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China MEME Country?
Switzerland Gut 
tencent couldn't release PUBG mobile in China because its violence so they created a 'family friendly' PUBG called Game for Peace, without violence (characters die waving). Communism being Communism
2019-05-24 04:44
to think that there are actually people who want china to be the world super power
2019-05-24 04:45
Switzerland Gut 
freedom is everything
2019-05-24 04:47
China teguP 
china is a super power
2019-05-24 04:47
2019-05-24 04:48
3rd strongest country in the world whether ur willing to accept that or not
2019-05-24 04:57
what do you think i mean when i say "the world super power"?
2019-05-24 04:58
China lxxl 
A superpower in the world
2019-05-24 04:59
2019-05-24 05:00
don't bother with them my man.
2019-05-24 05:11
i was responding to ur 0/8 to the guy who said china was A superpower
2019-05-24 05:00
he was trying to b8 m8
2019-05-24 05:01
China UbuntuXenial 
Which country is the second?
2019-05-24 05:48
Pakistan ostraka 
2019-05-24 06:18
Brazil BrazilianDude 
Who tell that for you? U can't see any proof that in china governament. Media lies to you!
2019-05-26 03:37
World memyselfandI 
China can insta-bankrupt US if they ask for debt payment. They don't, as they make money by having US as trade partner.
2019-05-24 13:25
2019-05-24 16:12
World memyselfandI 
You are evaluating your own knowledge, because what I wrote is 100% true. You expose you own lack of information.
2019-05-24 16:25
Well no, not really. And even if they could, that would mean they would instabankrupt themselves aswell.
2019-05-27 17:06
Mongolia bozgor 
even my 70IQ uncle knows thats not how economics work
2019-05-27 10:32
World memyselfandI 
they can, but will lose a lot of trade income if they do. it IS how it works, your 70 IQ uncle, and probably you too, are wrong.
2019-05-27 13:40
The US has made China rich and this country is nothing but an tremendous tyranny!
2019-05-24 06:27
China teguP 
2019-05-24 07:05
Business search and study for it!
2019-05-24 07:22
China teguP 
have you even been to China? It's nothing like western media is making it to be, this is coming from a Czech guy living in China
2019-05-24 07:23
China UbuntuXenial 
Can you explain the difference? I am curious ty.
2019-05-24 07:36
China teguP 
basically, western medias be like WOw CHInA ComuNIsM baD :((( meanwhile the people I talk with and see daily are free just like any other country, they dont give a shit about some social credit system that everyone outside of china is making a big deal of, they tell me about politics etc. even via wechat, they dont care. China is a lively place, I see a lot of stupid people doing stupid things, which is fun and part of chinese charm id say. cops here sometimes act like they are a big deal, but they would rather sleep all day like baoans instead of dealing with my apartment registration for example lol they do have some issues in the west, even my chinese friend said that it makes him sad; but im sure these things will improve in the future they do a good job at keeping their citizens safe id say, even though the methods might not be the best im pretty sure that id come up with more positive things about china if i put more time and thoughts into it
2019-05-24 07:59
China UbuntuXenial 
Thanks for the detailed answer! have a good day :)
2019-05-24 08:32
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
How long are you staying in china brotherman?
2019-05-24 08:44
China teguP 
till 1st of august, but I'm considering applying to a uni in Hong Kong, from what I've heard it's a better version of China 🤔
2019-05-24 09:26
LOL Hong Kong the ex british colony... typical from Iphone Socialists living always in the elite blocks!
2019-05-25 23:44
China teguP 
iPhone socialists?
2019-05-26 03:33
Brazilian knowledge
2019-05-24 14:10
Brazil BrazilianDude 
India pooping in the street!
2019-05-26 03:38
Brazilian education
2019-05-26 04:39
Croatia argm 
do you want trump to lead the world super power?
2019-05-27 09:19
China lxxl 
It's a shame really. If I were Xi Jinping, I would ban PUBG because you can just feel the IQ of the country decrease whenever anybody plays a BR.
2019-05-24 04:53
Switzerland Gut 
asking for censorship... flag checks out
2019-05-24 05:05
tinnamen square Winnie The Poo
2019-05-24 07:58
+1 mobile games are ruining Chinese new generation (alongside anime and kpop)
2019-05-24 05:11
I watch vlog of westener who lives in china and everytime he visit his chinese friend who has kid, that kid is playing mobile games all the time,
2019-05-24 06:28
China teguP 
"people" playing BR games with their loud speakers on should be hanged
2019-05-24 08:40
Imagine considering China as a communism country in 2k19
2019-05-24 05:09
United Kingdom _P2K 
Your country is so unbelievably backward that I would equate it to communism anyway
2019-05-24 06:16
0/8 China may suck but communism is the best political ideology
2019-05-24 06:53
Imagine still believing Human could accomplish communism in 2k19
2019-05-27 10:49
Confucius tells me to try to do something even though I know it is impossible
2019-05-27 14:01
I think you don't know shit about your own country, or the China's government already lobotomized your brain? Chinese people are like cattle going to the slaughterhouse
2019-05-24 06:23
You don't know shit about China lul Chinese government propaganda: we are a communism country Real condition: state capitalism+ dictatorship Edit: see #18
2019-05-24 06:54
Other kaiske 
2019-05-24 07:01
The government political science can be separated from country's economical science in a society and the "Capitalism" of China is nothing but a STATE Capitalism like you said... repeat with me STATE, STATE Capitalism!
