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Endgame 97% rotten tomatoes
Canada AngryCanuck 
actually in general Avengers movies get 90%+ approval rates most overrated movie series of all time
2019-04-25 09:00
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rotten tomatoes lul
2019-04-25 09:02
Estonia TRopez
2019-04-25 20:50
2019-04-26 10:55
you pay for high score on these sites. i thought everyone knew this...Just look at black panther.
2019-04-27 02:08
Look at Captain Marvel and then laugh. They deleted all negative reviews
2019-04-27 02:11
ya cuz they pay big bucks. everyone just streams online these days anyways. they are desperate as fuck to get money they just fake ratings for shitty movies
2019-04-27 02:13
Europe vacban
At 78%/56% now, I guess they stopped sending money so negative reviews came back.
2019-04-27 16:47
they deleted all the bad reviews because its a womens marvel movie...just like black panther won most awards out of any marvel movie...y do u think it did?
2019-04-27 20:19
even adding another layer, why do you think green book won at the academy awards? its a terrific film sure but roma clearly had better plot, writing, direction etc. only thing green book had were the amazing performances especially from aragorn
2019-04-28 14:58
Denmark Almoe
suicide squad won oscars, black panther won oscars, the award doesnt mean anything and clearly caters to the SJW crowd now
2019-04-28 23:17
Did suicide squad win an oscar? Holy shit then the oscars are truly useles
2019-04-30 11:49
Finland DinamoGG
It won it from best makeup and hairstyling
2019-05-03 17:59
United States stotte
Now use Gab's Dissenter to see the real comments
2019-04-29 17:12
True, movie was complete dogshit, yet has a high rating.
2019-04-28 12:03
you didn't watch the whole mcu so you don't understand.
2019-04-30 11:34
rotten tomatoes is the gamespot of movies. Fuck them
2019-04-29 13:31
Wrong, they have real movie critics (at least 90%) of them are real critics who are paid to watch movies. I met someone who does this for a living and gives honest reviews based on quality, content, acting, storyline, production etc.
2019-04-29 17:53
OK | 
Germany Aachen
2019-04-29 17:53
2019-04-30 11:48
It's insane, the marvel movies are the most absurdly mediocre movies to come out in the last decade, and most of them have quite good critical reviews and overwhelmingly positive audience reviews.
2019-04-25 09:03
they are very well done visually but the scripts are either aimed at 10yo-15yo kids or just bad - maybe both
2019-04-25 09:04
They aren't done well visually though, majority of the movies have terrible color grading, very mediocre CGI and poor traditional special effects. Not to mention that the camera work is by and large uninspired and lazy.
2019-04-25 09:07
Well I am not an expert but have enjoyed how they look even though ive been yawning
2019-04-25 09:11
what movie do u consider top tier cgi/camera?
2019-04-25 16:07
exactly, lmaooooooooo
2019-04-25 20:27
these peopel are like "ew, i dont like this, ew, i dont like that, ew bro, it's too mediocre, eww man i didnt have an expectation and i dont know about comics and superheroes but i gone to avengers movies anyway and expected it to satisfy me even i didnt know anything and man omg ew the cgis are bad (i dont know what kind of cgi can top these omegalul, marvel movies has the highest budgets omegalul), ew man, they are such a crybabies and dont know how to enjoy the fucking life, fucking losers
2019-04-25 20:29
Brazil hrp__
" xd
2019-04-25 20:32
YNk | 
Norway Sunny47
2019-04-27 00:34
2019-05-05 03:40
rain | 
United Kingdom EKersh
I don't think about these things. If I enjoy it, I don't really care if it is bad.
2019-04-25 20:56
2019-04-25 21:12
Was waiting for something like this..
2019-04-27 13:32
Turkey rivaluk
+1, i enjoy marvel films, i enjoy how they grow as a character. it was so lit seeing Thor coming to wakanda with his stormbreaker, and endgame was just INSANE !!!! i loved it. and if u just watch "endgame" and not any other marvel film u possibly just say "meh its not my genre. i watched EVERY marvel film yet, and i love it.
2019-04-27 18:26
yes ofc u like it its aimed for 18 year old retards with no taste
2019-04-27 20:23
Turkey rivaluk
having actually a meaning (those heroes) yeah. obviously thats why those films making so much money everyone in the world is 18. stop acting like u know anything calling others "retard" cuz they have other likes as u have.
2019-04-27 22:27
2019-04-28 00:20
Lithuania arres
how popular is and how much money movie makes, doesn't show how well its made. If that was the case, reality shows on tv also are one of the best things ever made. To fast to furious, transformers, 50 saw sequels and many more crappy movies also made massive profits.
2019-05-05 03:50
Turkey rivaluk
i didnt mention it, sry. idc what others say. i enjoyed it.
2019-05-05 10:32
so don't watch them lol, tbh nothing to be upset for
2019-04-28 16:00
Makes sense since the only thing you danes watch is Gay porn fucking homophobe.
2019-04-30 11:43
isn't that a bit contradicting?
2019-04-30 11:47
Brazil vinett_
Just like your ass, sometimes prefers a dick and another a dildo.
2019-05-04 14:34
Careful. Don't overload your brain with such intelligence. Imagine having worse reading comprehension than a pinoy
2019-05-04 14:39
2019-04-30 12:13
You are undoubtedly mentally ill. Get some help, the voices are lying to you.
2019-04-28 00:24
Denmark Xipingu
Not to mention that acting like a CGI expert is the most annoying thing on the planet. No one fucking cares. My ex-friend from several years ago did the same, albeit working in a supermarket. Like that is enough qualification lmao
2019-04-28 10:20
Ex-friend xd
2019-04-28 23:45
Denmark Xipingu
XD. He was one of those kind of people talking out of their ass you know. In the long run it drives you nuts
2019-04-28 23:50
Yeah, always got annoyed by those kind of people. Had a friend who once told me I should wait 3-4 years to get eyeglasses because they would be cheaper then (for around 10 bucks cheaper), he was dead-serious when he said it was actually a smart decision that would save a lot of money in the long run lmao
2019-04-28 23:55
King Kong
2019-04-27 01:12
Which one?
2019-04-27 13:28
Boo | 
France mbl4
+1, 2006 one has very bad fx on the "Dinosaurs escaping" scene (people just running in front of a black screen, veeery obvious). 2018 one (I think it came out in 2018) has better FX, but not perfect neither, some explosions look fake, and the fight with the kraken is a bit too "smooth"
2019-04-29 10:40
Children of men. Have u ever watched? Watch it, compare it with marvel movies and then comeback to talk about cgi / camera with us
2019-04-28 09:04
lo but thats a different type of movie, marvel movies are all green screen its completely different. if u want to talk about cgi camera inputs lets put The Revenant on it.
2019-04-29 13:25
Ur worse than mediocre. This movie is no where mediocre. Stop being so fcking ignorant and look at the facts.
2019-04-27 00:30
device | 
Israel rvt1
2019-04-27 01:05
lil sheep got angwy
2019-04-27 13:47
Europe vacban
+1, it's not mediocre, it's horrible.
2019-04-27 16:48
Nope. most ppl liked it. Hence the incredible score from different sites. Ur the one with a bad . from a objective perspective its a GREAT movie.
2019-04-27 23:19
Europe vacban
Hahahahaha All these sites get paid by marvel, or when user voted its mostly the cringy fanboys like you voting 10/10... It's overhyped garbage men... maybe later in life, when you are sophisticated and matured you will get it.
2019-04-28 01:02
Lel. Keep ignoring facts little man. U prob believe in such nonsense like "THE WORLD IS CORRUPT" ," Just stop being a tinfoiled hatfucker
2019-04-28 01:18
Europe vacban
2019-04-28 01:28
I don't think Endgame is a bad movie, but stop saying FACTS as if it's just factual that Endgame is a good movie. Marvel movies have their problems and its easy to see why someone would dislike them, especially after that Captain Marvel fiasco.
