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US Immigration Fix
Happy | 
United States KinglyFish 
1. Allow quick and easy permanent residence for high skill doctors, engineers, and programmers (Masters or PhD) 2. Restrict immigration of low skill programmers and engineers that take jobs away from entry level college grads (Set a 6 month maximum for the H1-b system and severely restrict how many H1-b visas are allotted) 3. Grant permanent residence for all illegal immigrants that work in high skill professions, own businesses that create jobs, etc... 4. Slowly start to deport illegal immigrants that are stuck in low level labor (this will create a jobs for Midwestern communities). 5. Secure the southern border with comprehensive, mostly electronic security that extends underground. If an underground tunnel or illegal crossing is detected by the system, then the border patrol will respond to the situation.
2019-05-26 23:57
Before someone says it's inhumane to just deport people, but it's easy to say that when your country isn't approaching a trillion dollar deficit. We need real economic growth from high skill labor, not more low skill labor. The American school system has been declining for decades, we have enough low skill labor.
2019-05-27 00:00
North America noahB_ 
Deportation is costly af, also midwestern ppl arent fucking losing their jobs to illegal immigrants, theyre losing them cause the economy is changing and many companies are outsourcing jobs to 3rd world countries. Solution is to give all CURRENT illegal immigrants legal residence and pathway to citizenship that is longer than normal one. With them being legal, companies wont be able to exploit them with below minimum wage salaries and thus would be on an even playground with citizens. Also they will now be paying income tax etc. Fiscally this will be best thing for the economy. While doing this ofc, we need to secure southern border, i think a giant wall the whole way is a meme and over expensive and wont work, the stuff you said about electronic security sounds smart.
2019-05-27 00:13
You'd be surprised, a lot of the entry level, low skill jobs in Texas and other states that share a border with Mexico are pretty competitive. A lot of illegal immigrants do in fact move elsewhere for work. Obviously the main problem is steel and factory jobs are gone, but those are never coming back. Even in China everything is starting to be automated for cost reduction. The least we can do is provide these people with some relief and give them decent jobs in menial labor. I know deportation is expensive, but that's why I'm making a ton of clauses for people who get to stay. Obama deported people in the millions, so it is expensive, but it's not gonna bankrupt us.
2019-05-27 00:21
and im pretty sure automation is also playing a factor in job losses.
2019-05-27 01:17
I only follow the situation through international media, but what you are saying makes a lot of sense
2019-05-28 03:06
Illegal immigrants doesn't cost you any money though.
2019-05-27 00:23
They take away jobs and a lot of them dip into social programs too. They're obviously people searching for a better life, but I think there's a massive surplus in low skilled labor in the US.
2019-05-27 00:26
Illegal immigrants can not apply for social programs. I'm sure some end up on benefits anyways, but the truth that most people conveniently leave out is that undocumented immigrants bring in around 11.6 billion taxes each year, which far surpasses the cost of having them here. And sorry, but the whole "they take our jobs" argument is simply bullshit. It has been proven several times that immigrants contribute to the US workforce and economy, and just because you "think" that there is a surplus doesn't make it true
2019-05-27 00:34
There's over 10 million illegal immigrants living in the US, that means according to your figure, they're on average each providing 1000 dollars of tax revenue each. That's honestly pretty abysmal. And of course it barely costs anything to keep them here, most of them make their own livings. I was just saying some of them dip into social programs, which you admitted. And as automation increases that low skilled labor will be worth less and less. In 20 year you'll probably have self operating fast food restaurants, and just one engineer maintains 5 locations. If you deny this go look into Japan or South Korea. Just because from your perspective things are still bearable doesn't mean it's going to stay that way for the future. And honestly I think the surplus in labor at the lower level is unacceptable. If there wasn't a surplus how can McDonalds get away with paying around 7 dollars an hour with no benefits? Even if you think there isn't a surplus now for whatever reason, you can't deny there will be in about a decade tops.
2019-05-27 00:44
Ok, so you admit to the fact that illegal immigration net contributes to the economy, so now you switch the topic to the automation of the US? That's a totally different conversation, but I doubt that having approximately 10 million more people in the country will have a significant impact. I don't even see your point here. Not to sound like a broken record, but the fact of the matter is that you are all immigrants in the US. I would never use that argument in Germany or Norway, because the historical situation is totally different there, but I have no sympathy for the white people in the US screaming about the non-existent crisis of illegal immigration. Divert your focus to the people who run your country, both in media and government instead of going after the people with the least power and money
2019-05-27 00:58
I wholeheartedly disagree that's it's a different topic, it's not at all and it needs to be considered when talking about immigration. There's no point allowing in illegal immigrants to perform jobs that won't exist in ten years tops. This will just lead to a huge labor surplus, which in my opinion we already have. I understand we're all immigrants, but people need to go about things in the proper way. I understand the main problem with places like Midwest are the lack of steel and factory jobs. But, creating an overall surplus in labor isn't a good idea. Meanwhile there are tons of skilled professional that want to come here, but can't due to the current immigration policy.
