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Oneplus 7P
China FazeIsNoob 
I’m thinking about buying this one for my mom, he’s using a Galaxy S7. Opinion? Or is there any option with a budget of under 800$?
2019-05-16 02:41
what kind of tech mom do you have lmao
2019-05-16 02:42
My mom doesn’t care about tech, but I buy phones for her since I start making money. Also before S7, she used a Oneplus 1 before.
2019-05-16 02:45
Probably not a tech mom, but he wants a good phone for his mother.
2019-05-16 02:55
is your mom a man
2019-05-16 02:46
2019-05-16 03:29
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
no he is a mens)))
2019-05-16 03:35
i guess she dont care about 90hz display and other stuff and this weird selfy camera is suck buy one plus 7 not pro
2019-05-16 02:46
dont buy oneplus at all this year. they are in the middle of nowhere. If I want a flagship killer I can get Mi 9 for 450€ If I want a flagship I can get Samsung S10 which is way more well rounded for 700€
2019-05-16 02:58
mi 9 suck dude no water protection camera suck mic suck shit mi OS
2019-05-16 03:04
mi 9 camera is bad but so is OnePlus camera. You can download google software camera for both of them and they make really good pictures op 7 isnt water protected (or atleast IP rated) aswell mic doesnt suck comes down to personal preference but I agree that Oxygen OS is the best software after samsungs new One UI
2019-05-16 03:10
dude, mi9 has awful mic if u recording video, i seen alot rewievs on youtube and everyone says this. Mi9 good choice only if u need cheap phone with best gaming performance rest suck.
2019-05-16 03:12
I haven’t used neither, but I like the look of oxygen more than one ui, idk why. But I’m only judging from reviews and articles. Oneplus 7 camera looks actually good. Some images beat s10 and even p30 pro.
2019-05-16 03:15
oxygen os is fastest android software because it is closer to stock android. But One UI is well overthought and has a lot of features that make the user experience more enjoyable for me extra comfort from samsung software is worth a bit slower performance than OnePlus software
2019-05-16 03:21
Can’t really tell, haven’t used any of them. Currently on iPhone SE. I wish I had €€ to upgrade
2019-05-16 03:28
Samsung S10 > 1+ 7 Pro display is just as good, your mom doesnt need extra speed from Oxygen OS on a smartphone and every other feature is better aswell on S10 also OnePlus 7Pro is a giant phone and I cant imagine your mother being able to use it comfortably edit: nvm title said 800 dollar not euro
2019-05-16 02:51
Albania fazeBOIS 
2019-05-16 02:51
If she does not care about the tech stuff, I would recommend Oneplus 6T. Very good "budget" option. Ofc 7 is much better, but its mostly only tech stuff. Idk if she cares about photos and camera. If she does, Huawei P20 Pro is also a good choice. I would probably not go to IOS unless she wants a very out of the box smooth UI experience
2019-05-16 03:00
buying OP 6t right now is braindead. OP 7 is exactly the same with some fine tuning and better camera for same price
2019-05-16 03:03
Idk about your country, but in Slovakia op 6T costs around 500€ and op 7 will cost around 800€. Ik it’s better in all ways, but if his mom doesn’t need it, he could save 200-300€
2019-05-16 03:09
OP 6T (8GB+128GB)=560€ OP 7 (8GB+256GB)=610€ I think you confuse OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro (will be 750€)
2019-05-16 03:14
Yea, I meant pro. Misunderstanding, but you are right 7 is a better choice
2019-05-16 03:16
what do you mean op 6t 560€ i bought it like half a year ago at 500€
2019-05-16 03:19
I just quickly checked amazon prices of both for comparison. I am sure if you are hunting for good deals you can save like 70€
2019-05-16 03:23
get an iphone shell like that more
2019-05-16 03:32
jOELZ | 
Andorra Kuulers 
You can find xr for this price
2019-05-16 03:41
op 7p >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> xr
2019-05-16 03:42
If Buying a new phone , buy according to requirements Simply wasting money on phones is what idiots do
2019-05-16 03:42
2019-05-16 03:42
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