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wow classic?
Austria Angelo_Merte 
wtf is the point in making the same exact game that u had 10 years ago?
2019-05-16 09:54
You know nothing
2019-05-16 09:54
Germany mrrwombat 
2019-05-16 09:54
maxe | 
Germany TiLt1337 
2019-05-16 10:49
Europe _EpiC_ 
you guys have mobile phones right?
2019-05-16 10:53
Yes, 3310. Using it as a brick to build my house.
2019-05-16 11:17
nice men 😎
2019-05-17 15:11
do you guys NOT have phones?!!?????
2019-05-16 13:45
no, I have iPhone 😎
2019-05-17 15:12
2019-05-17 15:13
i see what you did there. But NO to diablo mobile, thx
2019-05-17 15:47
Sweden NexuseryMs 
2019-05-17 14:52
2019-05-17 15:07
money money money.
2019-05-16 09:56
2019-05-16 10:03
they dont make much extra money
2019-05-16 10:50
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
they use it to get more wow subs. You can play it for free but only with an active wow sub.
2019-05-16 12:50
no but old players will come back to play classic while the normies stick with battle of azeroth or wtf its called.
2019-05-16 13:44
cashing in on nostalgia, high profits, low costs.
2019-05-16 09:58
lol the people who are forced on private servers to play the game they want don't love it because of "nostalgia"
2019-05-17 11:18
why not? wow game play is super repetitive. i cant imagine anyone actually likes that. people just liked playing it with their friends when they were kids.
2019-05-17 12:27
Lmao you've clearly never played OSRS
2019-05-17 14:55
no one called it that when i played so technically correct.
2019-05-17 14:57
runescape has like 50 different skills that you can do, it had some variation. wow is just 1 skill, keep pressing left mouse button and spam abilities on cooldown until enemy hp bar is empty. all quests are just go here to farm X amount of Y item and return to quest giver. runescape quests were much more fun than wow quests. in runescape if you wanted to get rich you had to be smart about it. farming yew logs is only gonna get you so far. wow is the most boring shitty mmo ever made and thats why its succesful, any retard can pick it up and become good at it by grinding 10K hours. no skill or brain required.
2019-05-17 14:59
No brain or skill required for OSRS apart from some high level bossing
2019-05-17 15:01
before the grand exchange you actually needed a brain and social skills to make money. unless youre content buying and selling full armor sets with 20K margin all day.
2019-05-17 15:04
f0rest | 
United Kingdom Areashi 
and that's what the new wow is lacking; a requirement for social skills.
2019-05-17 15:05
actually back then it required more social skills to get into a guild and do 40 man raids than current matchmaking "click here to get retards in your team" button system but the gameplay of wow has always been the most repetitive trash on the market and that will never change
2019-05-17 15:05
f0rest | 
United Kingdom Areashi 
I meant new wow.
2019-05-17 15:06
ah yeah friends of mine have this opinion as well but imo it was always a shit game
2019-05-17 15:06
f0rest | 
United Kingdom Areashi 
Well it definitely wasn't a shit game considering the success it had.
2019-05-17 15:06
thats like saying your mm teammates werent shit because you won the game, or that pop music isnt shit because people buy it. success does not equal quality.
2019-05-17 15:09
What you just described is having an opinion on a piece of "art".
2019-05-17 15:12
yes and in my opinion wow is a repetitive soulless grindfest designed by greedy executives to drag maximum profits out of the pockets of players and keep them addicted to a non fun shit game the same way facebook works. people stick around longer if you annoy them than when you give them satisfaction.
2019-05-17 15:13
That's cool. I agree, but it's not a fact but an opinion. I'm quite opposed to facebook myself, I instead find certain books incredible, while I find others complete trashy money-grabs. That opinion is commonly echoed by most people I've talked to about them on an individual basis, however those books I consider bad still rank among reviewers highly, while a book recommended by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates is rated at 3.0/5 likely because not enough people who read it understand it.
2019-05-17 15:17
Also saying a game is shit is easy. I can say the same thing because I barely played it, I played the Chinese game Perfect World for years and years which literally came 1 year after it and released around 2008 for EU/NA. A lot of people will say that's shit while I disagree. Liking/hating a game is mainly personal preference.