2019-05-27 01:04
Ok, fair point, I guess. I can not predict how the world is going to deal with automation, but I believe that we'll probably find one way to handle it in a way where people can still sustain themselves. My advice to the US would just be to fully invest in renewable, green energy, as that would create a ton of jobs and secure your future as a self-sustained nation
2019-05-27 01:19
I can agree with all of this, but I'm sure Norway will be fine, just make sure to sell all your oil before the world switches to green technology.
2019-05-27 01:23
United States Libtard 
Isn't that ironic because rebublicans want to cut funding for public schools?
2019-05-27 01:41
we actually couldve had the chance of having an education system that could possibly even rival Northern Europe’s if we actually invested into it instead of wars and the military ._.
2019-05-27 01:50
I'm not a Republican though. I believe in open borders for skilled immigrants, closed borders for low skill labor, and investing more money into education and the department of veteran affairs instead of defense.
2019-05-27 02:38
1 trillion $$$ deficit doesn't mean much when your GDP is approaching 20 trillion 5% of GDP deficits arent really an issue
2019-05-28 07:23
1. Just move USA away from Mexico.
2019-05-27 00:02
United States koth 
So deport 99.9% of the people coming in? Doesn't seem like a fix to me...
2019-05-27 00:02
People in the Midwest are addicted to opioids and committing suicide at record levels. People don't have jobs dude. I understand illegal immigrants just want a better life, but we don't have enough jobs for anyone. We need to invest a heavy amount of resources into attracting foreign PhD level engineers and programmers or people with a lot of experience in specialized skillsets.
2019-05-27 00:12
I think you need invest into attracting any sort of highly skilled programmers regardless if they have a degree or not, at least in Europe degree really doesn't matter that much. Programmer with six year experience can be far beyond PhD graduate.
2019-05-27 00:25
The reason I said that is because America has enough people to take basic programming jobs. PhD's get taught way more theory so it's worth it if some of them can actually innovate in the field of computer science and engineering rather than just having some knowledge about it like a basic programmer would.
2019-05-28 01:29
You can innovate the field without any degree. ;) If you have the PhD that doesn't automatically means you are impeccable programmer who can innovate the field.
2019-05-30 00:23
United States koth 
What are people with phds and engineers supposed to do? Creating jobs isn't going to do jack shit against the opioid epidemic. Not sure why you would bring that up.
2019-05-27 02:41
Look into the tech revolution that's about to happen and you'll understand why we need to invest more heavily into neural networks and robotics. Not having a purpose in life (drifting without a job) makes you way more vulnerable to addiction than someone who has a secure future and a job.
2019-05-27 02:52
No tech company will base out in the boon docks sorry to bust your bubble. They will base everything in California, Washington, New York etc...also I know first hand that having a job has nothing to do with doing drugs. I have seen many people ruin their lives and jobs because they get addicted.
2019-05-27 04:00
I'm not talking about the Midwest here, I'm referring to our economy in general.
2019-05-27 04:31
No you ate trying to solve the immigration problem wtf.
2019-05-27 13:10
What's confusing? All I'm saying is America needs more high level engineers and programmers. China already has the majority of 5G patents, we're already starting to fall behind.
2019-05-27 19:28
The confusion came from switching topics. You can't have a debate and just make it fit your own thoughts by switching the topic from fixing immigration to the usa is falling behind in technology. You have to focus on one thing.
2019-05-27 20:42
Lmao Bringing in skilled immigrants will improve our technology, which is why I want to bring them to immigrate here. It's not a different topic, it's pretty clearly connected.
2019-05-27 22:00
You want to boost the economy? We need to legalize and regulate black market psychoactive substances to some extent. This would 1) massively help with our country's crippling debt 2) lower crime rates 3) lower incarceration rates, resulting in less government spending on living arrangements for prisoners 4) reduce government spending on law enforcement needed for enforcing drug laws The federal legalization of marijuana would be a good start tbh
2019-05-28 06:14
I think marijuana should be legalized with a heavy tax on it. The government needs more income and marijuana is safer than alcohol or cigarettes.
2019-05-28 07:12
swag | 
United Kingdom Midoriya 
Just colonize mexico
2019-05-27 00:02
Just Colonize them 4HEad
2019-05-27 01:36
Expected from UK
2019-05-27 03:09
that sounds like you just got stolen your entry level programmer job stolen by a mexican
2019-05-27 00:06
Lmao it's mostly Indian and Chinese immigrants that are majority of the PhD level programmers, but also the majority of entry level programmers. Companies just hire these foreign entry level programmers to avoid paying decent salaries for local engineers. Most of these people are usually forced to move back with all their experience they acquired here and apply for jobs in their home countries.
