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FaZe is lost
Europe kvvach 
i am faze fan since 2017 their first big final in Katowice but i liked team since Kinguin. it was nice to see this evolution from kinguin where everybody laugh of this 5 nationalites mix to Faze making first big lan win at starladder and became tier1 team. Later they changed lineup after Kraków. adds Olof & Guardian and create a "superteam" i liked this story Olof - legend himself Guardian - my favourite player Karrigan - on revenge after being kicked from TSM Rain - noname with star potential Niko - Most hot name finaly in tier1 team its so hyped and exciting team a i truly supported it. and now it collapsed.. Choke on Boston, Olof injury broke it -Karrigan was and of Era of stable Faze. with Niko igl they were shaky or just bad. but win on Blast and good run in EPL gave me some hope of old form but Niko gave up igling and shitshow begin.. with addition of 31yr Neo i dont feel any hype anymore. i dont believe it will work. Looks like FaZe is lost. they had one shot one chance and it just not hit i will keep my flair on in hope of better times and in memory of good old ones. FaZe UP
2019-05-16 12:50
Asia CookieOxide 
Even if FaZe bombed out from Dreamhack,EPL finals or Cologne in group stage,which I think it would happen very likely.To be honest if you are a real fan of a team/player,I’ll still support them #FaZeUp
2019-05-16 12:58
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