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what does fiber change? (instead ADSL)
France GodLimit 
i have the yechnician who come today to install fiber, i'll go from 15 mb to 400, but i wonder what will change faster download, lower ping in games, what are the other benefits ?
2019-05-15 13:27
technician* not yechnician
2019-05-15 13:27
Jordan xrealx369 
you listed them all
2019-05-15 13:28
dammit, i thought there would be other cool things :(
2019-05-15 13:29
like what? becoming a god among men?
2019-05-16 02:30
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
+ fast upload
2019-05-15 13:54
if your modem is not fiber-ready then your house will explode.
2019-05-15 13:28
thats why the technician come...
2019-05-15 13:29
he'll probably blow up your house dude. good luck on the grimy streets of Paris.
2019-05-15 13:31
good shit im not living in paris :D
2019-05-15 13:31
Turkey blessdMMA 
2019-05-16 10:22
found another one, i can stream now Pog
2019-05-15 13:32
Nice dude, congratulations. watch out for toxic twitch chat tho
2019-05-15 13:41
Sweden hoey 
thats the best part tho
2019-05-15 13:43
xDDDDD if it's ur own channel it can get frustrating. believe me, im a tier 1 twitch streamer with over 80k viewers on average.
2019-05-15 13:44
i'm more scared of not being entertaining than toxic chat xD
2019-05-15 13:45
80k viewers average (x) doubt
2019-05-15 16:21
You thought i was being serious?? AAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
2019-05-15 16:42
No lol because there are no successful people on hltv yk
2019-05-15 16:45
No, we are just all DJ's :()
2019-05-15 19:37
nt fakeflagger
2019-05-15 17:45
holy shit you fell for the most obvious bait
2019-05-15 17:53
Laos EnzoCnS 
I have fiber since Monday and the first things I saw was how faste internet was like download
2019-05-15 13:46
not sure i understood what you said
2019-05-15 16:13
Sweden BaitsByDre 
I think he means its so fast you can see it flowing through the cable
2019-05-15 19:16
Canada ActioN_ 
2019-05-15 19:18
Laos EnzoCnS 
En gros c'est ouf ptdr
2019-05-15 22:15
Canada ActioN_ 
Big xD
2019-05-15 19:18
For you the consumer, those you mentioned are the only real benefits. even that is only going to depend on what plan you subscribe to. Fiber has a lot more capacity for speed and is arguably more stable. This does not mean you will have a 100% uptime however, as we are only talking about the cable itself here which usually doesn't have problems anyways. When you order this you should get a new router which might be better than the one you had before. So the there is a huge potential for speeds(depending on subscription plan) at least if you use provided router as bridge to better router if needed.
2019-05-15 13:48
Also the latency through these cables are basically non-existent.
2019-05-15 13:55
Russia seized_goat 
You had 15 mbps? Feelsbadman, even in 2nd world country (Russia) I have 1000 mbps
2019-05-15 13:57
15mb down, 1 upload :/
2019-05-15 16:13
Portugal NabasKi 
i've got 1.7mb down, don't worry
2019-05-15 16:47
Thanks for relieving me of my worries.
2019-05-16 10:14
France RAX_ 
you get 1000 millibits? wow that sucks
2019-05-15 16:16
2019-05-15 17:51
France RAX_ 
whats edgy in what i said? Not my fault if no one knows how to give their internet speed correctly, this guy might be comparing his 1000 Mb/s internet to the other guy's 15MB/s (or the other way around), but no one knows.
2019-05-15 19:25
seems like u know what he meant, yet being edgy instead of correcting him
2019-05-15 19:28
France RAX_ 
Well he litteraly wrote he had 1000 millibits/s, unless its true (which it isn't), how am i supposed to guess what he actually has.
2019-05-15 19:31
"unless its true (WHICH IT ISN'T), how am i supposed to guess what he actually has." read it agane
2019-05-15 19:35
France RAX_ 
2019-05-15 20:01
Russia seized_goat 
Certainly I have 1000 megabits pers second mens)))
2019-05-15 20:41
France RAX_ 
Thank you men, that's insane speed.
2019-05-15 20:45
Russia seized_goat 
Not really, in Shanghai you can get >1500 mbps
2019-05-15 20:49
France RAX_ 
yeah but its probably the best you can get in russia or close to it at least, but yeah i know there is better
2019-05-15 20:56
Russia seized_goat 
2019-05-15 21:21
Russia seized_goat 
Dat rating is based on avg speed, in Russia it’s bad cuz there’s some cities like Surgut with 0,01 mbps internet lul
2019-05-15 18:53
Czech Republic VeryCzechGuy 
2019-05-15 19:17
Israel soprendo 
Dayum we're gucci!
2019-05-15 22:35
Czech Republic VeryCzechGuy 
ha we are guccier than you
2019-05-16 01:34
Israel soprendo 
Not in peak connection speed
2019-05-16 10:04
Czech Republic VeryCzechGuy 
what do you mean ?