2019-05-27 00:12
United States Trump2020KAG 
not all jobs are entry lvl...sure they take alot of jobs like dishwashers lawncare cooks powerwashers etc but they also take alot of good jobs like in the oil/gas that are 18-25$hr getting paid 10$ the companies rent out houses and fill it up with 10 illegals and just have the boss drive them around to all the of the biggest problems with illegals is they ship all the money back to mexico or wherever it is they came from.....the illegals all live rent free and work 60hrs a week so u figure thats like 400-500$ a week not being spent on our economy and not getting taxed.....
2019-05-27 00:12
I think there should be competition for good jobs, people that are taking professional or borderline professional level jobs should be able to stay. Not everyone in America is entitled to a good job or cushy office job. I just want everyone to have a job that pays a decent wage. A shitty job at McDonalds shouldn't have 300+ applicants.
2019-05-27 00:16
United States Trump2020KAG 
i support tougher immigration 100% but i also think if someone is here illegally but has ether been in military has had a job paying taxes and no criminal record ATALL should be allowed to stay....
2019-05-27 00:19
I absolutely agree with most of this, but I think people a lot of people who work in low skilled labor should still be deported, tax payer or otherwise. If someone is hardworking, they speak fluent English, and they've managed to move up in society, then I absolutely think they should be given an easy path to citizenship. Unfortunately under the current system people who love America and give back to society are lumped into the same category with people who've lived here for 20 years illegally and refuse to learn English.
2019-05-27 00:25
Brazil fuNNa 
Or bomb mexico
2019-05-27 00:09
Mexico BasicN1ga 
Why they will bomb the best latinoamerican country and one of the best trade partners? 0iq mibr fan
2019-05-27 00:15
wtf, mexico aint the best Latin American country. Trading partner yes, best LA country no.
2019-05-27 00:17
Mexico BasicN1ga 
It actually is Argentina? Is good but not better Brazil? Just to shithole The onlyone i would consider better is chile
2019-05-27 00:19
er, does Uruguay not exist to you?
2019-05-27 00:21
Mexico BasicN1ga 
Good country agree probably the safest but kinda irrelevant
2019-05-27 00:23
Chile is the best Latam country mexico is just another shithole.
2019-05-27 00:30
FalleN | 
Brazil Br4tZ 
2019-05-27 02:21
Mexico BasicN1ga 
I was born in usa, my parents born in usa my granparents in MEXICO im not ashamed of my roots kid thats why i use mexican flag
2019-05-27 03:29
United States MuMiX 
Everyone knows how to fix immigration and several other issues. Politics gets in the way and opposing parties don't want to give the other side a 'win' even if they know it is the correct thing to do.
2019-05-27 00:12
United States Trump2020KAG 
the funny part is under Obama the dems voted for 6billions in wall upgrades technology and security...They deported 100s of thousands of people under Obama but now because it was a major selling point for Trump they are fighting it every step.....choosing hate over whats best for our country and people
2019-05-27 00:15
Actually a lot of liberals didn't like him for that. I agree that people tend to change their opinions depending on what the party wants, but right wingers also do this. I'm not sure which part of traditional conservatism allows you to spend more money than you have on corporate bailouts and defense.
2019-05-27 19:32
not bad, tho it may need some tweaks.
2019-05-27 00:14
Mexico BasicN1ga 
But the mexicans are hardworkers making america great again persuing their dreams Not the fat white rednecks or blacks that just want free money from the goverment
2019-05-27 00:16
Actually the rednecks do statistically well! A lot of illegals use social security but don't pay tax.
2019-05-27 00:21
United States Libtard 
+1 it's so true. They are extremely hard working, and if we improve education, there won't be too many people to work in low skill jobs
2019-05-27 01:45
Mexico BasicN1ga 
Extremely smart and hardworking people in texas almost in every highschool 3 of the top5 students are mexican american
2019-05-27 01:53
United States Libtard 
Immigrants in general are nothing but a positive for our country, and we're extremely lucky to have it, so throwing it away by discouraging immigration is a bad idea. And we don't have Muslims coming in either, so we're different than european immigration
2019-05-27 01:58
A lot of this is subject to change if we actually improve the education system. But, since this is an immigration only fix I assumed the education system would stay how it is right now. I did mention in my posts that most illegal immigrants are willing to work and just want a better life. But, it becomes detrimental to the country if they remain low skill workers.