2019-04-28 21:40
It's mediocre at best
2019-04-28 23:11
I FUCKING HATE superhero movies. That being said, ask anyone who works in the film industry. These movies do NOT have mediocre production by any means. You're straight up delusional if you think that.
2019-04-27 01:31
go watch anime weebo
2019-04-27 17:07
Wrong country dipshit lmfao; can't even spell your own insult.
2019-04-27 20:15
i dont speak ching chong
2019-04-27 21:21
Yeah you don't speak anything properly by the looks of it, not like you're smart enough to anyways. Stfu loser lmfao.
2019-04-27 22:42
u mad?
2019-04-27 23:36
you're a retard
2019-04-27 20:29
And you can do better? Easy to talk shit about this kind of stuff online rofl. These visual effects guys are probably making $300,000 or more per year. I'm sure they don't care about your opinion because they're making stacks of cash and plenty of other people enjoyed their work, and I'm not even a fan of these movies lawl
2019-04-27 02:01
they dont.
2019-04-27 17:17
so by your logic you can't criticize pro cs players for example wtf ?
2019-04-27 20:54
I don't agree with him since I liked the visuals but going by your logic you can only criticize or give your opinion on something if you can do something as good or better than someone?
2019-04-28 23:15
Boo | 
France mbl4
Oh god I hate people whose only argument is "you can't do better". Yeah cuz you have to be a csgo pro to criticize csgo pros ? You have to be president to criticize your president ?
2019-04-29 10:43
-1 Marvel films have probably the best cgi of all todays movies.
2019-04-27 12:19
United States gtmaniacmda
aimed at those who watch netflix/hulu
2019-04-25 09:07
2019-04-25 16:04
Facts +1
2019-04-26 11:15
2019-04-25 21:01
Germany sunnyrain
+1 never before has such a mediocre franchise made so much money
2019-04-25 21:08
+1, not hating on anybody but I don't know how adults can unironically like it even a little bit
2019-04-26 10:44
Hungary HAS12
+1 Their all terrible, seen it all before, corny, cheap movies. Cant believe adults enjoy it.
2019-04-27 01:10
World Beard43
Interesting, I haven't seen any of them so I'm not in a position to comment of the content of the movies, but perhaps the people who are watching them have a bias; 'diehard' fans and feminists or SJW for the films which pander to those themes. This might explain the extremely high ratings, people with a bias like this generally rate their experience based on how it satisfies their expectations regarding the themes rather than quality of production. I stopped watching Marvel films a very long time ago because in my opinion, they're garbage. Almost literally a case of 'if you've seen one, you've seen them all'.
2019-04-27 15:23
Europe vacban
Because of this comment you are now a tier 1 user of the half-life TV forums, congratulations! Of course people who are watching the movie are a fan of the genre and therefore have a bias, this is why the ratings for marvel movies are always extremely skewed: their crazy fans vote any movie 10/10 regarding of the quality. ''Almost literally a case of 'if you've seen one, you've seen them all'.'' Very true sir. Regarding the CGI in the movies: yes, they feature one of, if not the best quality CGI. However, good CGI is not achieved by spending a shit ton of money (what Marvel does), rather, being creative, doing things not done before, having a good feel of the ambiance of the scene you want to achieve and combined with the choice of CGI and screenplay, all of this processed with a technical high level of CGI creates a visually stunning movie. Just spending money on highly detailed visually impressing CGI with no regards to creative directions and scene ambiances creates a horrible mise en scene. The CGI of marvel movies are high quality, yes. The settings, decor, lightning, depth of space, costumes, make-up, emphases, color, balance and other things are all very mediocre since all marvel movies have to be the same: that's the shit that sells. This creates a rather poor viewing experience.
2019-04-27 17:00
If it created a poor viewing experience, then the majority of the people of seeing it would give it a bad rating, or say they didn't enjoy it, no? Clearly the fact that so many people are enjoying it points towards it being a good viewing experience, these movies are the top money makers of the film industry for a reason. Sure, it's not as artsy or as clever as a higher quality film. It's basic so that it's easily digestible by the audience, because it's designed to be suitable for the entire family. You need to think relative here, if you don't like these types of movies then steer clear of them, but relative to the majority of blockbuster superhero films that have come out (excluding Nolan's dark knight trilogy), there's not actually a lot for marvel films to go up against, I mean lets face it if Marvel is terrible then DC is in a whole new level of shit. People go to different movies for different reasons, and it just so happens that a huge amount of people enjoy the superhero genre, so it's only natural people gravitate towards the best of the genre that is currently being released (if you wanna challenge this with recent superhero releases go ahead). If you wanna say Marvel films are overrated that's fine because they are SO overrated, but this is due to the popularity of the superhero genre. They're still solid films appreciated by many, and calling them mediocre, or horrible is ignorant.
2019-04-28 09:29
Europe vacban
McDonald's is the most popular food in the world. Popularity = /= quality. The movies are popular because people crave simplistic dumbed down movies with action scenes rather than a high quality movie. The ratings are skewed because of fanboys and paid off journalists. It's not ignorant to call them mediocre because they are. And when you make 20+ movies that are all mediocre, with no new improvements kr original ideas they become horrible.
2019-04-28 12:02
All opinions and no facts bro.
2019-04-29 09:41
It's kinda true tho..
2019-04-29 09:43
To a certain extent for sure, I agree the movies are incredibly overrated and the ratings are definitely skewed. However, saying they're horrible and a 'poor viewing experience' is just outright wrong when the majority of the world is watching them, enjoying them, and saying the opposite. People love superhero movies, and these Marvel films are the best interconnected series of superhero films currently being released.
2019-04-30 11:27
I mean, trust me, they can make an avengers film and call it ''Last fight'' and it could literally be a recorded potato, MILLIONS would still go see it only cus its an avengers movie(or marvel?), and even the marvel diehard fans will still say its good.
2019-04-30 12:54
If a person who's kind of passive towards marvel(has seen them all but isnt fanboy 3000) And say the movie is good, I'll actually take that as an decent review, but the people who say its the best film of all time is simply diehard marvel fans.
2019-04-30 12:55
I'm pretty passive towards Marvel films and honestly don't enjoy too many of them, but I'm a film enthusiast and can see when a film has value and creates enjoyment. There are higher quality films out there but these films (particularly Infinity War and Endgame) make a lot of people happy, and I think that offers a different kind of quality. Plus I really appreciated the end of Infinity War, that kind of ending doesn't occur often in superhero films. I'm not saying it's the best movie ever, or even close to that, I was just telling that other guy that to say they have absolutely no value and that they provide a poor viewing experience is ignorant.
2019-04-30 13:09
2019-04-29 13:35
thats just your opinion on superhero movies. i dont like horror movies, therefore they are mediocre? of course not there are people that like it and they'll rate it high. youre being pathetic here. sorry.
2019-04-29 13:35
Europe vacban
I don't dislike the whole genre for example batman trilogy was very good. I dislike marvel, they only produce garbage, which I backed up by facts
2019-04-29 15:10
i agree there is not even close to TDK trilogy, but some are good like winter soldier, guardians of the galaxy,
2019-04-30 13:01
He's putting up facts tho..
2019-04-30 12:53
2019-04-28 00:20
it's 2019...everything in 2019 = trash. tv shows, movies, music, books, cars, services etc.
2019-04-28 12:53
It’s the dumbing down of people
2019-05-03 12:29
United States camdavis9
what don't you like about mcu movies?
2019-05-04 21:33
Shit movies , shit site
2019-04-25 09:06
rotten tomatoes still relevant?
2019-04-25 09:06
When was it?
2019-04-26 11:12
the audience score has always been relevant in RT
2019-04-27 12:19
And even the audience's taste are shit. This can be seen through the high ratings of the current DC movies (mainly Justice League and Batman VS Superman)
2019-04-27 13:09
What you mean high ratings? Justice League has 73% and BvsS has 63%. Those are some mediocre ratings not high ratings.
