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Next UK PM
North America iTrinityArchitects 
2019-05-24 11:56
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
2019-05-24 11:57
2019-05-24 12:08
United Kingdom epholliday 
It's not a general election, just a Conservative party leadership debate. No jc
2019-05-25 09:33
Brazil Hated_by_Mens 
2019-05-27 16:55
Me mens))) 😎
2019-05-24 12:08
Sajid Javid. First Muslim and. South Asian PM. Let's gooooo.
2019-05-25 08:49
Are you in favor of Sajid Javid because of the fact, that he would be the first muslim and South Asian PM?
2019-05-25 08:58
I am in favour of him because he denied citizenship to terrorists trying to return to the UK. The fact he would be non-White and Muslim would be a good too though.
2019-05-25 09:16
What does race and faith have anything to do with his ability to excel as prime minister, though? Why are these two characteristics relevant at all to you?
2019-05-25 09:57
Because they have a different background to the other candidates. But don't worry I'm supporting an old white man now so you can rest easy. Go Jeremy Corbyn, the only candidate not beholden to Israel.
2019-05-25 10:13
is there anyone besides putin that you dont hate?
2019-05-27 14:10
i just endorsed someone.
2019-05-27 16:53
you hate immigrants but you endorse a guy because he is non white and muslim.
2019-05-27 16:55
no i denounced him again because he is a munafiq, a neocon and a complete zionist puppet.
2019-05-27 16:57
and do you actually like corbyn?
2019-05-27 16:57
he's alright.
2019-05-27 16:59
but hes a commie
2019-05-27 17:01
i looked at all the candidates for conservative party leader and they are all pro-Israel just like that disgusting worm Theresa May. that party is completely captured. so yeah I don't want to vote for them again. I will most likely vote Brexit Party now they are running for the GE. I know Farage is a woke person, so the European Election has answered a lot of questions. But Corbyn is also another respectable dude. he doesn't go running to the Jewish lobby begging for their endorsement like the Conservatives do. even if he is a commie. he is a man of principles.
2019-05-27 17:13
oh yeah if Corbyn wins i will get a pay rise too cuz i will end up working for the govt. cuz he will nationalise the railways again. :DDDDDD so Farage or Corbyn wins = good.
2019-05-27 18:39
i think probably not and then we are back at my original question...
2019-05-27 16:57
NiKo | 
Russia godl1ken 
2019-05-27 16:57
Pakistan ostraka 
-1 he's bald
2019-05-25 09:06
United States PsychoLogical 
his head’s round as a typical brown egg i’d find at a supermarket.
2019-05-27 14:14
Pakistan ostraka 
+1 lul Btw sorry to anyone who thinks otherwise but brown eggs are simply better than white eggs.
2019-05-27 14:32
ez 4 boris russian spy
2019-05-25 08:56
Pakistan ostraka 
boris = ugliest hair in the world sajid = no hair pick one
2019-05-25 09:10
United Kingdom epholliday 
Boris = huge massive idiot
2019-05-25 09:28
Pakistan ostraka 
I don't judge on looks normally but I'm doing it now and he totally does look like an idiot.
2019-05-25 09:30
United Kingdom epholliday 
Not just due to looks, his policy and diplomacy is dog shit
2019-05-25 09:31
Meghan Markle
2019-05-25 09:24
Make the queen absolute monarch again
2019-05-25 09:33
United States UnitedEurope 
*The Prince but I agree
2019-05-25 09:35
Pakistan ostraka 
It would be the death of Australia
2019-05-25 09:37
2019-05-25 09:38
United States UnitedEurope 
Prince William will seize the power, destroy the political system and rule over Britain for 40 years in peace and prosperity
2019-05-25 09:34
ahaha +1
2019-05-27 14:11
Aleksib | 
Finland f1nch 
An Augustus of our own time! Ave Caeseria!
2019-05-27 17:05
Finland keener 
probably jeb
2019-05-25 09:37
Actually fuck Sajid Javid. Might even go for Corbyn. At least he isn't controlled by the tribe. He's not even Muslim, he's a munafiqun. Hard to find a conservative candidate who isn't completely controlled.
2019-05-25 10:04
India aj0102 
Next England PM only Smooya
2019-05-25 09:59 Have to respect this man. Whether its on a second referendum or Palestine. He sticks to his principles. Not like other people who blow with the wind.
2019-05-27 14:06
Europe Freeburger97 
2019-05-27 14:11
I'd like to see Johnson so UK can get their brexit.
2019-05-27 14:12
2019-05-27 16:58
2019-05-27 17:15
i would definitely vote for Sadiq Khan if he decided to run
2019-05-27 17:05
2019-05-27 17:07
I think he would be a great PM, he has alot of experience now but most of all i think it's time for a real change looking at your name, you're probably just some racist kid anyway so whatever
2019-05-27 17:12
Do you live in London?
2019-05-27 17:15
he's a retard. there's no police. most crimes don't get solved. he gives everything away for free then he can't find the money to pay for it. like he has done with TFL. both ken livingston and boris johnson were better than him.
2019-05-27 20:09
maybe we should elect a corrupt austrian politician instead lol
2019-05-27 20:14
why not, they might be competent. unlike this guy.
2019-05-27 20:16
they are racist retards
2019-05-27 20:18
2019-05-27 17:14
Rowan Atkinson
2019-05-27 18:41
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