2019-05-27 19:34
United States Libtard 
Well we can all agree that immigration needs reform. I hope, if in 2020 there's a new president, that they will have a solid plan for immigration reform. Immigration is key to keeping our fertility rate from going down, and to keep our population growing. Population growth and economic growth go hand in hand.
2019-05-28 05:09
Yeah we need to find a way to help the native population to have more kids though. No one seems happy and they're just working all the time, childless, unhappy, and bitter people everywhere.
2019-05-28 05:25
United States Libtard 
I totally agree with you, but in some ways it seems inevitable that the birth rate will continue to decline. Some of the developed countries on Earth that are older than the US, like Germany and Japan. They have very old populations and very low birth rates.
2019-05-28 05:43
Bad work culture in all of those countries, especially Japan. Media or culture doesn't really glorify having a family either. To top all of this off a lot of people can barely survive with a dual income with no kids. But, we have too many problems right now to even pay any attention to this I guess, or no one cares.
2019-05-28 07:10
Blaming the national debt that is so huge that it’s hard comprehending it on immigration
2019-05-27 00:18
The thing Is that what you propose wont work and will only hurt us, immigrants are a huge boost to the economy and deporting costs so much. Also Americans don't want to work low wage manual labor. The best way for our economy to grow heading into the future is to end thos trade war with China and make every illegal immigrant legal and on the books for taxes and make immigration into the country easy And its moronic to say jobs ar being taken away from Americans when literally eveything points to the opposite
2019-05-27 00:20
A lot of them do dude. This is a common talking point, but tons of Americans go into jobs like construction which is basically low wage manual labor until you manage to get promoted. I'm confused what points to the opposite? Illegal immigrants are also taking midwestern jobs, not just jobs in Texas. Most Midwestern communities suffer from opioid addiction and high rates of suicide because people don't have work and there's barely any money being pumped into the local economy. The lack of factory jobs doesn't help, but the lack of menial labor doesn't make it better.
2019-05-27 00:31
The issue isn't with immigration itself, it is the current mass influx that isn't healthy for stability. It's not crazy for someone to enter a country legally and not this current shit show.
2019-05-27 00:48
I agree!
2019-05-27 00:20
Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
2019-05-27 00:21
One major difference: to my knowledge Trump has only said he'll restrict H1-b visas, not all immigration of entry level programmers. And Trump's been saying this stuff for years at this point, but he's too busy fighting a trade war we probably won't win to implement it.
2019-05-27 00:33
Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
No one ever wins a trade war because consumers have to pay for those inflated prices so in the end wealth is lost
2019-05-27 00:40
I think China will come out on top the way things are looking, although as you said there are no true winners. A lot of US manufacturing relies on rare earth which China basically has a monopoly on, and I'm pretty sure Trump already had to concede some stuff just because of this. To make matters worse China is largest holder of US treasury bonds and they can start selling them if worst comes to worst.
2019-05-27 00:46
I think not. From my POV, both China and USA will lose this pointless trade war with people like farmers from both sides suffering the most. Real winners from my POV would be Vietnam and Mexico.
2019-05-27 00:48
Yeah of course, but just between the Chinese and Americans, I think the Chinese will be better off in the end for the reasons I previously stated. I don't think the US has many advantages in this trade war except for US chip manufacturers.
2019-05-27 00:59
Idk what trump was thinking when starting this trade war, it’ll just do more harm than any good.
2019-05-27 01:13
He was trying to prevent China from economically rivaling the US, in my opinion that's really all it is. If he was smarter about this he'd probably try to convince their local talent to immigrate to America before resorting to a trade war.
2019-05-27 01:22
but for the record he isnt. And now the question is: how we can beat him in 2020? hes basically a guaranteed winner unless DNC nominates someone that isnt basically another Hillary like Warren and Biden. And Bernie is out of the question cause he needs support from conservatives and especially Moderates as well.
2019-05-27 01:24
It's probably gonna be Trump 2020. I've listened to multiple Joe Biden campaign speeches and I'm still not sure what his platform is at all. I had to check on his website and a lot of it seems like Bernie's ideas from 2016 with some revisions. I would support Andrew Yang because his UBI idea makes a lot of sense to me, but I want to see concrete proof we can support it with a value added tax and by cutting social programs. I think Yang can win on a national platform if he can prove without a doubt his UBI idea can actually be funded. The UBI's cost is in the trillions, and I don't think taxing Amazon and every other company that doesn't pay much in taxes with a VAT is gonna make fund it. But, I will support him if he can prove it to me.
2019-05-27 01:30
well only one way to found out. and plus he actually does have a chance but isnt well known etc, hes a pretty good debater so i believe he’ll be getting plenty of attention in the debates.