2019-05-17 15:09
never heard of this game
2019-05-17 15:10
Then you can google it if you wish to. Nowadays it's mainly on life support in China/Russia. EU/NA players are rare.
2019-05-17 15:11
you are comparing current day "fake old school runescape" while im talking about the actual game ppl played as it was like 15 years ago
2019-05-17 15:04
I have played RuneScape since 2006
2019-05-17 15:06
which is like 2 years after the game died
2019-05-17 15:06
Lol 0IQ
2019-05-17 15:07
everyone in my country stopped playing it in 2004 when i was 11 years old and in 8th grade of primary school. if you were still playing it in 2006 in my town, you wouldve been bullied a lot.
2019-05-17 15:08
OSRS is popular today, it would be like 7th on steam charts if it was on there
2019-05-17 15:09
its not the same as actual old runescape though. its new gameplay with old graphics
2019-05-17 15:10
It's 2007 Scape with content updates, nothing else is different
2019-05-17 15:23
exactly, content updates
2019-05-17 15:28
thats like saying its vanilla wow with the TBC, WOTLK, etc, content updates. then its not the same game as it was. they added shit. when they released OSRS i looked at some screenshots and its clearly not the same game as it was in 2004
2019-05-17 15:30
No because it was from a file from 2007. That when it is from
2019-05-17 15:35
its not the same game i played as a kid. for reference here is what the game and UI looked like and which skills there were in 04: 2007+ graphics are shit. just the changes to graphics without adding GE or removing wildy wouldve still killed the game. it took all the soul out of the game. fucked up animations, fucked up sounds.
2019-05-17 15:44
Have you ever seen OSRS, it's basically the same thing as 2004
2019-05-17 15:45
i just showed you its not the same as 2004
2019-05-17 15:45
compare the screens from that vid to screens of OSRS
2019-05-17 15:45
Yes it's barely different, and you get that UI by using Runelite.
2019-05-17 15:49
it looks way different, complete UI overhaul, better textures on most items than 15 years ago. more polygons. it used to be much uglier.
2019-05-17 15:51 here this actually looks as ugly as i remember the game. attack sounds are correct as well.
2019-05-17 15:58
Bro I know what it looks like
2019-05-17 16:00
and its not the same os OSRS
2019-05-17 16:08
i remember always going to the tunnel west of varrock to farm big bones from the giants to level prayer. trying to steal the first hits. talking to people. was always so much fun. after the graphics update, and with the GE, it wasnt any fun any more. shit audio, shit animations. and you could just buy the bones with 1 click instead of farming for hours or looking for someone who was actually selling 10K big bones in 100 different worlds.
2019-05-17 15:46
we have much better game design now than 20 years ago. its sad that so many people apparently cant find a better game than a reworked version of a 20 year old game. then again, sc1 was a better game than sc2 and 1.6 > GO.
2019-05-17 15:15
Also should've mentioned how shit Quake Champions was compared to Q3.
2019-05-17 15:19
yeah that too and ut99 > ut4
2019-05-17 15:23
well UT4 was still good. But the shit id did to Quake Champions was awful.
2019-05-17 21:37
that's pretty rude to assume if you ask me. maybe people prefer how the game was back then? whether it's azeroth as it used to be, how each classes mechanics worked back then, the fact servers feel like a community, it's a totally different game.
2019-05-18 02:17
try going back to any other 10 year old game and youre going to find a lot of them are pretty repetitive. peoples standards change a lot in 10 years. in 2007, elder scrolls oblivion, mass effect, assassins creed, were big names. if you go back to play them now its a bit of a snoozefest.
2019-05-18 08:47
People who ask these questions are people who have never experienced the game. It's the same as hating on marijuana if you've never smoked it.
2019-05-16 09:59
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
2019-05-16 10:03
suNny | 
Germany beerbear 
+1 but i don't like ganja. beer is love, beer is life <3
2019-05-16 10:55
6 pack? what that, blokes trying to make a keg lol
2019-05-16 12:18
suNny | 
Germany beerbear 
aussies are weird though
2019-05-16 12:35
Mongolia bozgor 
perfect anaology, because the le420blazeit subhumans are about as annoying as these mmofans
2019-05-16 12:33
the first one was the best. PvP vanilla was THE best hands down.