2019-04-27 22:11
73% is pretty high for a shit movie like that
2019-04-28 08:54
Not really, movies won't reach under 50% unless they are LITERALLY garbage.
2019-04-28 23:47
The same story all the time lol Also feminist propaganda, do not watch.
2019-04-25 15:59
She appears in like 2 scenes dude
2019-04-26 11:00
YNk | 
Norway Sunny47
EDIT: SPOILER ALERTTTTTT!!! and gets rekted pretty hard
2019-04-27 00:35
I desperately hope captian Marvel gets rekt.
2019-04-27 12:20
spoiler alert: enjoy the fight :)
2019-04-28 15:52
SPOILER she doesnt?
2019-04-29 13:36
she does
2019-04-29 17:02
no she doesnt, she does rekt, not get rekt
2019-04-29 20:31
thanos power stones her pretty fucking hard if you asks me
2019-04-29 21:20
Marvel doesn't do feminist propaganda, even in Captain Marvel. If you want feminist propaganda, just watch a DCTV show.
2019-04-27 01:28
Well there was one female empowering scene in endgame tho
2019-04-27 08:04
2019-04-27 13:28
bunch of female characters straight up remember they should gang up in the middle of the battlefield to "protect" captain marvel
2019-04-27 17:03
ye kinda triggered me cuz all female gang up
2019-04-27 17:14
2019-04-27 17:38
why did it triggered u lmao
2019-04-29 13:37
cuz i dont like when political stuff is being put where it doesnt belong.
2019-04-29 23:49
u also got triggered when cap wielded mjolnir? what a joke to think female scene is sjw and not the scene where cap was 1v1 thanos for far too long than he deserves.
2019-04-30 07:10
but this is not political, just a bunch of girls teaming up, i mean they have ´pwers
2019-04-30 12:59
U blind?
2019-04-30 22:10
I don't remember this scene but I'm presuming that it was when Captain Marvel was protecting the infinity gauntlet, am I correct?
2019-04-27 17:31
Forget 234, I watched the scene online and yes, they were protecting her to protect the gauntlet, and if you think that's "feminist propaganda" then there's something wrong with you.
2019-04-27 17:37
it was lmao, just brings up all females to show female power. Literally all female felt that fellow female is in trouble and ran and flew all across the field. NT UK brain
2019-04-27 17:40
Female power? Captain Marvel failed to throw the gauntlet back into the quantum realm and got knocked out by Thanos, it was then up to the big 3 original Avengers to finish everything. The directors were very careful to not make Captain Marvel completely overpowered and that the focus would still be on the original Avengers. And they weren't protecting the female, they were protecting the gauntlet. Propaganda is meant to force an idea onto you. Which idea is being forced?
2019-04-27 20:03
> Which idea is being forced? that he's a retard
2019-05-03 19:32
Who, eliteman?
2019-05-03 19:41
He is a feminist he cant understand
2019-04-27 20:50
If you are talking about true feminism, that women are equal to men, then yes, call me feminist. Feminism today is not actual feminism. Whenever people like you see something that even slightly puts women in a good light you just think it's bs sjw feminist propaganda. You're braindead.
2019-04-27 23:43
women and men are not equal,thats not even what feminism aims at. Real feminism was just women wanting the same rights as men,its not about being totally equal to them because its impossible you braindead r word
2019-04-29 01:37
I'm not sure if you're joking or not. I don't know how you couldn't possibly understand that I meant women are equal to men in terms of rights, not as in being exactly the same. If you're not some edgy baiter then you have got to be the stupidest person I have ever seen.
2019-05-01 22:44
Well you said true feminism and you explained it like that,you wrote women and men are equal in true feminism. You either suck at explaining yourself or its just the fact that you are a retard feminist
2019-05-02 11:36
I don't know if English is your second language but it should be completely obvious what I meant.
2019-05-02 12:03
no it wasnt obvious,feminist.
2019-05-02 14:33
Yes, it really was. You're just a complete idiot who can't even read.
2019-05-02 16:43
I read it perfectly,you wrote that in true feminism women are equal to men
2019-05-03 07:01
Tell me, if I told you the phrase "gender equality", what kind of equality do you think I'd be talking about? Use your brain a little bit.
2019-05-03 08:34
Well i could think of a lot of things because there is a lot of strange people that dont understand what they are talking about or dont know what they are talking about,especially feminists so its hard to understand what a feminist means. I mean you could be a proper feminist that actually wants better for all but there is a lot of sick people like i said. So its hard to understand
2019-05-03 12:11
Stop trying to draw attention away from yourself by somehow suggesting that feminists are the reason you can't read. "If you are talking about true feminism, that women are equal to men, then yes, call me feminist. Feminism today is not actual feminism." I said this earlier. I don't think you read this either.
2019-05-03 14:02
And you didnt specify anything,you could have been one of those stupid feminists and actually you are,nobody has to understand what you meant with that shitty undetailed comment,i dont even fucking know you how can i know what you meant you feminist scum
2019-05-03 14:34
Jesus, I thought feminists were meant to be easy to trigger. You're on.a whole level. And all because you misinterpreted 1 word LMAO
2019-05-03 17:18
Nah i just dont like feminists and i didnt misunderstand anything,you are just bad at self disclosure. Learn to express yourself you feminist retard
2019-05-03 17:56
We were talking about feminism. I said men and woman are equal. And you SOMEHOW managed to not understand what I said 🤡🤡🤡 biggest clown award goes to you man, you deserve it
2019-05-03 19:26
You never said men and women are equal you said true feminism is where women and men are equal,there is a difference you delusional feminist... You guys need serious help because all of you really suck at expressing yourselves Edit: You seriously need help,nobody has to understand what you meant with that shitty undetailed response you made up there saying,true feminism is where men and women are equal. There could have been a lot of meanings loaded to that sentence my delusional retard feminist friend
2019-05-04 12:53
Feminism - "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes." Hence why I said that in true feminism, not what it is today which is pretty much just man-hating, men and woman are equal. And that's a correct statement to make. You don't even know the definition of feminism 🤡🤡🤡 My comment wasn't underdeveloped, your brain is just underdeveloped and that's why you're so mad 😎
2019-05-04 13:09
Damn you are pathetic my friend,if you can go up you will see i made nearly the same definition you are talking about. Its just one of your first replies lacked detail and it seemed to me as you believed that women and men are equal in every aspect in true feminism. Because the sentence you made was very general and undetailed. Now you detailed it better in this reply and i understood it clearly,what you said in this reply is true i know that. I know what feminism is and i know what feminism today is,im not blind. Next time try to express yourself better with more detailed comments so people can understand you clearly.
2019-05-04 13:26
Tell me, what kind of equality did you think I meant? We're talking about feminism, I say men and woman are equal, and you expect I mean something other than equality in rights? What else could I possibly have been talking about? I'm sorry, originally I thought I might actually be talking to an adult who had some shred of logic or intelligence, and that I didn't have to explain it to you like you're a toddler. Now that I put the situation to you in these words, do you seriously understand how fucking stupid you've been? You're honestly just humiliating yourself at this point.
2019-05-04 14:15
You dont read or remember any of the things i wrote do you ? Also im not the one using stupid emojis and being childish here and please dont fucking talk about logic,intelligence because you are a feminist. You are a basic retard and nothing else,go read what i wrote better and maybe you can understand(if you are not that stupid which is you are so im not expecting anything)why i didnt see what you meant with that sentence. Also the one that humiliates himself is you because you are a little feminist dog.
