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RTX 2060 or wait for AMD Navi GPUs?
Romania TheHonestGypsy 
owning gtx 760 for over 5 years, great gpu, did the job very well
2019-04-26 02:03
Wait for 3080 then buy a 1080 for cheap ezy Clap
2019-04-26 02:04
Turkey rivaluk 
selling his 760 buying a new 760 easy upgrade
2019-04-26 02:07
Brazil jmarcelo 
ultra oc edition
2019-04-26 07:47
Romania TheHonestGypsy 
why not buying 3080 instead? i heard the performances will be the same as 1080, eventually rtx 2070.. anyway, who knows..
2019-04-26 02:08
Wait for 4080 then buy a 1080 for cheap ezy Clap
2019-04-26 02:07
Wait for 5080 then buy a 1080 for cheap ezy Clap
2019-04-26 02:08
Wait for 6080 then buy a 1080 for cheap ezy Clap
2019-04-26 02:09
Poland P4wl1k 
Buy it. It's the best gpu atm (price/performance). You should never wait for new tech to be reveald because it's endless circle. For example now you're waiting for gpu and when it cames out there would be new cpus coming 2 months later. Plus amd cards are usually the best in lower budget and they can't keep up with nvidias medium/higher end.
2019-04-26 02:46
What a stupid fucking advice, never wait for tech? it's 2 months away. The next Nvidia GPUs comes in last quarter of 2019. Do some research before you spill BS or don't give advice when you're too incompetent to.
2019-04-26 02:52
AMD GPUs launch in 1-2 months so it's best to wait and look at your options.
2019-04-26 02:47
Save for a card you want. If your a looking at low to mid range performance buy a 1060 or 1070. If you want middling performance buy a 2060 or 2070. If you want top shelf buy an 80 series whatever... but holding out means more potential to save. The trap with GPUs is that there is always something new coming every year. Or refreshes. If what you have is enough then hold out and save for what YOU really want. Otherwise look at sites like Gamersnexus or anandtech for reviews and see if what you are looking for can meet your immediate needs.
2019-04-26 02:49
2019-04-26 02:49
buy used 1080ti instead
2019-04-26 02:55
I recently bought the gtx 1660 Ti and its rlly doing well imo and pretty cheap for what it delivers. Im not pro on this topic tho
2019-04-26 03:02
it is not you are most definetly not a pro otherwhise you would even have considered buying this card
2019-04-26 07:45
I bought it for 290 eur. Do you think its bad for this Price?
2019-04-26 23:07
Brazil Raco_br 
Eur 290 is spyce
2019-04-27 16:37
Wait for 7080 then buy a 1080 for cheap ezy Clap
2019-04-26 03:09
United States Fihdem_Kihdem 
If you don't care for Ray tracing go 1660ti it's the same as a 2060 just no Ray tracing so you can save some money. Otherwise go 2060
2019-04-26 03:10
Brazil jmarcelo 
2019-04-26 07:53
United States Fihdem_Kihdem 
That's weird because I swore ive seen reviews claiming no real difference between the two other than Ray tracing I guess I am wrong.
2019-04-27 02:29
Australia Tyas 
I recently upgraded from a 1060 3gb to a 2060 and I can't be more happier, a significant increase in performance. Really need to ask yourself what games are you currently playing and if its mostly csgo then don't bother. I would wait for the navi announcement in the coming months before pulling the trigger
2019-04-26 03:11
I feel you. I got from a GTX 960 4gigs to a RTX 2060 6gigs.
2019-04-27 02:34
Wait for 10080 then buy a 5080 for cheap ezy Clap
2019-04-26 03:13
Brazil jmarcelo 
wait for navi, see if the cards are better.
2019-04-26 07:52
ZywOo | 
Colombia 7RU7H 
Wait for VTX7060 with GDDR9 ez constant 1000fps
2019-04-26 07:56
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
ezy clap
2019-04-26 07:59
Lithuania FnaticLit 
Navi should be faster then 2060
2019-04-26 08:03
Resolution and refresh rate you're planning on using?
2019-04-26 23:09
Brazil Raco_br 
Wont notice any performance in csgo, 970 is more than enough
2019-04-27 16:20
i love this @wait for %GPUNAME% Never ever wait for new devices, buy now and enjoy
2019-04-27 16:22
Brazil Raco_br 
New releases you overpay for % performance
2019-04-27 16:35
It seems to me that the GPU doesn't really have an impact on CSGO because this game takes on the CPU I have an i7 8700 non K and a GTX 1060 GB, if I change my GPU to an RTX 2060, would I see any difference? Because when I changed my GTX 770 GPU to the 1060, I didn't have any difference, I only had more FPS when I changed my CPU
2019-04-28 00:54
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