2019-05-16 12:39
15* Because they were stubborn ass cunts when they said they'd never implement old servers. But seeing how the community was bleeding out so bad they stopped publicly showing their amount of subscribers they figured it might be a good idea to give gamers what they like, since most of them prefered crappy Russian private servers over the real thing. I also don't understand how anyone with any sense of dignity would pay monthly taxes over a goddamn videogame. I for one embrace crappy Russian servers gladly.
2019-05-16 10:00
cuz you pay for a fucking constant flow of content ????? if you cannot afford 13€ a month for a damn hobby you should probably ask your parents for some cash what the fuck are 13€ anyway ????
2019-05-16 10:51
It's not about the amount, it's about the principle. Back in 2004 it might have made some sense, but nowadays they could easily program a bunch of bots to do this shit. I like how there's always people heavily into rimming like you, 'cus you just can't get your tongue deep enough inside Blizzard's asshole or you wouldn't have been so defensive and mean about it.
2019-05-16 10:54
Coz they made game that you actually needed to put your time in and work hard to learn game, progression was hard you needed dedicated players with knowledge of game to be able to do simple raid, pvp was way more skilled. After TBC blizzard made wow for ppl who were whining how they never saw end game content before and was mad coz bad. So game is now completely like that easy and for kinds you can put heroic on top of heroic and still its easy as hell compared to 40man raid or black tample ssc tk etc.
2019-05-17 11:40
Why are you telling me this, I already knew all of that and I agree that WoW got shit after TBC. I myself don't really play this game for PVP or endgame content, I just play different classes for the sake of questing to max level and tell myself I beat the game. I'm just arguing how I'd rather play on private servers because I disagree with paying taxes over a videogame. Sure it's much emptier and some of the quests don't even work, but considering it's pretty much an online singleplayer experience for me anyway, I don't mind. I did play retail TBC back in the day on a friend's account though. For some reason I didn't find the charm in this game with my first character for 20+ levels, then came back a month later, made a new char and instantly understood the magic of it all. I've also played Legion on private servers and it's a mixed bag for me, I like how mounts can be acquired much earlier and how flying is implemented, but you gain wayyy too much XP for my taste. In TBC you had to stick to an area for a few days before your char grew enough to explore to the next area, now you can pretty much grind one area after another in a matter of hours, it takes away a large sense of achievement and I don't like that.
2019-05-17 11:49
Vanilla raids were a joke. People were uninformed, had next to no experience with MMORPGs (except for the ones coming from Everquest etc.), there were no guides, no addons, nothing. But just because the playerbase was stupid and the tools weren't there yet to help out, doesn't mean the fights are still hard. Yes back then people felt like it was hard. But nowadays? It's easy as shit and the only reason people aren't going to finish literally all content in Classic WoW within 2 months, is because Blizzard knows Classic doesn't have a ton of content and announced huge time-gated shittery to it. Only to artificially keep it alive for longer.
2019-05-17 14:41
they are desperate, players are leaving daily and they have no concepts left for the future.
2019-05-16 10:01
Australia Lolfeminists 
WoW Classic is the true meaning of how an MMO should feel.
2019-05-16 10:02
God | 
Poland henlo 
people are going to be so disappointed when it comes out
2019-05-16 10:04
Other wtf_men 
not really
2019-05-16 11:22
Finland Kurko_Of_HLTV 
>wtf is the point in making the same exact game that u had 10 years ago? >Old School Runescape
2019-05-16 10:44
+1 billion
2019-05-16 12:28
Russia parovozik 
because classic wow is the best expansion everything after TBC is just trash
2019-05-16 10:47
Germany Vini_1337 
2019-05-16 10:56
Russia parovozik 
2019-05-16 10:56
mop was the best expansion, vanilla was pure trash =)
2019-05-16 11:25
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Found the flosser.
2019-05-16 11:29
found the boomer
2019-05-16 11:33
Russia parovozik 
i dont argue with retards
2019-05-16 11:35
good for you
2019-05-16 11:41
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
only someone who never played vanilla, tbc, wotlk would say mop was the best expansion. GTFO
2019-05-16 12:26
played since vanilla, mop was the greatest expansion. would even take wod and legion over vanilla.
2019-05-16 12:33
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
you have to be a PvP-only player right? otherwise u have to be trolling.
2019-05-16 12:45
nah pve only, used to pvp a bit in mop.