2019-05-04 20:51
Laz | 
Japan Unagi
chill mens)) cant see text soon
2019-05-04 21:30
im just getting baited hard here i guess :D
2019-05-04 23:00
"women and men are not equal,thats not even what feminism aims at. Real feminism was just women wanting the same rights as men,its not about being totally equal to them because its impossible you braindead r word" but as the definition below shows, feminism shows that the two genders ARE equal. So you either don't know the definition of feminism or you don't know what kind of equality I'm talking about. (I'm using emojis because I know it will piss you off. But why are you censoring the word retard? Did your mummy put a filter on your web browser or something?) Feminism - "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes." So feminism is about men and woman being equal (in terms of rights. There, I specified, happy?), as the definition says. I said "If you are talking about true feminism, that women are equal to men". The context of our conversation is feminism. I mentioned gender equality, so if you knew the definition of feminism it would make sense that meant equality in terms of rights, correct? Unless you have no logic or ability to infer? Or you just don't know the definition of feminism? I've read what you said. I've now quoted what you said and actually used it as evidence for me. All you've managed to do is call me an "r word" or a stupid feminist to actually try and back yourself. You're seriously the most pathetic person I've ever argued against. Also, you're calling me a stupid feminist. But I've already specified I believe in real feminism, not the man hating it is today. So you're saying that real feminism is stupid. Does that mean that you're sexist? Because that would make sense as to why you're being so argumentative.
2019-05-04 22:04
i aint gonna read all of that,i was just trolling at first thats why i said r word and shit but dude you are seriously mentally ill,you cant even understand what i are probably baiting because no one could be ever stupid as you are jeez :D would you look at that text like do you have problems ? and also i read the last sentence and yes i dont like any kind of feminist ideas,male superiority is better imo.i dont want to continue to this talk because you just cant understand anything, sorry.
2019-05-04 23:04
Most of it you've already read, I was just quoting stuff you and I said. And I love how it's started off with you being unable to understand what I've said, I've proven that you couldn't, you've admitted you didn't, and now you're trying to flip it around on me because you can't actually defend yourself, saying I can't understand you. You literally admitted several times you didn't understand what I wrote. Just pure hypocrisy. I guess you just got destroyed in an argument like a libtard by a feminist. How does that make you feel lmao
2019-05-04 23:24
Lol you gave me a good laugh not gonna lie,good baiters as always
2019-05-05 03:37
When you lose an argument so you try and laugh it off 🤡🤡🤡
2019-05-05 03:57
Boo | 
France mbl4
Of couse it was lmao, reuniting every MCU girl just to have that "feminist case" checked was very dumb and made me "huh" in the theatre
2019-04-29 10:46
2019-04-28 00:16
their was also the same thing but with guys, its to show off all the heros they have in one place
2019-04-28 21:45
Thor Ragnarok? The black girl act like a man and treats Thor like mentally retarded. The main villain is a woman who acts like a man and Thor has no chance of beating. They support communism also. In Guardians of the Galaxy 2 the villain is someone who wants to become better, is an allegory of Capitalism. The weaker die the strong survive and the species improve.
2019-04-27 17:24
This is honestly one of the stupidest things I've ever heard, please just rethink your life.
2019-04-27 17:29
Boo | 
France mbl4
dafuq is wrong with you ?
2019-04-29 10:47
15 minutes of which 10 of them were just a flashing yellow light wow what feminist propaganda wowowowowowowoooooooow
2019-04-27 12:12
And Metacritic thought Last Jedi was better than Empire. Don't pay attention to bullshit reviews.
2019-04-25 16:03
Critics and journalists are retards
2019-04-25 16:04
actually all new gen star wars sucks if compared to the old ones.
2019-04-25 16:06
I feel like the sequels were made simply so people would stop trashing the prequels.
2019-04-25 16:07
Denmark TheWiseOwl
the force awakens was decent but episode 1,2,3,4,5,6 are all way better
2019-04-26 10:28
Boo | 
France mbl4
3,4, 5, 6 yeah, but 1 & 2 are utter shit
2019-04-29 10:48
+11111 SO TRUE im actually grateful the prequels have been my favourite star wars universe (movies still suck tho) and i usually got bashed about it now i can enjoy them without being judged by others, mainly cuz now they are not the worst series of star wars
2019-04-26 10:48
Belarus c0mmi3
+1 every1 knows that Rots is top1
2019-04-25 21:00
+1000 I'm usually too scared to utter that phrase online but thx so much for doing it for me
2019-04-25 21:01
Belarus c0mmi3
np now a lot of people understand this
2019-04-25 21:01
I mean it's a complete meme now but unironically if you look past some of the cringy dialogue the plot is fucking brilliant
2019-04-25 21:02
Belarus c0mmi3
yeah exactly.Also many people think that Anakin's turn to the dark side was awful,but it was actually great
2019-04-25 21:04
First movie in prequel was shit, 3rd one wasn't the best IMO, but it was still very good. People just hate on the prequels because of the first movie.
2019-04-28 21:43
Wtf, is that some kind of disgusting joke?
2019-04-27 17:19
good entertainment MCU movies. but nothing compared the best trilogy ever: the dark knight.
2019-04-25 16:06
rain | 
United Kingdom EKersh
2019-04-25 20:56
lotr is best trilogy ever
2019-04-25 21:08
2019-04-25 21:10
2019-04-26 11:38
best superhero trilogy
2019-04-27 00:58
not superhero
2019-04-29 13:23
Brazil edgy_man
+1 there is way too much fan service, but it was a damn good experience ! it will be in the history, and im glad i watched it on premiere, and nothing will ever top the dark knight trilogy, all around quality wise, the best hero movies ever !
2019-04-27 01:44
2019-04-27 12:21
Only superhero movies I've seen somewhat (within 10 years) recently that weren't childish and cheesy. Tbh Marvel is squeezing everything they can out of a somewhat mediocre cast of characters within the MCU. Idk what DC is doing, they have absolute classics like Superman and Batman that basically print money.
2019-04-28 21:47
Rotten opinions.
2019-04-25 16:07
the first avenger movie was ok imo. second and especially the third one were pretty shit. i don't get how those marvel fanboys getting crazy over infinity war xD
2019-04-25 16:08
Ukraine ksay
i don't get why people looking at rotten tomates ratings. i've seen so much bullshit reviews it's insane
2019-04-25 16:09
Europe 777x
easy answer here: tl,dr: owner of RT is formerly director of disney, so u can imagine why...
2019-04-25 16:25
comic book movies are a disgrace i can't believe grown ass people care about this superhero bullshit
2019-04-25 17:44
World nouman
youre on a video game forum commenting about people who watch superhero movies
2019-04-25 17:49
2019-04-25 20:30
Denmark resolut
you have to be a hater on the net, otherwise you're just not cool
2019-04-25 20:37
2019-04-27 13:12
2019-04-27 00:59
And what should it mean? He's right in his words regardless.
2019-04-27 12:27
According to who?
2019-04-29 09:44
Avengers: Endgame was ok But way to childish and way too many jokes throughout the movie. The previous one set quite a cool dark tone and they decided say fuck to that by adding a lot of jokes. Second part of the movie is more okay. CGI was nice as well the whole last battle looked badass as fuck.
2019-04-25 17:51
United States ImFat
I enjoyed it, was a amazing end to a decade of buildup, every character had their time in the movie, it had one of the best movie fight scenes I’ve seen to date. I wouldn’t recommend watching this if you haven’t seen all the other marvel movies, it would not feel right just popping in and watching the end without watching it get set up. As for jokes, it needed something to keep it interesting, it was a 3 hour long movie, and 3 hours of pure dialogue would of been boring, some jokes were not needed but a lot of them were decent and well timed. I feel some characters did not need to be making jokes, as it did not make sense for their character but oh well. Overall after watching all the marvel movies, over the years, as a conclusion I would give it a 8.5/10 of course this is just a superhero movie don’t expect deep well thought out dialogue and motives, just go into it knowing it’s a super hero movie first. I would like to see it a few more times to finalize my rating cause it was a lot to process.
2019-04-26 10:38
Yes agree, I still feel bad about thanks, he meant no harm, wanted to save living things in his own way. If we look nowadays earth is overpopulated and I would still mind my friends and family turn to dust but it would be for a good cause.