2019-05-27 01:32
I'd honestly support him a lot more if he ran on a 200 dollar UBI, working up to a 1000 dollars if it works out. He's a smart guy, probably the reason he wanted to just run on a 1000 is because being careful and smart in politics makes you look weak.
2019-05-27 01:36
the thing I like about Andrew Yang is the fact that he doesnt play identity politics and whenever he does it, its usually for jokes, and the fact that hes basically taking everyone into consideration including the conservatives and not neglecting or choosing one side over the other. And hes a very good debater so things should get interesting. Oh and the fact that he goes on basically everything whenever he gets invited for an interview or to talk about his ideas etc whenever they’re liberal or conservative outlets basically got me hooked.
2019-05-27 01:42
Even if he does become president I don't think the UBI will ever pass at its current level. He'll have to scrap the idea or downgrade it. He's definitely the most rational and forward thinking candidate though. I really don't want another 4 years or Trump. I'm 90% sure Trump can still comfortably beat Biden.
2019-05-27 03:04
neither do I and I would like some fresh blood and not the constant old farts and people like Warren. And I think his current plan of UBI will pass and besides he'd be failing his voters if he decided to downgrade and he definitely wont scrap it since its basically his signature policy.
2019-05-27 03:09
Only time will tell, but I honestly doubt he'll be nominated. I'm predicting Bernie or Biden get the nomination and lose to Trump.
2019-05-27 03:11
thats the sad part, and yes only time will tell. If Biden or Bernie get the nomination its over.
2019-05-27 03:14
Yeah we'll have to wait and see. Good to see other like minded people on this website, good talking to you dude.
2019-05-27 03:15
ofc man. I want to see change that can benefit this country for the better and especially for the next generation, not leave them and ourselves in this shitshow.
2019-05-27 03:20
And in addition, why should continue leaving our country into the current situation we have right now? I want change that can be for the better and can perhaps unite this country for once, not leave this current shitshow we're having right now for ourselves and future generations, nearly a third our population is either in poverty or near poverty and simple basic shit like healthcare is fucking expensive with no one even trying to fix it. What kind of people are we if we're just going to continue leaving this country in eventual dystopia?
2019-05-27 03:39
I post political stuff like this to at least have people debate about politics. The reason why America is going in this direction and will probably continue going in this direction is because no one cares dude. People in poverty are just trying to survive and couldn't be bothered with politics. The middle class, or whatever is left of it, are mostly single issue voters who are more concerned with who won a game of handegg than the current state of politics. Most wealthy people fall into two categories, apathy because they're too busy enjoying their lives to care or they're actively trying to lobby to make sure they stay in power. Even people who're "into politics" are unbelievably ignorant and usually hold some generic far right or far left view. I don't consider myself to high intelligent or whatever, but if an average person like me can keep up with what's going on, so can everyone else. There's no excuse...
2019-05-27 03:56
fair point but it's just really sad of what/where this country is becoming/going...
2019-05-27 03:58
shox | 
Brazil kaiknux 
sounds good, i think you should do that, USA
2019-05-27 00:25
just shoot them
2019-05-27 00:27
Brazil IwillHelpYou2 
So let me see if I understand: 1 - You are probably a 14yo to 25yo which probably spend in a maximum of 6 hours a list of things which should save your country. 2 - The most interesting is that your list is exctly of your politics! So basically, it's not you that is a genius, is just your president which is a joke. It's prety sad how the far right is rising, which is basically a lot of populist saying hate speech over the umbrela of "nationalism" and supporting the dehumanization. Why not just send some nuclear bomb on 3rd world countries? Really, just everyone on this website gtfo. Hope you have the war you all want so hard.
2019-05-27 00:38
Nah bro too late, have you ever been to any big USA city? Thats pure shithole, looks like a zoo, any kind of race, mostly low IQ barbaric animals, there is no way you can fix that... Plus you can kick all the illegals but how you gonna deal with blacks? 13% of the population commiting 52% of crimes.. Yeah, good luck with that in a liberal madness we are going thru... So to put it short, diversity doesnt work, all religions cant coexist in the same place, some races are problematic and need special treatment....You cant do anything about this in todays world.
2019-05-27 00:45
Brazil Neenzu 
this seems like nazism
2019-05-27 00:46
I don't believe in all that. People used to say the same things about the Irish and Italians, but they assimilated just fine in the end. If every non-white person in America gets up and leaves, then people will just find another group to blame their problems on. Considering over 50% of Silicon Valley workers are Indian and Chinese by ethnicity there will be A LOT of problems.
2019-05-27 00:50
Australia xSanctum 
Wow you dumb man. The only reason blacks make up that much of the crime rate is because they're less wealthy on average because white people treated them like shit for years. There is an undeniable link between wealth and crime. It has nothing to do with genetics really.
