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U watch it, u will regret it.
oskar | 
Asia theworstplayerever112 
Silver 1 highlights in a poor fragmovie can't buy a pro recorder for games :(
2019-05-25 09:21
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2019-05-25 09:23
United States Ozzy)
Reminds me of 2008
2019-05-25 09:26
2019-05-25 09:29
this is my first day playing with video editor xD and i had a poor laptop so when i editing its like stuck every single time thats why i think this is enough and i just upload it random xD and all my downloaded highlights is at my brother pc and i cant get it in my laptop because it was my very very old matches :( give me some critics and i will try fix it later xD
2019-05-25 09:32
Use OBS or something and make highlight videos after u collect good amount of clips over few days If u try to rush it it will just bad content and u don't have to play with recorder on, just go and pick up the good rounds after the match and edit it all into the video. Also display kill feed next time haha good luck
2019-05-25 09:36
okay sir, i will try it after my last exam next week. thanks for the critics, i promise i will be better than this. thanks sir plock
2019-05-25 09:38
If you have nvidia gpu then you should definitely use shadowplay. Obs can affect performance quite a lot.
2019-05-25 09:45
nah, im playing using toshiba c55t, very low specs for now :(
2019-05-25 09:47
I think it may be really hard to get even somewhat decent framerates with obs then.
2019-05-25 10:19
yes i think so.
2019-05-25 10:19
Japan @0x0
your movement is alright
2019-05-25 09:33
thanksyou mr 0x0
2019-05-25 09:36
XD funny
2019-05-25 09:46
thanks for coming mr veryniceperson u have watch the worstplayerever from this entire planet poor highlights.
2019-05-25 09:48
it made my day better so ty mens)))
2019-05-25 09:53
You know OBS is free and the best screen recorder right?
2019-05-25 09:49
before i share this, i know nothing about editing and recording xD. But for now i think i know it. tq
2019-05-25 09:56
Finland OokOok
Nt nvidia has the best
2019-05-25 13:47
Someone make self-plugs on hltv illegal
2019-05-25 09:52
:( nej
2019-05-25 09:55
Reported for speaking not english
2019-05-25 11:17
2019-05-25 10:03
Im not a youtuber :(
2019-05-25 10:07
2019-05-25 10:08
Because im still focused at my study, without study i can only be a fukboy at my country
2019-05-25 10:09
Please become a youtuber, I subscribed already.
2019-05-25 10:15
omg :D i will try make it again after my exam next week.
2019-05-25 10:19
you know what, thats ok movement
2019-05-25 10:12
yes sir, i will make the video better so everyone can enjoy it more.
2019-05-25 10:18
Didn`t regret, I laughed all the way throught. Make more please.
2019-05-25 10:14
thank you, i will make it more funny so u can laught at it all day long.
2019-05-25 10:17
very good fps men
2019-05-25 10:24
feelsbad :(
2019-05-25 10:41
You are the real Warrior
2019-05-25 11:20
yeah feels great
2019-05-25 11:25
nt Dev1ce
2019-05-25 11:28
gl tabseN
2019-05-25 13:25
everyone on hltv is global
2019-05-25 13:31
juice | 
Iceland vvrid
xDDDD it was so trash and funny at the same time like real vietnam combat record colorized with this music xDDD
2019-05-25 13:37
its recorded with ww2 recorder
2019-05-25 13:41
Europe Instabait
You dont need recoreder. Just uninstall.
2019-05-25 13:39
i like hate comments like this, keep it up, this is what i want
2019-05-25 13:42
Europe Instabait
Were do you see hate in this comment?
2019-05-25 13:46
oh yes i dont see a hate comments, but i see a typo there.
2019-05-25 13:47
Europe Instabait
So you see typo but write about hate ... lol ... typical weeboo
2019-05-25 15:54
what is the relationship from not seeing hate comments and weeaboo can you explain me ? im not weeaboo btw. Mr. smartest
2019-05-25 16:00
Europe Instabait
You want explenation or that kind of shit go to reddit.
2019-05-26 12:55
Netherlands NELK
Fraps recorder kkkk
2019-05-25 13:43
best recorder kkkk
2019-05-25 13:47
Indonesia MeX0NNNN
try to use the in-game sound bro
2019-05-25 14:14
im using wrong settings when make it, so my voice is recorded with the frag videos, i will try my best to fix it.
2019-05-25 14:18
Nice song, now I feel brave enought to kill myself
2019-05-25 16:06
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