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Maka | 
Russia YIKES! 
You guys whined for months that cs was boring blah blah blah uncompetitive blah blah blah ... Now you got what you wanted but you still find something to whine about.
2019-05-11 23:50
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Other wtf_men 
axaxaxaxaxaxa Astralis era fluke era
2019-05-11 23:51
Ukraine Pham_ 
i like red wine
2019-05-11 23:52
North America noahB_ 
No one is whining, we're all laughing. +1 if you are laughing at Blaststralis
2019-05-11 23:52
Astralis is bad /closed
2019-05-11 23:52
fans of pro CS act as if they hate pro CS. They're always talking about how shit it is, how shit all the teams are, and how annoying whatever the current best team is. Still though, I think it's the silent majority that just enjoy quietly watching each game and seeing the scene grow
2019-05-11 23:53
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