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Freeman is kicked by ViCi Gaming
China FazeIsNoob 
Freeman, the key player of ViCi, has been kicked by ViCi Gaming. It will be announced after IEM Sydney. Freeman has also been removed from ViCi Gaming’s official 5E group(5E is like Chinese FACEIT) The reason of the rooster change is not clear yet, but there are reliable sources told by Chinese streamers, that Freeman will form a new team with Captain MO and DD.
2019-04-25 05:58
2019-04-25 07:04
jks | 
Australia 0iq_man 
2019-04-25 07:07
TB, Player of Panda Gaming said in his stream. And also Freeman replied a message in his Instagram, said “we will see what happened after IEM Sydney”. Also my second paragraph in the thread. Unfortunately most of the sources are in Chinese social media.
2019-04-25 07:11
He was cheating
2019-04-25 07:08
Finland ENCEL 
I guess he is a free man now
2019-04-25 07:08
2019-04-25 07:09
2019-04-25 07:09
He doesn't throw well enough, his team has to compensate and suck even more :).
2019-04-25 07:12
And join a team with Captain MO and DD? Worse than ViCi.
2019-04-25 07:14
United States inflict 
who would join in place of him
2019-04-25 07:15
Europe loonek4 
what a shame, he should join tyloo
2019-04-25 07:21
United States chikinnn 
2019-04-25 07:23
Sorry my English is bad, I only have a college degree in Massachusetts.
2019-04-25 07:33
Then you have the best college degree in the world
2019-04-25 17:13
I don’t really consider UMASS Amherst as the best college in the world.
2019-04-25 17:19
Russia deadforest 
It'd be better for him to go to North American / Australian team since he's fluent in English.
2019-04-25 17:16
United States hEgReNaDe 
2019-04-25 17:27
Germany ToiletShitter 
Why kick mens?
2019-04-25 17:20
5E isn’t Chinese FACEIT. Please redefine as “Chinese ESEA”
2019-04-25 17:23
2019-04-25 17:43
Australia SecNova 
-summer +freeman
2019-05-12 18:37
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