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Faroe Islands iamsofancy 
I can't stand seeing these stupid threads and posts about unbaning guys involved in the IBP match fixing scandal. You morons simply do not understand how the law works and that the shit they did is a crime. Tons of people lost their money. Also when you compare it to cheating you are simply mocking yourselves,, so let me this clear for you, cheating is same like doping in regular sports. It give you a slight advantage over others but yet you compete and your only personal benefit is a prize money from a tournament. Match fixing from the other hand is a crime, its stealing money from viewers, from fans etc. In most of the countries they would face jail time and wouldn't be able to be any kind of public figure. So just stop whining and crying and thank god that they didn't get jailed. MATCH FIXING = CRIME . Penalty : Jail, Huge Fine. CHEATING = BREAKING GAME RULES . Penalty : Return won money, ban. #unbanforsaken #unbankqly #unbansf #unbanflusha #jailswag #jailsteel #jailazk #jaildazed
2019-05-16 12:29
the "shit they did" was not a crime, back then cs had no rules or regulations about match fixing, moron
2019-05-16 12:31
Mostly I agree. But we won't see DaZeD coming back so it's waste of letters :^)
2019-05-16 12:31
France neibaf 
He could be a coach a manager men))
2019-05-16 19:26
sad esport is not considered as sport in usa, otherwise ibp players including ska could be jailed, would be really great
2019-05-16 12:32
Faroe Islands iamsofancy 
+1. Swag and Steel are playing victims now, outrageous.
2019-05-16 12:34
btw just realized that "swag" and "steel" sound like nicknames of street gang members, these two could have great future in jail #shamelessbumbforagoodthread
2019-05-16 19:25
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