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Ajax Champions
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Even Son can't carry the pieces of shit known as Tottenham against Ajax, and Klopp will choke in the final as expected. Congrats in advance Ajax))
2019-05-08 08:15
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Europe Strefa 
lmao no faith in your country man?
2019-05-08 08:17
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Nah I hate Tottenham with a passion. Plus, they have been having some of the worst form in a long time in the PL as well.
2019-05-08 08:19
I think they are prepairing for Champ. League. That's why they dont give a fuck the PL
2019-05-08 09:26
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Could be, but they should still realistically be beating teams like Bournemouth and West Ham.
2019-05-08 10:07
someone is a salty city fan
2019-05-08 11:48
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Wtf no
2019-05-08 13:53
I hope that Ajax wins the whole shit
2019-05-08 08:19
not a chance
2019-05-08 10:20
No way dude Liverpool gonna win it #YNWA
2019-05-08 12:47
Lemmy | 
Poland MetalMan 
They are very confident now, they don't look like young kids scared of every opponent. But final(if they get there) is a different thing. Even if Ajax go through to the final, I am 99% sure they will get very nervous and maybe scared.
2019-05-08 13:17
Xyp9x | 
Netherlands stevelul 
I doubt it tbh, most of them already played finals and won/lost them. So they have that experience. If anything the Liverpool players will be just as nervous cause this is going to be their biggest final of their careers and they HAVE to win it since they are clearly the best team left. If ajax will even beat spurs which I see as a 50/50 tonight. It really depends which ajax will show up tonight and who will be more clinical with their chances
2019-05-08 13:38
Lemmy | 
Poland MetalMan 
Which finals?
2019-05-08 14:12
Xyp9x | 
Netherlands stevelul 
Blind played the Europa league Final with United against Ajax 2 years ago and won it. In that Ajax side there were 6 players that are also starting tonight. Then u have Tagliafico who is the captain of Argentina National team and really experienced, he wont get nervous. Tadic is 30, he is experienced and will not be nervous. They have already played against Real Madrid and Juventus who are arguably stronger than this current Tottenham side, they already played this Tottenham side away and beat them. Tonight they will play at home with the fans and the confidence they have build up theres absolutely no chance they will get nervous.
2019-05-08 14:21
''I doubt it tbh, most of them already played finals and won/lost them.'' Blind is most of them? I want Ajax to win but they will get nervous at some point.
2019-05-08 20:34
Yes most of them; Blind, de Ligt, Onana, Schöne, Ziyech, de Jong, van de Beek and Neres.
2019-05-08 20:40
Oh, forgot the UL final. I really hope they go through but there will always be slip-ups.
2019-05-08 20:47
Told you mate.
2019-05-08 23:01
I thought son not playing?? Hopefully ajax wins ucl this year. Cant stand liverpool, fairr play to klopp though. 4-0 against barca and missing two of the better forwards
2019-05-08 08:19
he couldnt play for the first leg
2019-05-08 11:48
okok with Son it's completely different game
2019-05-08 11:58
So fucking true, he is gonna save spurs. I love that little asian man.
2019-05-08 12:01
Can't agree more
2019-05-08 08:20
Son is not playing due to suspension ?
2019-05-08 08:31
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Nah, I think it was only one game suspension
2019-05-08 08:44
Netherlands RincoB 
And current suspension in the premier league
2019-05-08 12:38
Ajax and Tattertots is gonna play? Good Luck with that.
2019-05-08 08:32
Lmao Liverpool will crush them
2019-05-08 08:39
Can someone explain what this is to me I’m very confuseds mens 😎😎
2019-05-08 08:46
It's soccer men not football with that weird ball but soccer with the round one
2019-05-08 08:48
i mean i just dont really understand soccer thats what i was asking about now we are angry mens
2019-05-08 10:47
Yes mens 😡😡
2019-05-08 10:53
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
primitive sport where 22 grown man chase a round ball, that was fun while it lasted for the couple hundred years it gave humanity something to do
2019-05-08 08:54
Oh look, it's retarded !!!
2019-05-08 09:15
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
oh look ez trigger
2019-05-08 10:01
Netherlands Removed 
2019-05-08 11:46
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
nice paint skills but i was not pretending, i still stand by what i said.
2019-05-08 11:47
Netherlands Removed 
ok then just ignore the last panel
2019-05-08 11:50
so u are saying that every sport is primitive. gj fatass
2019-05-08 10:13
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
ehm.. no? if you used your eyes to actually read you would easily see that i was actually talking about soccer, and only about soccer? where did you see me mention any other sport? also: massive lul @ fattas
2019-05-08 11:15
if football is primitive for you = every sport primitive. tell me just 1 "non" primitive? 10iq shthead
2019-05-08 11:22
he even calls its soccer, lmfao fucking american
2019-05-08 11:24
just a delusional 3rd worlder
2019-05-08 11:24
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
this the best part of making fun of soccer plebs, you trigger them to such an extent that within 10 mins one would become a third world fat american the assumptions are off the charts rn lul anyhow yall got triggerd just as easily as any other ''football/soccer'' fan. your plebnes is leaking
2019-05-08 11:43
0/8 as i said
2019-05-08 11:44
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
football fans = EZ fucking baiting. works every single time baby
2019-05-08 11:45
The only team can stop Liverpool right now is Real Madrid.