2019-04-27 08:07
United Kingdom fal36
+1 about the jokes Trying to make everyone be like tony stark with all the one liners
2019-04-30 12:08
if marvel were paying me i would give them 100% as well
2019-04-25 17:51
Marvel movies are soooo overrated by a tons of normies that has never seen a good movie in their life thinking that Deadpool is the greatest character of all time. Rotten tomatoes is a paid site that has no relevance. Read some reviews by some amateur critics in some magazine. Or go and watch it yourself and then compare it to other great movies you saw (if you saw any)
2019-04-25 17:57
so, what is a "good" movie?
2019-04-25 20:31
2019-04-27 03:26
Mate you are 17 years old.
2019-04-27 03:53
No, i wrote lul because it's just the most cult movie. If this is a good movie then how are we supposed to criticize anything, lmao
2019-04-27 04:43
Dude the things you're pointing out as "good" movies are absolute classics and are considered some of the best movies of all time. Shawshank Redemption is literally my favorite movie of all time. You can't compare everything to the standards of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Shawshank Redemption. No one in their right mind is saying Endgame is anywhere near these movies.
2019-04-28 21:50
2019-04-25 20:31
surely not some with dabing and fortnite in it. If you want a good movie I can recomend you a ton but since you are defending Avangers then I belive you are not old enough to appreciate them.
2019-04-25 20:52
that fortnite scene was one of the best scenes in the movie, was funny af
2019-04-25 21:03
Fortnite paid them to put it there... How is that a sign of a good movie
2019-04-25 21:04
not saying its a sing of a good movie just saying it was funny, the movie has other qualities
2019-04-25 21:06
Qualities that are topped by Sacha Baron Cohen movies.... That must be a great movie
2019-04-25 21:11
"mArVeL mOvieS aRe sO OverRaTed bY ToNs of NoRmIEs" How about let people enjoy what they want lmao
2019-04-27 12:24
He doesn't really tie you to the ground in his basement. It's just an opinion you don't have to be mad over. And I fully agree with him. It may not be bad but it is surely for kids.
2019-04-27 12:30
Europe vacban
Because of this comment you are now a tier 1 user of the half-life TV forums, congratulations!
2019-04-27 13:16
lol.. you know that deadpool has comics too? retard spotted
2019-04-28 16:03
Where did I write that it hasnt?
2019-04-28 21:36
better check imdb instead
2019-04-25 17:58
9,2/10 nt
2019-04-25 20:26
its top 10 movie on imdb :/
2019-04-25 21:03
rotten tomatoes in any year LUL
2019-04-25 18:36
No one forces you to watch it, stop being edgy and let people enjoy.
2019-04-25 20:30
Syria Asiimov
2019-04-26 10:40
I don't mean to preach but y do u even bother spending time on movies these days? Isn't it all conveyor crap for dummies and nolifers? I stopped watching around 10 years ago and I feel it's only documentary and stuff about nature that is worth spending time on watching. spider-man, Ant-Man... it's so dumb that its not even funny anymore
2019-04-25 20:34
Condition of cinema is bad, hard to not agree with that. Gonna watch end game and jump on that hate wagon 😎
2019-04-25 20:50
louis theroux
2019-04-27 03:55
Europe vacban
Movies can broaden your views, inspire you, educate you, etc. Marvel movies can do none of these.
2019-04-27 13:17
IMO, just most Hollywood movies are trash nowadays. There are tons of great movies being produced out there, but Hollywood has an insane budget for marketing so they are the ones which get the most attention. There are still some great Hollywood movies coming out, but you might want to look outside these big budget films and you might be positively surprised.
2019-04-28 00:26
Europe braxtey
There are so many superheros in last movie that i cant even understand who is good one and whos evil!
2019-04-25 20:52
Ye cuz 10iq uk brain
2019-04-27 08:08
I mean objectively they're good movies. Good writing, good special effects, decent storyline..
2019-04-25 20:55
Europe vacban
Good writing? HAHAHAHHAHAH
2019-04-27 13:17
I didn't say amazing writing, but it's definitely not bad writing.
2019-04-27 16:50
Europe vacban
You must have not watched a lot of movies, or you don't know what 'writing' in movies entails. All marvel movies have objectively low quality (bad) writing.
2019-04-27 16:53
No they don't. Which is also backed up by the fact that they have the best writers on the job. But in a movie such as this, there is only so much you can do. It's never gonna be really intelligent deep writing, but good enough to make the movies watchable and enjoyable.
2019-04-27 22:36
Europe vacban
The writing was HORRIBLE as always, so many plotholes, expected twists, horrible scripted conversations and overall a stupid screenplay.
2019-04-27 22:40
It was good tbh. Marvel is really stretching their universe to push out all the movies they can. Considering the material they're being given, the writers are doing a good job. Remember Marvel used to be the underdog to DC and they're doing this well.
2019-04-28 21:54
good writing, l fucking mao
2019-05-02 14:44
aizy | 
Romania ljod
just saw it. reallly mediocre. thor ragnarok for example was way better... very below expectations...
2019-04-25 20:59
United Kingdom KieranFR
I'd rather eat rotten ass than rotten tomatoes.
2019-04-25 21:00
Malaysia Suno[t]
lmaoo ded
2019-04-27 08:58
yeah its overrated but the movie is good, it is solid 8,5/10
2019-04-25 21:02
what is bad then?
2019-04-27 01:52
Prob cuz shit cinema screen in Czech republic lol
2019-04-27 08:09
? Reply needs to have actual content
2019-04-27 18:23
if avengers movie is good what is bad then in your opinion?
2019-04-27 20:30
the movie is 10/10 nt
2019-04-28 00:19
2019-04-28 00:29
Poland Okyoaku
actually MCU movies are incredibly huge part of Cinema's History. I agree they aren't amongs best movies in the world, but they are incredibely enjoyable to watch. they are like queen or michael jackson, their songs were not deep, or hard to write/play, but insanely catchy for almost every average man in the world.
2019-04-25 21:04
Europe vacban
Not really. They are like fast food: enjoyed by many, but horrible quality.
2019-04-27 13:18
horrible quality? check the awards for all the marvel movies :D dumbass
2019-04-28 16:04
Oh jesus, you dont understand do you.
2019-04-29 09:48
Rotten tomatoes is one of the most biased rating platforms. You should look up the movies they have at 100%. Complete garbage. And actual good movies are given bad scores for whatever reason. IMDB better imo.
2019-04-25 21:04
it's still 9.2/10 on imdb
2019-04-26 10:19
Right its still overrated I'm just saying in general imdb seems to be more reliable
2019-04-27 00:26
How is it overrated? tell me? MOST ppl like it. it sold so fcking good. Just google the success plz.
2019-04-27 00:34
I saw it and it was good I liked it. I'm just saying that rotten tomatoes tends to overrate these movies. For example Black Panther is at 97%. Was a good movie but not that good. Some parts of the endgame were inconsistent. I'm more talking about rotten tomatoes being biased than anything else I don't have a problem with infinity war.
2019-04-27 00:51
Then check audience score.
2019-04-27 00:33
Rotten Tomatoes in 2019 LUL
2019-04-25 21:07
I can't stand superhero movies it's always about saving the world without any character devolepment
2019-04-26 09:55
Syria Asiimov
but avengers characters got a lot of character development throughout the movies
2019-04-26 10:40
For me captain america just wanted to die in his movies
2019-04-30 06:15
No character Development? 0/8
2019-04-29 13:43
A lot of people who dont like those movies are special snowflakes who only like movies from 20-80 years ago based on their personal nostalgia
2019-04-26 10:13
2019-04-27 00:33
Nostalgia my ass lol.
2019-04-27 02:40
Europe vacban
10 IQ spotted.
2019-04-27 13:22
Syria Asiimov
hltv circlejerk: avengers bad! Batman good!
2019-04-26 10:39
Cause we are men of culture
2019-04-27 15:23
Syria Asiimov
no its called being a hipster :/
2019-04-29 13:02
Its good but definitely overrated. 1st & 3rd avengers are better imo
2019-04-26 10:41
how is it overrated? Look at the stats plz. Numbers dont lie. = Not overrated.
