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felps | 
Romania VeryRomanianGuy 
So basically I started having some anxiety problems back in 2018 and now I get random moments of fear. Like sometimes in the school bus I feel weak, dizzy like I want to throw up and pass out at the same time. During the last 3 months I somrwhat manage to surpass this thing but I noticed that things I wasnt scared of are now scary, like elevators, close spaces, loud noises and crowded places. Should I worry and visit someone or just wait for it? Im diabetic and my doctor told me that its just a phase of adolescency or however its called. Thanks everyone!!! Stay positive!
2019-04-26 18:13
autist | 
CIS bjornzz 
Thank you too! You are a wonderful person :)
2019-04-26 18:14
seek help and stay strong bro
2019-04-26 18:18
hello dude how old are you ? i'm feeling like you in the bus, i'm weird i have the feelings that the earth is falling down some shit like that, but no problem bro this shit will probably diseapear when you will grow up ^^ gl my friend
2019-04-26 18:23
i have feelings like this too sometimes feeling like you're falling down, like the earth is falling or you aren't existant, or life is not real then you just need to take deep breath, meditate, smile, and realize life is real and to love life :)
2019-04-26 18:32
yeah it's exactly what im thinking... but you totally right i need to stop thinking too much and focus on what i am living actually, but which type of meditation do you advise me ?
2019-04-26 18:37
it is very simple my friend, just close your eyes, focus on your breathing (in through nose, out through mouth, slowly) focus on the present, what is in front of you, what is real, what is around you, all of it. watch this :)
2019-04-26 18:45
ty for your help my friend ;-) have a nice day ^^
2019-04-26 18:58
yes men it is called anxiety you maybe get it because world is going insane you should get off the internet, be in the real world, and stop thinking about what can go bad or what can go wrong just meditate, breathe, and try to relax
2019-04-26 18:33
check for diabetes
2019-04-26 18:33
Norway Noreg 
2019-04-26 18:35
Must be hard feeling like that and having no clue where its coming from... Good luck on surpassing it.
2019-04-26 18:46
Romania TheWizard741 
I suggest you go see someone about this. Just in case
2019-04-26 19:02
Drink lots of water, eat healthy, stay fit, and above all! don't stress!. If you still experience problems -- when you feel an attack starting, begin taking deep breathes and remind yourself it's only in your head -- everything is okay. If you can get somewhere to be alone while you meditate and relax yourself that would be helpful. But it's possible in crowds as well. Just keep reminding yourself to relax. Your issue is most likely self-inflicted and therefore can be resolved by you without the aid of outside influences. Be well my friend -- I hope you get better.
2019-04-26 19:13
Thanks everyone!
2019-04-26 21:48
stay strong men)) youll overcome this
2019-04-26 21:51
Russia NOD777 
This is just a FBI agent watching for you. You will adapt
2019-04-26 21:53
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