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quit team based games
United States StayStylin 
the main reasons why i quit team based games was because: -i got sick of the shitty communitys -got sick of the throwing,the trolling and greifing. -everyone thinks they are a god in the game when they clearly on it -making teams over and over again kind of got annoying -getting forced to grind out pug systems was just annoying especially if your trying to get on matter what your ranks and stats will always be bad because everyone wants high ranks and the best stats for a shitty team. -i finally realized i will never be pro in this game and how i notice how everyone was in csgo i though real counter strike turned in to a joke solo games -i get on anytime and practice and learn all by myself -i dont need to rely on anyone but myself -its easier to meet people and game because u can both learn together in said game. -it doesnt matter if u rank up or not nor do people shit on you. -its easier to go pro in said games. -and i love the competitive scene better in solo games because its more hype and its actually based on individual skill.
2019-05-26 02:08
real reason you quit team based games -you suck ass
2019-05-26 02:11
coming from a nobody oh wait.
2019-05-26 02:11
truth hurts
2019-05-26 02:11
that ur a nobody....facts
2019-05-26 02:12
nice english lmfao change your flag kid
2019-05-26 02:12
typical from a euro
2019-05-26 02:13
2019-05-26 02:14
that ur an idiot of course.
2019-05-26 02:15
nice edit btw kid
2019-05-26 02:16
nice job worrying about my edit.must be the only thing u got going on in ur virgin life.
2019-05-26 02:19
triggered 14 yo after getting exposed, gotta love it
2019-05-26 02:20
whose trigged and how was i exposed???
2019-05-26 02:21
enough free bumps for you dumbfuck, learn english before you speak to me you peasant
2019-05-26 02:22
i dont know you nor do i give a fuck about you brah....but stay hugging my nuts though pz
2019-05-26 02:23
azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars.
2019-05-27 06:04
Ukraine labl3 
man, he rekt u. First baited and then rekt
2019-05-30 05:40
India Noobdian1 
You are a nobody too
2019-05-26 05:00
Finland Morbidity 
2019-05-26 15:34
Nope try again.
2019-05-26 15:36
India Noobdian1 
Still a nobody
2019-05-26 18:02
Name and flag checks out.
2019-05-26 21:43
India Noobdian1 
I quit hltv Using hltv
2019-05-27 05:58
China lxxl 
2019-05-26 02:12
China lxxl 
Main reason: Nobody on Slicardz' team fell for his baits
2019-05-26 02:11
stalker alert
2019-05-26 02:11
Minecraft grind time baby... let’s get it
2019-05-26 02:12
2019-05-26 02:13
Finland tablespoon 
2019-05-26 15:34
Europe boys 
2019-05-26 17:05
2019-05-27 06:01
Lithuania Sealll 
2019-05-27 06:23
well you should probably quit but solo games arent much better if you are referring to battle royale games. They are just games where you can bully newbies (like people new to even computer games) with no matchmaking. They are fun but competitive is laughable
2019-05-26 02:25
starcraft 2,fighting games,sports games
2019-05-26 02:28
meh theyre ok. Honestly not that much better, sc2 is way past its prime and fighting games are niche especially on PC
2019-05-26 04:55
I disagree.its basically skill vs skill.not 5 man skill vs 5 man skill.
2019-05-26 15:37
lol not that much skill vs. skill sc1 maybe but lots of retarded things in sc2 that is not "skill"
2019-05-30 05:37
Minecraft best game
2019-05-26 04:57
i agree
2019-05-26 04:58
Dio | 
Japan Jotaro 
i play real games roblox
2019-05-26 05:01
India l3thality 
You're right - I experienced the same shit when I tried to make a team. The problem is that 2 or more team members fight over one duty like AWPing or entry fragging. So you need to find people who love doing their own shit. It will take time cuz you need to also check team chemistry, cooperation for a long period.
2019-05-26 05:05
2019-05-26 15:34
2019-05-26 15:35
yea +1. the community of internet games is just always so fucking toxic. so many kids hiding behind their keyboards and talking shit while theyre autistic incels irl
2019-05-26 12:54
2019-05-26 15:35
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Real reason : you always want to play carry or mid, but your internet is too slow to ping it at the start and iq is too low to play roamer or pos5 support.
2019-05-26 13:05
2019-05-26 15:35
just admit you don't have any friends to play with
2019-05-26 15:38
IRL friends or online friends?
2019-05-26 16:14
2019-05-26 16:15
IRL play casual single games and majority of my friends quit cs when csgo came out.also my online cs friends also quit csgo to play other games..
2019-05-26 16:57
Pretty much all your solo game points are wrong lol
2019-05-26 15:40
2019-05-26 16:12
Other delmaszm 
People don't have the patience to build a team. The process is long and everyone in pug thinks they're god. The best thing is to make friends and just play as a pug with em. You'll get some "mechanics" with em. And it'll feels like a team. Prioritize playing with friendly, funny people instead of try harders. You might lose more but you'll enjoy your game wayy more. But I have to admit that playing CS alone is a fucking pain in the ass, if you're not laid back and cannot tolerate retards.
2019-05-26 16:17
True but pugging just gets boring after a while.
2019-05-26 16:59
Croatia feelsbadmane 
go pro hearstone men))
2019-05-26 17:02
I don't like card games
2019-05-26 17:33
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