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mobbing in friends circle
Europe YaYeeet 
did you experience that? im pretty much without friends anymore except 1 i have since 15 years, some guy in my circle was mobbing me and i think he tried to kick me out what apparently worked, he always said how skinny i am and coming from a concentraition camp while im only a little bit underweight, saying i have the hairs of h*tler because i had long hairs but not over eyebrows and my hairs dont even look like that i dont swipe them to the side, he said im untalented with no potential. So after that i left the circle and the others didnt even care but we were like best friends and suddenly the cunt is going to them alot often since im gone. after all i think i was more like bothering them bcs im weird as shit, i accepted now that i will have no friends on this planet bcs out of everyone i knew in 20 years only 1 person is left out of 500 or smthn, i dont want to search of find new friends bcs i lost every faith in humanity, why the fuck im writing this idk either it kinda frees my mind to write down structured whats going on in my chaos tornado mind
2019-05-19 19:21
I was in a very similar situation for months. The guy really went out of his way to make my life at school shitty and it was for no reason I got along with everyone else and I never had a fight against him or insulted him (I dont think at least). Anyway one evening we were playing Payday2 because he was part of my circle of friends and he once again insulted me for no reason outta nowhere and I screamed at him for 5 minutes straight why he has to be such a dick all the time and what is fucking problem was. He didnt have an answer and it was total silence when I was done. And thats when he stopped and today we are good friends... Yeah I dont know you gotta confront him and get really loud when you get bullied and show some serious self-esteem, even if it is fake because from what Ive read, bullies dont really like that. If you are unlucky it wont work but you shouldnt let yourself be a victim, coz that way he will very likely continue.
2019-05-19 19:29
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
Sucks man, I know exactly what you feel. We just have to strive and struggle all the time. Whether or not we have friends in the future or not is not that important, what we have is ourselves and if we have to live through humiliation when being around these friends then it is better to be alone.
2019-05-19 19:32
yea man i was in the same situation once, dont mind these fakes, just go your way and one day youll find the right friends who will support you no matter what.
2019-05-19 19:36
blueface spitting true facts expected
2019-05-19 19:50
yea aight
2019-05-19 19:50
are u gonna drop a studio album soon?
2019-05-19 20:41
very soon))
2019-05-19 20:53
who u gonna feature in it?
2019-05-19 20:53
you maybe=)
2019-05-19 20:54
Blueface BleedEm - "Hltv Flow" feat. Yung ViK (prod. by Metro) (Official Video)
2019-05-19 20:56
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2019-05-19 21:01
Germany pr9ud 
If you left your group and nobody cares, these dudes were never your "best friends". Fuck them and move on!
2019-05-19 19:37
2019-05-19 19:46
just call bullyhunters if you experience this
2019-05-19 19:40
lesswill | 
Russia peia 
from what ive experienced once you show sincerity to the people you think worthy of it, they prove to be the opposite by taking advantage and abusing your weaknesses so never trust anyone
2019-05-19 19:43
Brazil kaiknux 
holy shit people surprise me sometimes mobbing in a group of friends WTF
2019-05-19 19:45
United Kingdom Isquashua 
You're better off without these people . I've been in similar situations. You'll find new friends.
2019-05-19 19:48
cry is free xD
2019-05-19 19:49
if he keeps insulting you and nobody else of your "friends" tells him to shut up finally then you have to give up these people.
2019-05-19 19:50
I have been on the other side of that thing. I always thought of myself as a kind and considerate person, and looking back it's one of the things I regret the most. There was a guy who was a good friend of mine. There was even a point in life where I might have considered him to be my best friend. But most other people didn't like him. He was a bit weird, and many people found some of his personality annoying. People used to call him out on these aspects of his personality, appearance, habits and such. Some of my other friends did it too. Being a teenager, I also started doing it to fit in. I didn't even realize how obnoxious I was becoming towards him. I think I even began disliking him a bit. It got to the point where I once made him cry in school. I felt bad, but I never had the balls to apologise. But I wasn't as bad of a dick to him after that. Thinking back I should probably gather the courage to apologise and tell him that he was indeed a good friend of mine and I was being a total dick to him. I shouldn't have behaved like I did, and I regret it. I hope the guy is doing alright.
2019-05-19 19:57
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