2019-05-27 00:55
United States Libtard 
Tf? The US is an extremely Christan country and only 1% of the population is Muslim. Now take a look at Germany, with 4x less population but a million more Muslims.
2019-05-27 02:11
2019-05-27 03:10
swag | 
United Kingdom Midoriya 
2019-05-28 05:50
Argentina Cushiion 
Disolve the us and its done, Kappa
2019-05-27 00:45
Do you think 65000 skilled immigrants cause as much damage as millions of random tourists who get citizenship after staying for 5 years illegally? H-1b is already a lottery for most of the applicants
2019-05-27 00:49
The reason it's a lottery is because there's tons of people out there that have some proficiency in a programming language and can work a dead end, entry level job, but nothing more than that. But, they have basically zero mathematical skills and aren't educated enough to perform higher level programming. They're all basically the same in qualifications, so there's no point nitpicking superficial differences in their applications to decide which one is marginally more qualified, hence the lottery system. Of course there are tons of talented programmers that use H1-b also, and those people should be given permanent residence.
2019-05-27 00:55
Excuse me, what is this nonsense? Did you even read the requirements? You must have a higher degree; almost all the universities and colleges have mathematics courses in a program. 12 years of experience is a 99% guarantee of competence. Even after that, the us department does not let in people whose position can be taken by an American, it makes the H-1b owners useful by definition. There are 6 million unfilled vacancies in the US, for your instance.
2019-05-27 01:31
I'm aware of the requirements, but an accredited 4 year university in a third world country isn't the same as one in the US. And the 12 years of experience is a replacement for the bachelor's or master's degree, not a direct requirement.
2019-05-27 01:34
Trash fix. Deport every illegal, and restrict ALL legal immigration until we get our demographics in check. Our people and culture are being eroded.
2019-05-27 00:52
Let's be real, even in the 50's, which is considered the peak of American prosperity, people were still pretty divided. The Irish mostly had their own community, the Germans had there's, the Polish had there's, the "native" English had there's, the Italians had there's, etc... The only reason you see many white communities become more joined together nowadays is because of non-white immigration. It's human nature to be divided, and I can guarantee people will go back to their old groups if the country was only white and black. I know a lot of people that seem to share your opinion point to Hungary as an example of a people sticking together or whatever, but America is comprised of so many white nationalities your ideal society is impossible.
2019-05-27 01:19
Algeria RyuzakiSC 
What culture ? Your country appeared in the late 17xx lol
2019-05-27 01:30
Started off as Anglo, morphed into Pan-European culture. Nowadays, it's just a clusterfuck.
2019-05-27 01:33
Pan-European basically means there were different cultures present. Italian culture is much different from English culture. There's really no point denying once we deport all the brown people or whatever you're proposing, the European nationalities would start to blame each other.
2019-05-27 01:38
I don't want to deport all brown people. I have a much more humane way of bringing back demographics in our favor. Simply stop all immigration, deport all illegals. and encourage Whites to actually have children. No violence, no blood spilled.
2019-05-27 01:42
United States Libtard 
That's is quite literally what the Nazis wanted my friend
2019-05-27 01:50
The best way to get white people to have children is to first end the opioid crisis, second create a job surplus to drive up wages, and third address the suicide epidemic among Midwesterners. I don't know what your proposed plan is, but programs that specifically tell white people to have children or even compensate white families for having children will never pass and they should never pass. It's completely ridiculous and discriminatory to just create incentives for just white families to have kids. It's not fair for non-white people to have to pay for white people's children. I don't know what your actual plan is to drive up the white birth rate, but if it's anything like the one I just described it's not fair.
2019-05-27 02:49
I don't care about fair. Why shouldn't Whites have privileges in their own countries? You wouldn't go to China or Japan and tell them it's not fair they prefer to give benefits to their own people over others.
2019-05-27 08:29
I personally don't consider Australia, NZ, US, or Canada "white" countries. Well China and Japan don't have race exclusive benefits dude, so I'm not even sure why you're using that as an example. No country has race exclusive benefits and no country should. I honestly think you're more entitled than those black people asking for reparations, at least they have some actual reason behind asking for free money. If anyone deserves exclusive benefits, it's the Native Americans since this country continues to screw them over to this day. They're the only race that deserves shit because their poor treatment stretches back 100s of years to today.
2019-05-27 19:27
They don't have that officially, but those countries are smart enough to be extremely restrictive with immigration. Also their societies are extremely xenophobic, which translates into how their immigration works. There is a reason China and Japan are homogeneous countries. Also, it doesn't what you consider. The Anglo-Sphere countries are White countries, as they were built and created by Whites, and there is a reason they're called "Anglo" in the first place. They're White countries, love it or hate it. You wouldn't go to Africa and call them White countries, or go to Asia and call them White countries because they're not. So why is it that you're doing the same with White countries?
