nothing i didn't understand, just pointing out what you said was redundant
2019-04-24 04:59
well it has been same in past too, idea has been to get teams from different regions in not just EU and NA residing teams (as we can see asia, oceania still got their spots much like south america, how is it different exactly?...), only difference this time is that they added them part of americas besides for getting 1 spot by default.
2019-04-24 04:10
yep its pretty much the same except they renamed it "americas"
2019-04-24 04:16
Also it helps to have teams from another region since NA has not done shit in decades
2019-04-24 04:20
Other Blitzer 
2019-04-24 04:25
United States Detached 
give em more slots 💯
2019-04-24 04:26
Latam has had a slot in the Global EPL since 2 seasons ago, are you gonna complain about the addition of Asia and AU//NZ teams as well? what's the point of a "Global" league if it's only NA and EU? EDIT: another reason I just realised, how would you do the relegations if a Latam team ended up last in an NA group if that team doesn't play in NA? That's ridiculous
2019-04-24 04:37
World nakTriceps 
2019-04-24 05:25
Argentina 4drn 
I think it is fair. If ESL wants to give to the best South american team the opportunity to compite in a good lan tournament, this is the best way to pick the correct one. Of course is much easy to qualify if we compare the level of group D teams with the ones in other groups. Other teams have opportunities pretty much every month to qualify to minor/premier/mayor events while in south america the opportunities are just few.
2019-04-24 05:26
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