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Spain akproxx 
Jame and qikert to navi when i cant see navi win a shit with this roster
2019-05-05 23:16
never. get sdy, ange1 and bondik.
2019-05-05 23:16
Spain akproxx 
always defend ange1l but he is getting old not that good as he use to be bondik never was good for a tier 1 elite team pick s1mple electronic flamie jame qikert or sdy is also a good option younger and better skillwise zeus and edward are done
2019-05-05 23:25
why AVG should disband for shitty ukrainian team? Avangar top1 CIS navi to second..
2019-05-05 23:26
Spain akproxx ??? Head to head Natus Vincere 8 Wins 1 Overtimes 2 Wins AVANGAR
2019-05-05 23:29
Hungary LevYmeister 
zeus is a tactical genius he has to be in this roster i mean there has cto be an experienced player(he a major winner also so he know how to earn victories with a team) and he shows good results recently edward is a really experienced and consistent player who works well with the team under zeus's lead so IMO its be best possible lineup they can have
2019-05-05 23:30
Spain akproxx 
2019-05-05 23:34
wtfmen((( watch navi 2015-2016
2019-05-05 23:35
Spain akproxx 
wait at 0:20 and excute when at that time fast pushed where better LUL genius
2019-05-05 23:36
i dont know about his tactical proficiency but one thing he definitely does seem to have is a great feel for the game. his stack calls the vast majority of time are spot on and he never goes into stacks. he also has great motivating skills and good man mangement skills (although i suspect his style probably wouldnt work outside CIS). all in all i do think he is probably a top 5 IGL in cs but good IGLs are few and far between
2019-05-06 01:16
Spain akproxx 
"he also has great motivating skills and good man mangement skills (although i suspect his style probably wouldnt work outside CIS). " this is the best thing from zeus imo
2019-05-06 19:10
when zeus does eventually retire i reckon he can become the best coach in CS if he does decide to stay in the scene which i think he should. like he has all the tools like i said. and its not like hes incapable of calling a good strat
2019-05-06 20:44
Spain akproxx 
never said that zeus is bad igl i said he is not a genius and he can be remplace for a younger igl he is not enough anymore for a top 1 team he can stay as coach to be honest is a good fit
2019-05-06 20:47
no i didnt think you did and i think right now hes probably the best youre gonna get in the CIS region. but maybe even 6 months from now i think jerry or boombl4 could have enough experience to feasibly be able to replace him
2019-05-06 20:51
Wtfmen starix igl btw)))
2019-05-15 11:01
Watch navi 2015/2016 when starix was igl... Just LMAO
2019-05-16 08:48
Hungary LevYmeister 
its my personal opinion for me zeus is one of the best IGL in the world who brought some incredible tactics to competetvie cs
2019-05-05 23:35
AHAHAHH u rly think that avangar can win vs navi?) AHHAHAHA stupid churka xD
2019-05-05 23:39
Hungary LevYmeister 
2019-05-05 23:40
they can, at opening match
2019-05-05 23:40
Aleksib | 
Finland MoRst 
it is kinda normal for stars to call strats in forces so they can be set up in the best way to have the most impact and strongest possibility to win the round
2019-05-06 20:52
Denmark Jackson2185 
2019-05-16 09:07
Ukraine beazztov 
lul flamie and no zeus?
2019-05-05 23:45
Finland Autisthicc 
why in the World would you keep flamie????? he's terrible
2019-05-16 09:09
United Kingdom Kansur 
-s1mple - electronic +jame +qikert
2019-05-05 23:26
jame and s1mple in one team LUL.
2019-05-05 23:34
Spain akproxx 
both can play awp and rifle LUL THIS IS NOT LOL
2019-05-05 23:35
LUL jame baiter+saver, s1mple wont play with him.
2019-05-05 23:36
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
+1, same happened with s1mple & oskar in hr when oskar was playing for frags
2019-05-16 08:54
avangar overrated af, jame just play for stats/save all the time/bait every moment, qikert good but there are a lot of good players in cis region who can replace edward/flamie
2019-05-05 23:42
2019-05-06 00:00
Sorry but Na’Vi isn’t a team with winning mentality in GO. Their fate is lose every major final
2019-05-06 01:20
-Flamie +Jame (Main awp-Jame,Simple-rifler)
2019-05-06 01:22
jame and s1mple bait each other???
2019-05-06 01:25
United States inflict 
2019-05-06 01:24
I didn't say anything about the Windstrike players or anything.I just wanted to Express my opinion about the changes in Navi.Personally I want to see Jame in Navi
2019-05-06 01:57
2019-05-06 01:45
Russia LeGoBoys 
Simple and electronic much better than this nonamers. Wtf you talking pls shut up
2019-05-06 19:11
2019-05-11 18:30
+ Ange1 coldyy sdy
2019-05-13 18:19
dont ruin avangar
2019-05-15 10:50
Ukraine COV@ 
Qikert and Jame are very strong players and they will definitely strengthen Navi. but Avangar is gaining power. and I doubt that they will just be released.
2019-05-15 10:55
Not released... They would be bought ofc
2019-05-16 08:50
navi.junior to Navi
2019-05-16 08:51
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
On paper that team looks sick but i think guys from navi like s1mple,electronic,flamie will not listen and respect calls from avangar kids so they should just stay together in avangar. Ofc hard to say what happens if edward/zeus retires, i think every cis player wants to play for navi. Same happened with vega squadron, they said we will stay together but mir was almost ready to join navi and they even disbanded after that so everything can happen
2019-05-16 09:04
Finland Autisthicc 
jame is an overrated baiter-saver, only really good gamer-player in avangar is qikert. there are other good cis players too like sdy
2019-05-16 09:12
+1 I can’t imagine s1mple be calm everytime jame saving
2019-05-16 12:41
2019-05-16 12:42
Ukraine tomzey 
The team needs to constantly rejuvenate, change old players to younger and more motivated ones. But in NavI it can be quite risky, they may not play better with the same qikert and jame. Players can tritely not find a common language. Therefore, this is a controversial decision.
2019-05-16 12:46
let me ask u one question. Do u rly believe s1mple&elec (not sure abt flamie) will play for jame like avangar players do?
2019-05-16 13:00
Ukraine tomzey 
net bratan, ya je pro eto i napisal
2019-05-16 13:03
2019-05-16 13:22
Finland Teukkasd 
i think that s1mple wouldnt even listen and respect these newbies , so no changes yet
2019-05-16 13:03
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