2019-05-27 23:45
I'm assuming you meant "it doesn't matter what you consider it". If we're talking official definitions here, I'm pretty sure none of the countries I listed consider themselves white countries officially. Your "definition" is purely your opinion and isn't recognized by any of the countries listed. Japan honestly would've better off importing maybe half a million skilled immigrants, which would barely change their demographics. Japanese universities are turning into a joke or have already turned into a joke and they have a runaway debt problem stemming from the lost decade. You're acting like I'm some huge liberal when all I want is immigration mostly limited to skilled labor. Your position is very out there since I've never heard of anyone advocating for white reparations or something like that.
2019-05-27 23:52
You're telling me a country built by Whites, maintained by Whites, and created by Whites, isn't a White country. Nice to know, I guess Japan isnt Japanese
2019-05-28 00:51
Lol. The Chinese have always lived in China, the Thai have always lived in Thailand, etc... People like you always point to "right of conquest" when I bring up Native Americans, but then get mad at people who come here LEGALLY and want them to pay some kind of strange, unconstitutional tribute. We already pay people who have too many kids welfare and that's turned out great for this country lmao...
2019-05-28 01:22
Whites built the US, it was a nothing without us. If you'd like to go back to that. Then it's fine by me. This is why Andrew Jackson was a truly great president, he understood what made the USA great.
2019-05-28 01:52
"nothing without us" "us" implies you don't think I'm white, correct? So you're assuming I'm not white based on the fact that I don't think America is owned by white people and I don't think white people should be paid reparations or whatever you're proposing for having kids. Lol. And on top of that you're ignoring everything else I'm saying and just repeating something like "white people build America" over and over again.
2019-05-28 01:58
I already answered you. Whites built the U.S, we have a right to it. And if you're White, then you must be a massive cuck to sell out your country and people. How sad.
2019-05-28 01:59
I'm a massive cuck because: 1. I want to restrict immigration and deport illegals 2. I want to bring in PhD's who will number in 1,000's at most 3. I don't think people deserve free money for having kids Lmao ok dude, let's just agree to disagree.
2019-05-28 02:19
swag | 
United Kingdom Midoriya 
2019-05-28 14:06
Australia xSanctum 
Just let them come in. A border means shit all at the end of the day. Borders are the reasons wars happen.
2019-05-27 00:52
That's easy to say as island lmao. And I don't think Australia has the most open border anyway.
2019-05-27 01:12
Australia xSanctum 
We have pretty retarded politicians. Everybody wants open borders yet they don't listen
2019-05-27 02:13
Australia is a democratic republic right? You can vote in the people that you want... Clearly everyone doesn't support open borders.
2019-05-27 02:39
Australia xSanctum 
that was an exaggeration. we have more old people than young, and old people run our country so that was why we only just allowed gay marriage, because of the old fashioned cunts in parliament. the young people in australia are all pretty left wing and smart, so we just need time and then we'll be a 'forward thinking' nation imo. we are honestly too democratic. we change prime minister once a year. when we dont like them we throw them out.
2019-05-27 02:51
Left wing =/= smart The reason you're so pro open border is most of your immigrants are from SE Asia, East Asia, and India, and most of those people come legally and are highly educated. Australia has a way easier time with dealing with immigration since you're an island. Letting every schmuck that wants to move to Australia actually immigrate is a bad idea. Just be happy you're getting high quality immigrants right now for the most part.
2019-05-27 02:55
Australia xSanctum 
'high quality immigrants' our education system is much better than the US, so we CAN take in immigrants and intigrate them, which we have. most people in the us work lower skill, manual labour jobs - maybe that says something about education spending? not many differences between poor SE asians and poor mexicans, its how you treat, educate and integrate them that matters.
2019-05-27 03:03 Don't just talk about one of the groups I told you who don't even make up the majority of your immigration population. You're definitely getting the best and the brightest out of these countries.
2019-05-27 03:10
Australia xSanctum 
yeah but we're talking about ILLEGAL immigration. the wealthy and educated ones come one planes, poor ones on boats. indians and chinese come here because it's less competitive and better lifestyle. there are boats that come everyday, from SE asia that carry loads of people through storms and shit, but our government throws them on islands off the coast in camps while their applications are processed which is pretty fukn awful.
2019-05-27 03:15
I don't agree with their treatment of illegal immigrants from what you've told me, but there's nothing wrong barring other people from your country You can't help everyone who's in need, that's just the sad reality. I feel bad for people having to weather storms to come to Australia, but most of those people have no educational qualifications and don't know English.