2019-04-27 00:32
Australia g00sey
What numbers, what stats? How do you judge the quality of a movie based on stats? I liked the movie you just make no sense.
2019-04-27 02:45
What #214 said. That's exactly how you can tell if a movie is "good" or not from a objective perspective .
2019-04-27 23:18
Australia g00sey
As #278 said, popularity, not quality. CoD is one of the best selling series of all time, does that make it one of the best series of all time? Fuck no
2019-04-29 04:31
Marvel fuckin' blows!
2019-04-26 11:14
yeah how dare I enjoy what I enjoy
2019-04-26 11:33
the fact that some ppl dont like the movie here makes them a retard. end game is one of the best movies released in like 10 years. so stfu and get normal plz. If u dont like end game , then ur not normal and should be in a special school for special kids. best regards stats dont lie
2019-04-27 00:32
Belgium Miiyata
Im dissapointed in endgame cause everywhere i read "endgame Will be even better than infinity wars" and after watching it yesterday i litteraly thought 1 thing "thats fk it?" Movie not bad but didnt live up to the hype imo. IW is much better
2019-04-27 00:56
Of course it lived up to the hype, I was perfect , good ending and farewell to characters. It's just us because we prefer bad guy winning and feel that it's a better movie cuz all the time good guys winning and it's boring
2019-04-27 08:11
Belgium Miiyata
No i was rooting for the avengers to win. Gonna give you reason here. SPOILER ALERT They made thor fat to nerf him, they put captain marvel in movie for 2mins cuz shes too OP. You never ever had the feeling that thanos was threatening at all in this movie. Compare that to IW please? Time travel...?? Please bro xD Now i dont say its bad, it was emotional at the end etc but i just expected more of a "final fight"
2019-04-27 12:04
well she got fucked by thanos in battle xD, thor mentally broke down after failing to kill thanos in IW. Well because they were trying to get the snap reversed, I kinda got sad that thanos failed to snap second time. I also feel bad for thanos beheading when he was chilling and picking up melons.
2019-04-27 17:13
Belgium Miiyata
The arrogance on ctp marvel tho, deserved that power stone punch xD
2019-04-27 18:56
yes i enjoyed that very much
2019-04-28 19:40
stop embarrassing yourself wtf
2019-04-27 01:55
Rofl what a sheep
2019-04-27 02:03
Peru cookiesA
cya in ten years, hopefully you learn how to respect.
2019-04-27 02:13
Russia og_loc
stupid plot, no morale, nothing to learn from this film, nothing to conclude from this film, stupid action, with obvious ending
2019-04-28 08:58
Nah, ur the one being wrong. Its a great plot obviously. Ur just one of those who dont like it. And ur a minority.
2019-04-28 15:06
Russia og_loc
"ur a minority" it doesn't prove anything, you have to be 9 y.o. to use such line of argumentation 'ur the one being wrong' i'm fucking speechless, no arguments needed, just great plot, okay then
2019-04-28 15:57
I do have arguments with stats backing me up. so shhhhhhhhh
2019-04-28 19:02
Russia og_loc
2019-04-28 21:49
Where are those arguments and stats you speak of?
2019-04-29 09:51
People used to think the world's flat, being in the majority doesn't mean you're right.
2019-04-28 21:56
Theyre good movies to watch in theater, good sound + visuals + big budget. Personally im not a fan but when you compare them to everything else thats being released then i can see why theyre rated highly
2019-04-27 00:36
Europe vacban
There's more to a movie than good visuals and famous actors.
2019-04-27 13:23
Brazil Collee
Production is top tier, but that time travel thing became a shitfest of plot holes. Infinity way had much better writing and was a true 10/10
2019-04-27 01:04
2019-04-27 01:55
Europe Vallon2
Still no clue how adults can like braindead, painfully mediocre movies about guys in weird pajamas. You know a lot of those who watch them actually... laugh at the terrible sitcom jokes those movies have. Ugh. Imagine some 40 IQ 9 to 5-er with the most sheep way of life possible - that's your average Marvel lover. This whole thing is for mediocre, not really intelligent viewers, and since that's the majority of the human population... they are very popular.
2019-04-27 02:00
You're not nearly as intelligent as you believe you are.
2019-04-27 02:06
Europe Vallon2
Doesn't change a thing I said.
2019-04-27 02:33
Russia og_loc
2019-04-28 08:58
Australia g00sey
No one goes into these movies for deep intellligent well thought out plots and intrigue. They are purely for enjoyment, a great production value and a well presented if not deep universe. Its the same reason people go see star wars. Not every movie has to give you an existential crises to be good.
2019-04-27 02:52
Russia og_loc
yes, but only shallow and dumb people enjoy only action, in starwars, characters had development. Luke walked the path from not knowing who he was to being a master at what he does. What path do marvel characters walk? From fighting each other for no reason like retards to fighting a mutual enemy?? 10 years ago, Robert Downey Jr.'s charm and charisma was enough for me, it felt like something new and fresh, but now it isn't working at all
2019-04-28 09:03
almost all marvel characters have their own movies which pretty much is character development.
2019-04-28 16:06
Russia og_loc
even if they had development. I wouldn't care about it, we are talking about avengers movies
2019-04-28 16:12
Australia g00sey
I honestly think Marvel is doing the character development thing better than star wars and I go see every star wars movie on release day. Captain America, Thor and Iron Man have all had their own character arcs even if some of them (Thor) are gimped and make no sense at times. Even if you want to ignore the movies that aren't avengers (I think that's unfair but I'll get to that in a minute) the development of characters between infinity war and endgame for the 3 I mentioned before is very obvious as well as all the other avengers. "From fighting each other for no reason like retards to fighting a mutual enemy" Civil war gets over the top but there is a reason behind the rift between them, it's like you didn't even watch the movie. As I mentioned before as well, it's not fair to just use the Avengers movies for an example of character development as each of the main 3 had 3 of their own movies in which they drastically change and grow. Avengers is the culmination of all these movies put together, not the introduction of these characters. AGAIN - I'm not arguing that these movies are deep or should make you question your life, there's just a lot more to it than you give it credit for.
2019-04-29 04:43
Europe vacban
Because of this comment you are now a tier 1 user of the half-life TV forums, congratulations!
2019-04-27 13:23
Russia og_loc
2019-04-28 08:58
Superhero movies are just a huge cashcow atm. I don't know what went wrong, but if you compare current movies with those from the late 70's to early 90's jeez...
2019-04-27 02:34
>Superhero movies >being good
2019-04-27 02:58
Netherlands poeya
for decent ratings use imdb not this gay site
2019-04-27 05:02
>imdb >decent ratings AHAHAHAHhaha
2019-04-27 07:45
it's basically the same thing this film is now listed as the second best film ever on IMDB lmao
2019-04-27 08:42
Europe vacban
It's already down from 9,2 to 9, will drop out of top 250 hopefully.
2019-04-27 16:43
do you know how RT works, right? It doesnt mean that it's 9/10 (or 97/100) it means that the 97% are NOT negative, so even if someone say "well it's not bad" its "fresh" Also superhero movies fans are absolutely cancer, they will harass you non stop if you leave a negative review
2019-04-27 08:14
Amazing movie
2019-04-27 08:49
It is for kids. If an adult watches it, he knows he's a kid inside and there's no other option.
2019-04-27 12:28
The child in me never died
2019-04-27 20:12
How can something be overrated and watched by hundreds of millions. It is the biggest thing to ever happen in movies; because it IS.
