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best roster
North America niftynick 
You just gained ownership of an uber-rich esports org. You can purchase any 10 players in CS:GO. Additionally, valve has instituted a rule that you may swap players at Half-time. What is your best possible 5 CT side players? And what is your best possible 5 T side players? Max roster is 10 players.
2019-05-04 07:55
North America niftynick 
T side: s1mple Ethan Elige Magisk NiKo CT: side Coldzera Twistzz Xyp9x Guardian Valde
2019-05-04 07:58
FugLy | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Okay well im definitely keeping my core the same for each team T S1mple Gla1ve Xyp9x NAF Niko CT S1mple Glav1e Xyp9x Device Twistzz
2019-05-04 08:01
s1mple NiKo Elige electronic sunny Hunden dupreeh magisk xyp9x device
2019-05-04 08:04
Russia Hellyer 
T S1mple CT S1mple and some 8 players more
2019-05-04 08:04
math checks out
2019-05-04 08:10
CT ropz ropz ropz ropz ropz T ropz ropz ropz ropz HS
2019-05-04 08:07
motm | 
Austria Stabber360 
Let's do it little bit crazy Xantares Go b Woxic Isaa Ngin
2019-05-04 08:12
Canada herocoolzzz 
buy astralis spend the rest of money for living
2019-05-04 08:13
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