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MIBR thinks they can play nuke
s1mple | 
Korea karmaYB 
I mean I'm a fan of MIBR but they should just auto ban nuke every match, I mean even though they won against fnatic on it 16-4 but it was just a fluke, they still cant play nuke. They still need many hours of practice to master that map. Their CT side is decent, as any pro teams would do but their T side really hurts my eye, they just go and die like a retard 1 by 1, they really lack the practice and they should get used to that map even more on their practices or scrims.
2019-05-16 06:18
Sweden 1stWorldMuslim 
mibr can play it, they just can't win
2019-05-16 06:28
2019-05-16 06:59
Slovakia MirkeeS 
2019-05-16 07:19
Man, they play nuke because they dont play vertigo. So they have two options: a map you NEVER played or a map you "kinda" plays. They wouldn't play nuke if they could choose.
2019-05-16 06:30
Finland Fliida 
Well, they knew Vertigo was coming, so they've had plenty of time to prepare Nuke. Not really an excuse.
2019-05-16 06:35
Well, yes, they knew, but they did not played. But what I said before about the two options is still a absolutely acceptable excuse. We can discuss if it is a smart decision (I pernosally dont think so), but clearly it is a reasonable excuse.
2019-05-16 06:42
Brazil RIP_McSkrrrrrt 
Anyone can play nuke, just uncheck all the other maps and wait.
2019-05-16 07:02
United States k3ar 
They had a close game against Liquid on it.
2019-05-16 07:02
chrisJ | 
Brazil Kattulel 
mibr 400iq training nuke on tournaments
2019-05-16 07:05
Israel QtaP 
. compLexity removed Vertigo 2. MIBR removed Nuke he remove nuke suka.
2019-05-16 07:06
rain | 
Finland FocusMen 
Same with FaZe
2019-05-16 07:15
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