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Leftist and equality
Ecuador PartisanGrill 
If we are all equal then how did we evolve?
2019-05-05 13:43
"To speak of just or unjust in itself is quite senseless; in itself, of course, no injury, assault, exploitation, destruction can be 'unjust,' since life operates essentially, that is in its basic functions, through injury, assault, exploitation, destruction and simply cannot be thought of at all without this character. One must indeed grant something even more unpalatable: that, from the highest biological standpoint, legal conditions can never be other than exceptional conditions, since they constitute a partial restriction of the will of life, which is bent upon power, and are subordinate to its total goal as a single means: namely, as a means of creating greater units of power. A legal order thought of as sovereign and universal, not as a means in the struggle between power complexes but as a means of preventing all struggle in general perhaps after the communistic cliché of Dühring, that every will must consider every other will its equal—would be a principle hostile to life, an agent of the dissolution and destruction of man, an attempt to assassinate the future of man, a sign of weariness, a secret path to nothingness."
2019-05-21 07:25
We are equal in Rights. That's it. Only in Rights. Some races are superior to others in some aspects. Whoever denies it is a fool.
2019-05-21 07:33
United States UnitedEurope 
Who's superior in bigger dicks men)))
2019-05-21 07:34
Finland eMBeJaana 
my man very smart
2019-05-21 07:35
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