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Russians come here
Netherlands MrStealYourDad 
Why are you all so fucking toxic and retarded.
2019-05-19 22:54
Why do russians always steal towels and soap from the hotels? My family owns a few hotels on seaside of spain and russian tourists are the worst, they are drunk all the time, leave mess, they smell like animals and always steal something from their suits including TOWELS and CHAMPOO
2019-05-19 22:55
Sweden flippig 
2019-05-19 22:56
2019-05-22 16:22
Sunde | 
World sfu 
2019-05-19 22:56
Ukraine KingOfSoloSex 
2019-05-19 23:21
because why not, is your family fucking "soon to bankrupt" to buy more towels or what
2019-05-19 22:59
Poland GumiPr0 
its simple dont leave any shampoo just the cheapest soap and some shit 1$ towels from a beach store that will fall apart after 1 use
2019-05-19 23:04
Russia leld 
Ty for the towels BTW men))
2019-05-19 23:13
Ukraine KingOfSoloSex 
2019-05-19 23:25
You forgot to say that Russians are the most generous tourists and leave good tips, so buy new towels and shampoo :D Drink because the rest, this looks like not washed ))) But I can tell you not all of these ;)
2019-05-19 23:12
Its same on Turkey
2019-05-19 23:14
2019-06-06 01:30
You are a rich kiddo and still staying in hl tv? Go get some chicks ffs....
2019-05-19 23:36
Portugal EwiZz_ 
ethiopian owns hotels only one mens))))wtf
2019-05-22 16:29
Simply because they live in a disguised 3rd world communist country. Their government doesn't teach manners, it teaches only vulgarity and vodka drinking.
2019-05-22 16:53
sh1ro | 
Russia HikZ 
ahahahaha zavali ebalo svoe poka ne nabil tebe ego
2019-05-19 23:00
2019-05-19 23:21
Russians are toxic because you are toxic on them! YOU NEED TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM. Everytime I play solo CS I get 4 russians in the team and they speak RUSSIAN because fuck teamspeak or ventrillo or anything that exists but I guess what benefits me is 40% knowledge of russian language so I understand the info and I can say info aswell
2019-05-19 23:00
Poland GumiPr0 
exactly. I cringe so hard when russians try to explain where an enemy is. I just ask them to speak in russian insead because I understand most mirage/cache/overpass/inferno callouts in russian
2019-05-19 23:05
Yeah the worst thing on this is that I start to liking them
2019-05-19 23:06
What's wrong with that?) PS: Russian hockey is top 1 :P
2019-05-19 23:14
top 1 aggressivity maybe, just like in CSGO XD but some of them are chill I guess
2019-05-19 23:15
Every nation has Idiots )
2019-05-19 23:17
yes but different kind of idiots. Russian has cold people as fuck because you guys live in fucking cold country when winter some of you are cold even in spring maybe you are friendly between yourself but surely not on the internet like in CS also thanks god you guys dont use facebook
2019-05-19 23:19
because we have Vkontakte)
2019-05-19 23:21
yup also its kinda sad but Tier 1 idiots - Slavs Tier2 poor eu countries italy spain portugal greece hahah could add UK to them Tier3 probably Scandinavians
2019-05-19 23:22
good language, good callouts. Whats wrong? its not a fault of language that people who speak it are mostly retards
2019-05-19 23:31
shutt the fuck up I always lead my russian team to the victory because im not pussy like you blaming the game results on my fucking TEAM THIS IS BETREYAL IN THE NAME OF PUTIN DIE RUSSIAN
2019-05-19 23:33
wut? is this a pasta or some shit?
2019-05-19 23:35
you asking? I thought anything is possible in the land of dreams ROSSIJA
2019-05-19 23:39
wtf seems like you've just had a mental breakdown after #29 take a nap and come back to hltv as a sane person
2019-05-19 23:42
watafak men
2019-05-19 23:43
Making friends with my enemies?
2019-05-22 16:33
Im not toxic and retarded wtf men :(
2019-05-19 23:09
Lithuania OnyxLT 
nt tosik retart
2019-05-22 16:30
Why tho
2019-05-22 16:47
just stereotypes, not all toxic
2019-05-19 23:12
Germany So_Dumm 
2019-05-19 23:16
The author tell us what we done to offend you?) There is no bad nationality, there are bad people
2019-05-19 23:19
Ukraine KingOfSoloSex 
2019-05-19 23:26
Russia FreeLife 
It doesnt matter which country you from, it depends on person Some guys toxic, some guys angry if they cant land shots/etc
2019-05-19 23:26
no, it depends on country especially poor ones. Ppl in poor countries more depressive and tend to do stupid things. U can be rich in Russia or Ukraine but society which mostly poor will affect u anyway.
2019-05-20 02:33
Europe HyperCreep 
why not?
2019-05-19 23:34
wtf men)))
2019-05-19 23:36
biggest population in europe = biggest amount of retards, it seems pretty logical to me
2019-05-19 23:42
Whenever you meet a Russian who's a good teammate, you don't even know that they're Russian because they speak English to you. This is why you think that 'all' of them are retarded.
2019-05-20 02:33
why no men)))
2019-05-22 16:27
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