2019-05-08 08:59
If that would be the case, they would be top of the league
2019-05-08 09:15
Ofc the King is just rest in 1 season. They will be back next year and arrange the order.
2019-05-08 09:44
XigNGODtop1 in korean dream lul Kazakstan major champions. Adren major mvp
2019-05-08 09:04
All the planets have aligned for them to win it all.
2019-05-08 09:12
Indeed. Feels like they deserves it the most as well.
2019-05-08 09:17
True they have the Cinderella story but Salah also deserves some love
2019-05-08 09:19
How is it a cinderella story? Theyve been good for years. Quite clearly the best team right now.
2019-05-08 13:36
He's talking about ajax
2019-05-08 13:39
Oh yes my bad. Just gonna get my jacket and gtfo...
2019-05-08 13:41
i just hope ten hag replace valverde his coaching style fits barca better than this coward valverde.
2019-05-08 09:14
I don't think Ajax is willing to let ten Hag go after what he has done for them this season.
2019-05-08 09:18
RpK | 
Europe SadPuppet 
2019-05-08 09:19
Lithuania disesion 
2019-05-08 13:00
Slovakia D1viceSVK 
I think AJAX 2 1 Liverpool... It will be good final :)
2019-05-08 09:30
de Ligt vs van Dijk
2019-05-08 10:22
curry | 
India Gamerz2 
i want liverpool to lose so bad so VVD shut the fuck up
2019-05-08 13:33
hahahahahahahahahaha wtf, calm down dude
2019-05-08 14:51
curry | 
India Gamerz2 
sorry he's just annoying
2019-05-08 14:58
Estonia teremartin 
no kane no party yes son yes winner :) ez for spurs today
2019-05-08 10:58
I actually think spurs look better on the pitch without Kane. However Kane is an absoloutley insane striker.
2019-05-08 12:04
ez 4 Son and ez for liverpool
2019-05-08 11:03
smh people talking like liverpool- ajax gonna be the final. first ajax gotta win tonight
2019-05-08 11:32
klopp lost his last 6 cup finals so its time for the 7th
2019-05-08 11:35
+1 liverpool are the liquid of football.
2019-05-08 12:09
i think it depends on sunday, if they are somehow winning the pl over city then they will probably win the cl
2019-05-08 12:14
Well i mean if Liverpool draw and City loses then City win on goal difference. But if it is any other scenario then figure it out for yourself. I sure hope Liverpool win over City. It will prove that money doesnt buy CL and PL titles.
2019-05-08 12:19
Points City: 95 LP: 94
2019-05-08 12:19
but i highly doubt that city will lose points in brighton
2019-05-08 12:25
+1 This is looking like a city pl title
2019-05-08 12:35
curry | 
India Gamerz2 
Well it's not like Liverpool haven't spent
2019-05-08 13:34
Tottenham is going to kill Ajax tonight.
2019-05-08 11:44
Uhm no
2019-05-08 11:45
2019-05-08 11:58
2019-05-08 23:52
probably yes
2019-05-08 14:13
2019-05-08 23:53
I mean.. pretty accurate right?
2019-05-09 00:00
time gave you reason ...who is going to win the final and the score pls
2019-05-09 00:19
agree, ajax will make history!
2019-05-08 11:45
football is scripted anyway, both UK teams will end up in final and then they will push further brexit agenda because no one will care if an English team win the champions league. call me crazy, but the sport is still used the same way gladiators fights were used in Colloseum to distract and entertain the slaves / citizens so politicians can do wtf they want.
2019-05-08 11:48
fake flagger you are alex jones
2019-05-08 12:04 Great article with a funny and interesting interview with poch
2019-05-08 12:08
poizon | 
Czech Republic Rehama 
I prefer Apex Legends
2019-05-08 12:20
I like underdog stories, so yeah, also cheering for Ajax
2019-05-08 12:55
they'll lose today in 1-2
2019-05-08 13:04
Netherlands XboX_K1nect 
2019-05-08 13:11
hey buddy :D
2019-05-08 23:10
you said 1;2 and it ended 2:3 so it means that youre braindead
2019-05-08 23:37
Ajax winning would be mad
2019-05-08 13:30
Romania Infumee1 
Liverpool win 3 4 -0 against any of them
2019-05-08 14:17
China Yao_Ming 
ajax is like ence tier 3 team no chance in finals
2019-05-08 20:03
2019-05-08 23:03
2019-05-08 23:03
Lol Spurs won
2019-05-08 23:39
This aged well
2019-05-08 23:40
Thats why korea has no soccer.
2019-05-08 23:41
France ripmypickems 
has no what ?
2019-05-09 00:08
2019-05-09 00:11
France ripmypickems 
oh ok))
2019-05-09 00:11
you like?
2019-05-09 00:12
France ripmypickems 
no men i don't like penis wtf men((
2019-05-09 00:14
Do you suck your father penis?
2019-05-09 00:15
France ripmypickems 
no men wtf men((
2019-05-09 00:18
Do you suck your mothers penis?
2019-05-09 00:25
Romania SkipG 
2019-05-08 23:59
2019-05-09 00:03
2019-05-09 00:04
Spain loviac 
2019-05-09 00:20
Laos EssenEsser 
2019-05-09 00:22
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