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"Veeti skypeen" is a Finnish tactic in which a guy called Veeti is being asked to join a skype conversation. The problem is no one knows where Veeti is. Also no one actually knows who Veeti is and what conversation he is supposed to join, but it's still going to be ez4ence
2019-05-11 20:08
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Finland Karppanator 
Aleksib is girl-game genius. He is most know of his signature tactic "going Frankie, but then going GF". He also has the second little known tactic of " going GF, but then going going GF from behind. What a absolute legend. Top 3 Alfa 4 sure.
2019-05-11 20:08
2019-05-11 20:09
+100 Putted upperbelt
2019-05-11 20:20
Ethiopia cs omegalul
2019-05-11 20:10
wtf apologize immediately 😡😡
2019-05-11 20:12
no u😡😡
2019-05-11 20:13
no 😎😎
2019-05-11 20:18
Don't hating zahid
2019-05-11 20:20
I’m a 13 year old atheist and it’s funny seeing the ‘minds’ in twitch chat entertained by a children’s videogame lmao. Whenever you idiots “ Pog-Champ” or “ Omega-Lul”, I am studying the works of Plato, Sun Tzu, Richard and Mortimer etc. and expanding my knowledge. Guess who will have the better job in 10 years?
2019-05-11 20:17
Finland Karppanator 
fuk u Tanner
2019-05-11 20:18
So you're going by "Karppanator" now nerd? Haha whats up douche bag, it's Tanner from Highschool. Remember me? Me and the guys used to give you a hard time in school. Sorry you were just an easy target lol. I can see not much has changed. Remember Sarah the girl you had a crush on? Yeah we're married now. I make over 200k a year and drive a mustang GT. I guess some things never change huh loser? Nice catching up lol. Pathetic..
2019-05-11 20:20
do you have internet there in general?
2019-05-11 20:22
ofc we do men. How else would I be able to pursue my career as a tier 1 hltv user and professional woman respecter?????
2019-05-11 20:23
when where you when ENCE kill Astralis nuke streak?\ i was sat home watch Sergej headshots when Allu ring: "nuke streak is kill" "yes"
2019-05-11 21:11
2019-05-11 22:28
06:00SuperOVD vs Cataclysm
19:00RED Canids vs Isurus
RED Canids
14:00Natus Vincere vs Heroic
Natus Vincere
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