2019-05-16 12:46
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
WoD....fucking WOD??? over vanilla? xD most ridiculous thing ive read in a while. wont answer anymore because this is just beyond retarded
2019-05-16 12:49
why's that? vanilla raids and classdesign were dogshit and wod had great classdesign and raids. don't really care about anything else, expansion was dogshit yes but cba vanilla
2019-05-16 12:51
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
i agree vanilla is a bit overrated, i liked TBC and WOTLK more... but MOP (besides pvp), Legion, WOD and BFA are just utter garbage games... MOP over TBC? how could anyone who seriously played TBC say something like this? makes 0 sense
2019-05-16 12:56
i see you never raided in any of those expansions
2019-05-16 12:59
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
i have lmao.. i see u never have played tbc and wotlk... fucking everybody on this entire planet agrees with me, and thats for a reason. besides that class design and raids are not everything that matters to me.
2019-05-16 13:02
i can agree with you but remember that its his opinion after all but seems kinda crazy tho
2019-05-16 13:04
MoP's raids > any raids in the game, except for Legion maybe. As for the rest of the content, yeah MoP wasn't the best. Definitely the best for Raiding AND PvP though.
2019-05-16 13:06
"everybody agrees with me" sure buddy, that's why my entire guild is united in that mop was the greatest expansion, like every person i've heard talk about it in top guilds say they liked mop the best. method player btw
2019-05-16 13:12
I only play wow for the raiding, MoP had the greatest class design and raids, wod and legion had better class design and raids than tbc. Wotlk is debatable, I'd take wotlk all day over wod but legion idk.
2019-05-16 13:13
Wotlk was already dogshit because it introduced all the shit that made the game go south. Ulduar and ICC were good raids though, but after TBC WoW was endgame only which is boring af.
2019-05-16 13:43
Finland xcel 
I agree, i mostly played pvp but always used to raid at least final tier in each expansion. MoP was so much fun and thats the last time i spent alot of time playing wow and didnt get bored. PvP was exciting and explosive with big dmg and most specs being viable. Siege was also a fun raid to progress in and just got HC Garrosh down few weeks before prepatch. Hard to believe even mop was 6 years ago wtf. Start of Legion was promising too but dunno why it kinda fell flat after the exciting start, still great expansions overall. WoD was utter shit tho
2019-05-16 13:07
yeah start of legion was shit, became really good later on and is one of my favorite expansions, great raids, great classdesign, great outdoor content and m+ was fun. yeah wod was shit, only thing it had was good class design and good raids.
2019-05-16 13:17
Finland xcel 
I feel like people base their opinions too much for the memories they had, which ofc is understandable, rather than the actual game play. From todays viewpoint Vanilla was terrible, but everyone has great memories from it. Imo the top3 expansions for me are 1. MoP 2. Wotlk, then bc/cata. After mop i feel like a lot of the fun abilities have been removed and then brought back worse, and every class has to have everything, nothing feels unique.
2019-05-16 13:22
agree 100, coming from someone who played vanilla and has played private vanilla, its not that fun. agree on ur top3 except i'd take legion over bc, cata is not my thing cuz shit raids except firelands :) atleast classes still were fun
2019-05-16 13:28
cata was best
2019-05-17 14:50
WoW in 2019 omegalul
2019-05-16 11:33
Russia mnight 
Actually I would rather play classic than the game in its current state. For me personally, MOP was the final nail - I played it for 2 days and never got back into the game since then. I felt that the game had become way too childish while the initial lore was all about tough war, conflicts, gore. Yeah, nostalgia is a part of the driving force - I will never forget my first login as NE warrior. Anyway, if Blizzard charges only for subscription plans I see myself spending some time there :P Barrens, here I come again :P
2019-05-16 11:34
Finland xcel 
Imma fuck you up in crossroads
2019-05-16 13:08
Russia mnight 
finnish cunts don't have a peepee - keep dreaming
2019-05-16 19:41
love all the wrath babies saying mop was good hahahaha. wrath was the last decent exp for me
2019-05-17 11:20
I didnt play wow but i guess because the classic didnt have any random dumb things in it, was probably more fun grinding, and i guess harder to play. I can relate like that with osrs. Also nostalgia for the good days
2019-05-16 12:24
Classic is easier than any WoW expansion out there. The grind was worse and not as structured. It also has dumb things in it, though to be fair the main WoW games has this as well.