2019-04-27 12:31
How can something be overrated and listened to by hundreds of millions. Justin Bieber is the biggest thing to ever happen in music: because he IS How can something be overrated and be read by hundreds of millions. 50 Shades of grey is the biggest thing to ever happen in literature: because it IS How can something be overrated and be played by hundreds of millions. Fortinte is the biggest thing to ever happen in gaming: because it IS
2019-04-27 12:54
None of these statements are true, you misspelled Fortnite, and you didn't even copy my text correctly. Refrain from attempting to be part of actual discourse, you 3rd world chimp
2019-04-27 12:56
Wrong, Fortnite is the most played game in the world, therefore it's the biggest. Avengers is the fortnite of cinema, they even had a crossover, what more do you want? Don't tell me you don't like fortnite? HOW DARE YOU, IT'S PLAYED BY HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE IT???? Learn what overrated means, because your first sentence is laughable. "chimp" manchildren AND racist, what a combo
2019-04-27 13:04
Europe vacban
2019-04-27 13:20
The fact that you immediately associated chimp with race is more racist than the original statement. And Fortnite is not the most played game in the world. Minecraft beats it on monthly unique users and as for free-to-play we have PUBG, Candy Crush, Pac-Man doodle, Dungeon Fighter, and CrossFire all beating it to death. Found after a very quick google search that you couldn't be fucked to do. Also the "biggest" was ambiguous on me but the scale of ambition, budget, and actual success. Fortnite is neither ambitious nor does it have a huge budget. A fad and a franchise are very different things.
2019-04-27 15:13
he never said it was the most played game, he said it was the biggest thing that has happened to gaming, and that is very true, Fortnite affected the gaming community in a way no game ever has.
2019-04-29 09:54
Minecraft invented the Survival Crafting genre, and popularized the procedurally generated world, as well as it revolutionized how we look at Indie game titles. And it remains to have a bigger player base to this date. Fortnite is a fad. It's the current biggest game. To say it's affected the gaming community in a way no other game has, is false and uninformed.
2019-04-29 10:35
Never did i say it affected it bigger than any other way, i said in a way no other had.
2019-04-29 21:50
m8 we're talking about the biggest thing in gaming. That's all it's been about. You're now arguing that your argument in #386 is irrelevant to the discussion. How shit are you at arguing.
2019-04-29 22:49
Europe vacban
Reported for: 1) racism 2) False facts
2019-04-27 13:20
the pure fact that people as stupid as you exist makes me sad
2019-04-27 14:55
Rotten tomatoes: 97% HLTV: 1%
2019-04-27 13:15
hey guys look at me i dont like avengers im edgy REEEEEEEEEEE
2019-04-27 13:22
yea marvel movies are definitely overrated but it was still fun to watch
2019-04-27 13:54
Avenger lost me when magic kicked in.
2019-04-27 14:41
fair. for someone who has followed MCU since iron man 1, endgame was hype and epic as fuck
2019-04-27 14:49
Exactly, plebs just dont get it.
2019-04-27 20:21
or maybe you are just a 15yo who hasnt seen this CGI shit 10.000x before
2019-04-28 12:48
dude i watched it on stream with CAM quality and it has shit picture quality. so it's not about CGI, it's about the closure of an epic 11 year saga that is MCU. if u've just started watching since GotG then i can understand why u don't feel anything special towards it.
2019-04-28 14:45
i watched the first few movies, they were pulp movies with 0 plot and it never got better only good thing about it is the production budget.
2019-04-28 14:57
u're too edgy or just too old maybe xd
2019-04-28 15:02
2019-04-28 15:03
If you do not like epic/superhero movies - maybe just dont go to the cinema? Youll not beleive, but nobody give a fuck about your opinion cuz everyone has his own taste and opinion.
2019-04-30 11:54
about CGIs, yes i've seen better CGIs and camera works in video games
2019-04-28 14:46
im 100 y old, i dont care about the cgi, it was all about closure
2019-05-30 00:58
2019-04-27 21:05
2019-04-28 00:20
2019-04-28 01:42
2019-04-28 13:01
overrated trash
2019-04-27 14:56
yea both avengers and star wars are the most overatted shit series
2019-04-27 15:07
Europe vacban
The old star wars movies were actually good. Marvel movies never were.
2019-04-27 16:45
Nah i can't agree with that... the only actually good star wars was episode V... then there's decent III and IV... the rest is garbage. Same goes for marvel movies... some were decent and some were absolute thrash ( the screenplay felt like written by a 5y old)... But hey that's just my opinion :D
2019-04-27 16:53
IV was pretty good as a kids movie if you dont count how many other movies and stories george lucas ripped off
2019-04-28 12:47
Denmark Xipingu
Imagine actually listening to movie “reviewers” in 2019 LUL. While Endgame IS good, “reviewers” today are 10 times more biased than ever and they sound like complete idiots. No one cares what a bunch of turds means. Unless you are a sheep, I guess
2019-04-27 16:50
i mean they are literally getting paid to give it a good rating. movie reviews are about as accurate as IGN game reviews. and you dont need them anyway. you only need to look at the name of the director, the actors in it, maybe a poster, and then you know enough. you dont need trailers or reviews. those are there to make you spend more money, not to give you genuine advice.
2019-04-28 12:46
Denmark Xipingu
Exactly. +1
2019-04-28 15:18
France Meerkat_
True, putting it on the same level as movies like taxi driver or even good superhero movies like the dark knight is borderline insulting
2019-04-27 16:53
It was fucking awful man, I almost fell asleep during the first half of the 3 HOUR LONG movie. Shit jokes, mediocre action, overrated movie.
2019-04-27 16:56
why are you watching disney superhero movies then. it should have been clear at the latest after the 1st avengers movie what the plot is. some random bad thing happens, the heroes get together, they argue and bicker and fight for 45 minutes with dialogue joss whedon clearly didnt put in all the effort he could have, then they defeat the bad guy with the mcguffin and then theres 3 after credits scenes.
2019-04-28 12:44
I was invited to go with my mates, and yeah your description is pretty spot on omegalul
2019-04-28 18:41
United Kingdom fal36
They try to make everyone into tony stark with all the one liners but it doesnt work Was waiting for the canned laughter half the time
2019-04-30 12:00
Fuck man i know right, most of them so bland I can't even properly recall them
2019-04-30 13:22
people seem to forget that the final avengers movie is supposed to be conclusion to all previous 21 marvel movies, therefore it is heavily dedicated to the true marvel fans. Imagine bringing someone to go watch who had no idea nor interest of the past avengers past movies and then seeing them leaving bad review..... THIS FINAL INSTALLMENT IS SUPPOSE TO BE NOSTALGIA,A CLOSURE FOR THE AVENGERS STORIES. NOT YOUR RANDOM BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE
2019-04-27 16:57
Europe vacban
If all a movie has to offer is a circlejerk then it's a bad movie.
2019-04-27 17:24
its called fanservice in this context, its circle jerk if ppl agree with each other on reddit
2019-04-28 12:43
Europe vacban
Expected more from tier 1 user superappelflap. Because on reddit circlejerk about marvel all the time, god i fucking hate that place
2019-04-28 12:47
stop going to mainstream social media then, its full of retards upvoting each other, and there are many more retards than non retards in places like that so you can never have your voice heard in that crowd. but thanks for the compliment
2019-04-28 12:49
Europe vacban
It's still a good place for csgo news
2019-04-28 12:54
there is no csgo news, the game hasnt changed for the better in years.
2019-04-28 12:55
Europe vacban
Funny to watch pros crying on twitter and such
2019-04-28 13:02
just manufactured drama, trying to make money from projecting advertisement into your eyeballs
2019-04-28 13:03
+1 people should at least watch all iron man and captain america movies before they watch endgame because they don't understand a lot of references
2019-04-28 13:08
it's not just the reference, people grew up watching iron man etc
2019-04-28 21:47
it´s having amazing reviews, has 8.5 score on filmaffinity (it seems exagerated for the tipe of movie that it is, still i didnt watch the movie it so i cant speak) but i´m pretty sure this movie dont deserve this score, i mean Apocalypse Now has 8,3, taxi driver 8,1.... and maybe i never going to watch the movie, extremly popular movies like this generally are not good, it has to be a "popcorn" movie to get this hype.