2019-05-16 13:04
Israel soprendo 
1 Singapore 184.6 2 Macau 132.0 3 Mongolia 131.1 4 Hong Kong 129.5 5 South Korea 121 6 Jersey 108.4 7 Qatar 107.9 8 Thailand 106.6 9 Israel 99.1 10 Sweden 95.3
2019-05-16 14:49
Czech Republic VeryCzechGuy 
wow such a trustworthy list i can make my own look.... 1) North Korea 999999999999999,69 2) USA 0.24 in another words link please
2019-05-16 15:30
Israel soprendo 
Wtf dude? I literally took the numbers from the wikipedia page!
2019-05-16 18:04
Panama xemzex 
I've never seen someone with that kind of speed wtf men))
2019-05-16 02:29
Portugal R0cketOG 
Your ping depends mainly on routing. If you are keeping the same internet service provider while upgrading the service only don't expect much difference In that regard. Download/upload speed and bandwith will significantly increase tho
2019-05-15 16:51
kennyS | 
France PaulST 
Ca change la vie, tu verras tout aller 100x plus rapidement, même par rapport à la 4G quand t'envoies, un snap ou quoi.. Tu peux écouter ta musique, avoir ton frere sur netflix, etre sur discord et jouer en meme temps sans que personne lag, t'as constamment 5-15ms sur les serveurs Européens. Quand t'es sur netflix y'a aucun temps d'attente, ton film est chargé en 1080p60 dès que tu cliques.
2019-05-15 19:21
aprés ta des fdp comme moi qui ont 2mbps et qui bande rien qu'en lisant ton commentaire mdrr
2019-05-15 21:22
kennyS | 
France PaulST 
Ahhh gros jte comprends.. J'avais 500ko au maximum y'a 4 mois.. Mtn 600mo/s Tiens bon un jour ca viendra
2019-05-17 21:21
ouais challah c'est un truc financé par l'etat qui déploie la fibre, mais ces fdp ont pris vla le retard pour l'instant xd dans un an je l'auras de ce que j'ai compris^^ bon aprés j'ai un très bon ping chez orange (j'ai 15 de ping sur les servs fr donc c'est cool)
2019-05-17 21:31
kennyS | 
France PaulST 
Ca va alors trql, sinon au pire tu passes en 4G si ca marche vraiment pas
2019-05-18 12:17
J’habite au fond d’une vallée mdrr j’ai pas de 4g c’est la baise totale
2019-05-19 00:49
Pakistan ItsfuckingRAW 
You still know more about fiber than the liberal Australian government LUL
2019-05-15 19:24
India otgps 
Average below 30 year aged man with knowledge of computers, online games and esports knows more about the fiber than 60 yo oldheads who fuck secretaries, smoke and drink all day Wow. Mind blown
2019-05-15 19:41
Pakistan ItsfuckingRAW 
2019-05-15 19:45
idk but i need fiber to make my shit not hurty
2019-05-15 19:43
Pakistan ItsfuckingRAW 
yes I love wiping my ass with fiber optic cables too
2019-05-15 19:44
Pakistan ItsfuckingRAW 
keylogger lost my pet goat
2019-05-15 19:47
2019-05-15 19:52
2019-05-15 20:01
Ping won't change, it could even turn out worse.
2019-05-15 20:02
France 0racle 
doesnt seem plausible
2019-05-15 20:03
2019-05-15 20:03
Portugal S!im* 
+1 My friends live close to me (10-15kms away) with fiber and got shit pings and I'm here with good pings using adsl.
2019-05-16 10:23
France 0racle 
Basically makes you leave the stone age Fiber should be a basic human right
2019-05-15 20:04
As a direct pipe to the local brewery.
2019-05-15 20:59
France 0racle 
And government mandated gf
2019-05-15 21:54
I've heard those come with fiber already.
2019-05-15 22:32
France 0racle 
Helps them shit on my face
2019-05-16 02:19
Not much of an issue, however if you download from somewhere that has enough bandwidth you can find the download speed to be faster than your storage. Like say you use bittortent to download a big update if that then arrives as many fragments it can overload a storage making the download speed drop suddenly due to cache overrun. If that happens either download to a faster drive or throttle the download speed to what is sustainable for optimum download speed.
2019-05-15 20:58
Pretty sure fiber helps u poop
2019-05-15 22:34
Israel soprendo 
Can confirm
2019-05-15 22:39
For starters, the internet is not a big truck. Its not something you just dump something on.
2019-05-16 02:40
2019-05-16 11:10
I feel sorry for anyone with xdsl
2019-05-16 10:11
you get the same upload speed as download as well, fiber is symmetrical.
2019-05-16 10:15
Not neccessarily, it varies from isp to isp depending on what exact ftth/pon technology they use Edit, ofc the speed is the same in both directions but most isps wont offer eg 1gb upload speed due to their network hazards
2019-05-16 11:28
Portugal S!im* 
"lower ping in games" Ya sure, thats why I got better ping than my friends who live close to me with adsl xD.
2019-05-16 10:21
SS | 
Germany Ducarius 
Yeah Ping is dependent on routing to server but in most cases you get better ping with fiber cuz rooting improves
2019-05-17 21:59
Finland User344 
thought this was fiber for your body wtf
2019-05-16 18:05
2019-05-17 21:55
SS | 
Germany Ducarius 
If you download your next 50gb game in 10 mins youll get instant erection
2019-05-17 21:57
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