2019-05-24 07:15
Reply needs to have actual content
2019-05-24 07:38
device | 
China az514k 
Yeah save me mr zorro, i was so scared to got slaughtered in the dehumanizing country
2019-05-24 07:00
Figure of speech, I hate communist/socialist govs that's why I live in USA actually!
2019-05-24 07:16
Hahhahhahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah "that's why I live in USA actually!" You make my day kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2019-05-24 07:43
World memyselfandI 
But yet, China has a much more stronger economy, which tells if you ask one simple question: Which nation can bankrupt the other nation in an instant?
2019-05-24 13:31
Japan @0x0 
pubg being banned is a good thing
2019-05-24 05:21
China being Communism lol U must have some misunderstanding either about China or Communism lol
2019-05-24 05:54
Dem shills...
2019-05-24 06:03
2019-05-24 06:12
Another awkward case to accuse Chinese government.... The government has done thousands of bad things, but suppressing students in 1989 is not one of them.
2019-05-24 07:01
spoken like a true bootlicker
2019-05-24 07:52
You are not Chinese. I doubt you are even Asian. No one cares about your opinion.
2019-05-27 09:34
You have to be chinese to talk about violations of human rights? Keep licking those boots
2019-05-27 10:30
You can talk, but your opinion does not matter. Stupid.
2019-05-27 10:43
Neither does yours, insect. No one cares what a little brainwashed bug thinks.
2019-05-27 10:52
It does actually cuz its in our country not yours. ))))) You are just an unwelcome foreigner with irrelevant opinions.
2019-05-27 10:55
Nice, remember: your country has never made a single mistake, every decision, every choice made by your leaders throughout the history was right, everyone else is in the wrong, boots are tasty (100 points have been added to your Social Credit score) How come you talk about Isreal and USA? How is that allowed? Those are not your countries, so your opinion shouldn't count, right? This is your brain on nationalism, fucking pathetic
2019-05-27 11:02
Vietnam comergod1 
But communist is good, isn’t it?
2019-05-24 06:59
Vietnam tat96 
Fake flag huh :-/
2019-05-24 07:07
2019-05-24 07:21
No matter how hard u try,u can't deny the truth that China has made a great progress and will be stronger and stronger.Have u ever been to China,do u really know Chinese people,u can talk whatever shit u want,truth is truth,only us chinese know how good we r
2019-05-24 07:09
China serdim 
5cents is enough?
2019-05-24 07:46
Switzerland Gut 
for north koreans Kim Jong Un is the best thing that ever happened to them... but maybe you're not blind at all, the rest of the world is just wrong, u guys are right.
2019-05-24 09:56
I don't fking care how other nations think,what's that for?Other people's opinion can give me a better living condition,all my family saw the great change in china in last decades,that's the power of one-party rule.Election?What's that for?Why should I risk 4 or 8 years to see whether the leadship is good?Get real,it's not ez to make 1.4 billion people have a happy life.
2019-05-24 14:01
I'm not a big fun of communist party,but they did make most families better
2019-05-24 14:03
Let me just give you a few reasons to why the USA and European countries are better than China: 1. [CENSORED] 2. [CENSORED] 3. [CENSORED] 4. [CENSORED] What are your thoughts?
2019-05-24 14:08
Be satisfied,revolution costs blood,we all know how Soviet union end
2019-05-24 14:16
2019-05-24 08:33
China numba wan, everywan numba tuu
2019-05-24 08:37
China is Not communist.
2019-05-24 08:43
Sweden notleft 
lmao nt
2019-05-24 14:12
China will buy all ports in Europe
2019-05-24 14:13
China is the real superpower in this world From zero in 80's to becoming a superpower so fast is an achievement ,shitty delusional Westerners know nothing about china
2019-05-24 14:18
China is just bully. Now thanks to them USA has an excuse to set port in our state. The #1 claimer of asia, all island belong to them apparently because they changed the sea to South China Sea instead of the original name, Brunei Sea also ravage and trespass fishing areas. The only ones that had balls enough to shoot them down was Argentina
2019-05-24 14:22
You want to be slave of the Yehudim and crusaders? Go ahead.
2019-05-27 09:33
When did I ever say that? It's a fact, and it's also a fact china is selectively discriminating and killing ulyghur Muslims.
2019-05-27 11:40
Fact is something you can verify. So no, that is the opposite of a fact.
2019-05-27 12:04
Brazil BrazilianDude 
Taiwan legit china!
2019-05-26 03:39
China 0asis 
yes f*king The Communist Party
2019-05-26 04:44
Russia parovozik 
yes mems)))))))
2019-05-27 09:32
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