2019-04-27 17:10
everytime I give a chance to a superhero movie I regret it, previous avengers, deadpool 1, the dark knight, all of them fucking boring. I get that avengers have a high rating, but fucking deadpool? That movie was fucking trash. Hopefully i won't make same mistake again and waste money on superhero movie.
2019-04-27 17:13
the dark knight -> boring ok, then you are not into supeheros, so gtfo and dont watch them at all.
2019-04-28 21:54
if ghostbusters 2016 and captain marvel get above 70% you already know the rating system is fucked
2019-04-27 17:15
Superhero movies zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2019-04-27 17:25
Estonia TRopez
Tell me a better genre
2019-04-27 20:25
literally any
2019-04-27 20:46
Estonia TRopez
2019-04-27 21:02
2019-04-28 00:10
ur right tho
2019-04-28 12:41
Dont watch sjw movies
2019-04-28 01:28
Canada M3ow
+1 marvel is shit
2019-04-28 01:31
damn the normies even got to rottentomatoes? now where should i go for validation that movies i dont like are shit
2019-04-28 01:33
You shouldn’t need other people’s verification
2019-04-28 10:32
thats the joke yes
2019-04-28 12:40
Good one
2019-04-28 17:13
imagine watching superhero crap like avengers or other marvel shit lmfao
2019-04-28 01:36
I saw the movie on thursday. Was it the best movie I ever watched ? No, but it was good, but not 97/100 good imo, I´d give it a nice 8/10
2019-04-28 10:15
do you think computer graphics are worth 8/10 points and things like plot and dialogue only 2/10 points?
2019-04-28 12:41
IW was really great, didnt see EG yet :|
2019-04-30 11:40
IW was better imo story wise
2019-04-30 11:44
end game best movie ever
2019-04-28 12:59
Turkey Jarrod
if valve sponsored to Endgame with GabeN it could be best of all time
2019-04-28 13:11
Gaben *snaps fingers* *Every game on steam gets -50% disscount*
2019-04-28 16:00
i dont need some 40 yo white male tell me what didnt worked out in new avengers
2019-04-28 15:02
Brazil hugoooo
What about 50 yo black females?
2019-04-28 21:42
2019-04-29 06:24
Endgame is so overrated, people are rating it so highly due to having an emotional connection to it, and by the way it ended it's like they have to love it. If you look at the movie overall I wouldn't give it more than 7 or 7.5 out of 10. Infinity war was amazing though, Thanos made that movie by being one of the best villians ever, and then in Endgame they underplay him so much.
2019-04-28 15:06
underplay thanos? nobody killed him dude wtf. he fucked everybody and that was thanos without the stones
2019-04-28 21:53
Just thought it was dumb how he literally got rekt in the beginning, did he not care about his life anymore after wiping out half the population or what? He should've have realised and prepared that they would come after him since he literally killed half the population along with the avengers family members. Underplay is maybe the wrong word but I mean that he was far from the focus in the movie. I feel like Thanos has carried the series by being a very well written villain, just wanted more focus on him in the final movie but I guess they prioritised building the storyline of all the avengers characters.
2019-04-28 22:58
so first. He knew that they will find him, so he destroyed all stones, so there is no way to re-do everything. he destroyed the stones and almost died. the main focus is here, getting the stones from the past and un-do everything. thanos got information from nebula, so he knew he has won, and just has to kill them all, which he almost did. ofc he had to attack the avengers. imo this is more reasonable than letting the stones "alive" after infinity war cuz he didnt know there is quantom-travel.
2019-04-28 23:06
I know, but I'm asking if he didn't even care about his life since he knew that they would come for him and probably kill him, yes he fulfilled his destiny but does he not care about his life still? I just think it was kind of a lame ending with Thanos destroying them and then we all he has to do is to snap his fingers suddently one after another avenger just comes in at the last millisecond and takes the gauntlet. Idk, it was obviously a good movie but I guess I expected more after how amazing Infinity war was.
2019-04-28 23:15
he cant beat them all without his stones, so I think he just hoped that they dont find him, he was already weak and stuck there. he was alone, and has no ship or anything for travel.. he just accepted it that his work is done, and everything is balanced. imo a better ending would be if they just killed each other, but then people would complain that no one died there in the fights. the best possible way is with the gauntlet, and ofc its tony, cuz he is the og who saves them all, which is perfect to me.
2019-04-28 23:22
I just wanted like a proper ending and not this typical ''oh no the bad guy is going to win but at the last second the superhero saves the day'' thing if you know what I mean. If the avengers together managed to best Thanos and restore the gauntlet or if Thanos actually won and the Avengers learned to live without half the population (although that would go back to where the movie started which doesn't make much sense) Just weird how Thanos rekt them with zero stones were as in Infinity War I'm pretty sure he had a few stones and they still managed to beat him.
2019-04-28 23:38
in my opinion they are just fun to watch because the movies have some of the best action scenes but other then that they arent complex, just plain and simple they dont have the deep plot like for example the dark knight series, where almost every scene has some kind of hidden philosophy but other then that, if you go with your friends and just watch it u get guaranteed fun i wouldnt say the new movie does anything special, but you have to appreciate how we have come far with superhero movies
2019-04-28 15:59
I liked the movie
2019-04-28 21:38
Hungary Joco413
What did you expect? They are paid to give good ratings.
2019-04-28 21:41
Your basic shitty superhero movie.. Like who the fuck even pays to watch that shit??
2019-04-28 21:43
Netherlands staticNL
All Marvel movies are overrated as fuck. Most of them are simply not very good movies.
2019-04-28 21:47
I liked the movie very much :)
2019-04-28 23:40
Rotten Tomato scores are nearly meaningless. If 100 critics rate a movie 6/10, it will have a 100% score.
2019-04-28 23:41
maybe you are boring
2019-04-28 23:43
boring movie
2019-04-29 06:26
other marvel movies are better
2019-04-29 06:27
Only drones watch these movies, bad parenrs also take their kids to see these.
2019-04-29 20:36
THey also paid 250k ppl on imdb to make the rating 9/10 Kappa
2019-04-30 11:35
May I ask, Why would some people even watch End Game if you genuinely think that MCU movies are trash? Cause to watch End Game you have had to have watched the other movies right? you retard. Well, if you did watch the whole mcu, Why the fuck would you watch the rest after seeing one when you think the production is shit? Overrated? No, it's just fucking good. I know that the losers here in hltv who thinks that End Game is shit are not even close to 5%. I saw someone said CGI was crap. Give me a movie which has better come on. So what I'm saying is End Game is the bomb. The mcu is one of the best if not the best movie series of all time. Fuck you all who thinks that this movie is bad.
2019-04-30 11:50
Duh I wouldn't be suprised to think hltv low lives would get the movie.
2019-04-30 11:51
desperate for a new wave of 90's movies.... so sick and tired of all these years with action packed crap movies.
2019-05-02 14:49
Brazil UKita
Fuck this shit, this saga of movies is awesome
2019-05-03 14:05
It means that it's 97% rotten. It's shit
2019-05-03 19:29
Audience scores are more believeable
2019-05-04 13:27
Laz | 
Japan Unagi
shazam was better and it was childish as well
2019-05-04 21:31
You know maybe because there are a LOT of people that like them? There's a reason why of the top 10 highest grossing movies, 5 are MCU movies...
2019-05-04 21:36
doesnt that prove its more likely to be overrated?
2019-05-04 23:07
No? It just proves people actually like these movies???
2019-05-05 00:03
ya so more likely ppl gonna be bias how hard is that to understand?
2019-05-05 01:52
They're biased because they like it... How hard is THAT to understand??
2019-05-05 02:42
so they will r8 each movie higher than usual bc they fan of it how hard is that to understand? LMAO
2019-05-05 06:45
I'm not talking about what they rate them you dweeb, I'm saying that they keep coming back to watching them and even more people watch them which is why they always have high box office numbers
2019-05-05 06:46
who killed captain alex > endgame
2019-05-09 02:16
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