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Last comment seems somewhat legit. thoughts?
2019-05-16 04:05
China lxxl Looks like k0nfig to me
2019-05-16 04:06
he should be already banned
2019-05-16 04:09
More fuel too the flame.
2019-05-16 04:10
North America alej250 
2019-05-16 04:11
United States gtmaniacmda 
leave it to a d0cc fan to do this to k0nfig is this information that really needed leaked? do you really see k0nfig in a different light now? no, but now valve is going to ban him. victory, yaaaay.
2019-05-16 04:18
Wait, you’re mad because someone exposed konfig of cheating? Maybe add a valid argument instead of just saying this. Oh wait... you have no argument
2019-05-16 04:22
United States gtmaniacmda 
Yes, I'm angry, I don't need an argument. There isn't an argument to be had. If he cheated or not isn't up to some grand debate, he either did it or he didn't, and it is up to Valve to sort through the info and decide whether this is him or not, not us. I'm just saying, the guy obviously isn't cheating now (I hope not with some of the stats he has been putting up), and the whole of his already fledgling career is going to come to a screeching halt, and for what? What did the CS:GO community gain through this information? Is having k0nfig banned going to make the professional scene a better place? It's stupid.
2019-05-16 04:26
I mean... if he cheated a long time ago (which I'd assume is the case because he doesn't cheat now) then what's the point in getting him banned from valve tournaments? All that does is ruin someone who could have and should have had a legit career for no personal gain other than a bit of reddit clout. its very much like a vsm situation
2019-05-16 04:40
You got a real problem in your mind.. may you check.
2019-05-16 04:29
United States gtmaniacmda 
Yeah, I just checked, my mind responded with "HardShot's English is bad."
2019-05-16 04:30
Fun of other's english, you must not.
2019-05-16 04:33
His punishment: playing on optic :)
2019-05-16 04:19
You mean prob gonna get fired in a month or 2, since optic is about to go too shit.
2019-05-16 04:36
accounts deleted lul suspect
2019-05-16 04:29
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