2019-05-16 13:01
the world actually feels like a world. no dead zones with no players. you recognize people on both factions etc. also with no flying mounts everyone is in constant danger
2019-05-17 11:33
Because OSRS is a thing
2019-05-16 12:28
because wow classic es THE MMORPG.
2019-05-16 12:29
Russia leld 
the point is to suck money from oldfags
2019-05-16 12:43
that's basically free money wo investments.
2019-05-17 15:32
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
I hope they will make BC servers as well. Then maybe I would play there. I never understood why they make a new addon when 60% of the gamers never saw the end boss... They destroyed the game so hard. At BC before you can go for the first raid, you need to complete a long quest and without a guild, it was hard at the beginning. You really needed to farm good gear and also to play heroic a respectful reputation. That was the best combo for a great experience at an MMO. But first they downgrade the necessary reputation and then they make it easy for everyone... and I never came more far then Gruul cuz I wasn't a hardcore gamer... After BC WoW starts dying all cuz of make it casual as possible. Nowadays you play heroic without to speak to anyone in your group. So I hope for BC hard mode server in the future.
2019-05-16 12:57
Because of dozens of fans including me who wants to play classic because it was the best expansion.
2019-05-16 13:09
Ukraine ksay 
cus it was a better game back in the day? I only played early BC and a little bit of vanilla on private servers so i can't really compare it to retail wow. but from what i have seen the modern wow can't give u anything besides dumbed down end-game and non-existing sense of community. vanilla and bc on the other hand were great from start to finish. it was really fun just to level up and meet new friends. money and loot had some meaning behind them and u had to grind for them. there was no flying mounts so u actually were forced to meet and fight with other factions from time to time. addons like quest helper etc were non-existent or in the very early phases so knowledge was valuable. it was nice just to explore and help each others with quests. crafting was usefull and demanding. the game was actually fun for both casuals and hardcore players. it felt really well paced unlike modern wow where u rush through the content just to eat shit in the end-game
2019-05-16 13:18
Exactly! Vanilla feels enough oldschool to get me in the azeroth unlike modern wow feels like asian pay2win hack&slash crap mmo.
2019-05-16 14:27
>TBC >No flying lmao, idiot
2019-05-16 14:40
No need to call anyone names. Thank you.
2019-05-17 11:16
2019-05-17 13:43
Ukraine ksay 
calm down smart ass in TBC u can fly only in outland. continents remained the same and u got similar experience to vanilla. flying mounts were shitty anyway. most of the players were stuck with 60% and moved around with regular mounts i was talking about how gameplay was. u don't have to be so mad
2019-05-17 16:13
Well they've alienated like 100% of the people who started before Wrath..
2019-05-16 13:43
yep. they are completely different games in so many ways. but the haters refuse to accept we just like how the game was, whether its how the world was back then or how different each classes mechanics were then compared to now we have our reasons but they just chalk it up to "nostalgia"
2019-05-17 11:35
And then they're gonna start wanting TBC servers... And then Wrath servers... Then MOP servers, and eventually say; fuck it, let's just play wherever the hell we were at again. Just watch, after a year or 2 people are gonna want these things.
2019-05-17 11:54
+1 vanilla still bestest though
2019-05-17 15:15
why not ? Ez money for activision 😎, they dont even need to do anything lulz.
2019-05-17 15:27
2019-05-17 14:52
To bring all those noobs to play it again for 1-2 months before they again realize how shitty the game is
2019-05-17 14:58
and how little contents it has.
2019-05-17 15:28
40 man raids vs 5man dungeons(mythic+LUL) 7 days a week. Unless you get money for playing BfA theres no enjoyment in playing it.
2019-05-17 15:16
because money you idiot (thats a quote not actually insulting u :)
2019-05-17 15:50
Croatia feelsbadmane 
Because all new content is garbage and 0 skill req,back in the days when u had to sit in a city spaming chat to find a group for 6 hrs thats hardcore and everyone wants that back
2019-05-17 16:03
Sweden meistr0 
2019-05-17 16:04
World of Tanks did the same, was a big success I believe. Had its flaws, but it gave people a view of what was better or worse.
2019-05-17 16:11
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