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Bring Password Resetting With Email
Ethiopia hl_b0t 
So I had an account in hltv which got banned for a long time in 2016 I guess and i forgot username of it. Because of that I can't login to my account. And I can't open a new account with that email adress. There should be an option to reset password with mail and in the mail your username should be written , or just a way to get your forgotten username
2019-04-26 12:30
You aren't supposed to have multiple accounts anyways lol. Just be glad that you could create a new one
2019-04-26 12:31
Who cares? My account is unbanned for sure and I can't access it. Then make me able to access so I don't keep opening new ones
2019-04-26 12:35
10 year not unban
2019-04-26 12:36
It was several months or a year ban
2019-04-26 12:37
fnx | 
Brazil Joao@NTC 
no there are 1 day, 3 day, 1 week, or 10 year bans
2019-04-26 12:38
Im pretty sure it was longer than a week and not a 10 year ban because I remember logging into the acc towards the end of 2017
2019-04-26 12:39
3 weeks too
2019-04-26 21:47
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