2019-05-27 03:18
Australia xSanctum 
imo i believe in open borders but i guess we agree to disagree
2019-05-27 03:20
Okay that's fine.
2019-05-27 03:20
Iceland caverat 
expected from murican (10 iq)
2019-05-27 00:53
Lmao. I expected people from Scandinavian countries or around that region to say how ignorant I am, but meanwhile all of you guys except Sweden have pretty restrictive immigration policies (although some of you let in refugees).
2019-05-27 00:57
Tbh this solution is actually better than the existing one in US. It’s pretty tough to get a company to sponsor you a visa even if you’re better than locals since the effort is not worth it. I’ve checked last hb1 issued list and mostly are to indian people with salaries below market value. This filter will never get you the best, but the ones than accept to be explored.
2019-05-27 01:30
India h8or 
2019-05-27 01:50
Finally someone gets it. Domestic engineers/programmers are adequate to handle all of our low-mid range programming jobs. What we need are more PhD level professionals who innovate in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.
2019-05-27 03:00
India h8or 
Your assumption about H1b is wrong. H1b is mostly filed for those guys who are wanted by the american companies to come and work for them from onsite i.e. america. So most of the H1b folks have at least 5 to 8 years of work experience and are thoroughly professional in their work.
2019-05-27 01:50
The only actual requirement is a bachelor's degree or 12 years of work experience. The real problem with H1-B is most of them are kicked out eventually without a path to permanent residence, and these people take their skills and experience (some of which they acquired in America) back home. Meanwhile entry level engineers/programmers in America are have to take lower paying work they're overqualified for, and their experience won't be as valuable.
2019-05-27 02:58
They arnt kicked out. H1b at max is valid for 6 years. Also, like i said, the people who come into USA already have good amount of experience which is why they qualify for h1b in the first place.
2019-05-27 04:55
But, they are kicked out if they don't manage to transition to a permanent residence (green card) track in time.
2019-05-27 05:30
No, green card for H1b is "sponsored" by the company. Only those candidates are eligible for green card who are best of the best.
2019-05-27 06:02
I don't understand what you're trying to say. All I'm trying to say is the vast majority of people with H1-B visas end up going home taking the experience they acquired in the US with them. You seem to be agreeing with this...
2019-05-27 06:22
I am just trying to correct some facts for you. Also, they do gain some experience but they are already professionals with good amount of experience. What they gain is money :) as they pay rate is higher in US compared to India and China.
2019-05-27 06:46
Let's just agree to disagree because how the value of experience is subjective even if they're already experienced.
2019-05-27 19:22
2019-05-27 02:18
Except for #3 , this is pretty much a copy paste of the EU immigration policy. Immigration in U.S has been fully shutdown since december though , it wont be reactivated untill they build the wall probably , but i think none of this will be implemented.
2019-05-27 03:06
unfortunately for you, the wall wont be built. Trump had the chance of doing so when he had both the House and Senate under Republican control but still got denied.
2019-05-27 03:46
Why unfortunately for me? I've never been interested in going to U.S at all and none of my relatives live there. Also republicans have compromised with the democrats countless times , do you think that democrats would've complied with a 650 Billion military expenditure if the wall would've been built??? get your head out of your ass and also , take a good look at who votes what in congress. Again , i have no personal agenda for anything since im not too concerned about what ends up happening in U.S , but you're being delusional and dishonest.
2019-05-27 06:22
Italy AlCapone1925 
Return that stolen land to natives. Kick all the white and black people. The End.
2019-05-27 03:17
I think we should treat Native American communities better, but a lot of them are doing pretty well off casinos anyway. Still though we should do better.
2019-05-27 03:28
United States Nohj_ 
return the stolen land to the animals kill all humans
2019-05-27 06:24
Tbh at least the Native Americans lived in some kind of harmony with nature.
2019-05-28 01:24
In temporary permit you should add seasonal workers like farm workers. Also you didn't gave a solution for dreamers, and you didn't told us if you keep right of soil. Also how do you sort out between engineers (temp.) and other master degree holder?
2019-05-27 04:08
An MS/PhD in Comp Sci or Engineering are permanent residents though. And yeah I would keep right of soil even if the parents are illegal immigrants. And the idea in your first line is pretty good, I should've added that to my post.
2019-05-27 05:32
And what about dreamers? A master in gender studies allow people to get a permanent permit?
2019-05-27 05:49
I meant only doctors, engineers, and programmers. And engineers and programmers need to have a masters or PhD.
2019-05-27 06:22
United States Scvboy1 
Realistically 4 can't happen. You would destroy the economy of entire communities if you tried to deport that many people.
2019-05-27 05:35
the point 1. is the way we indians get to US anyway.
2019-05-27 08:36
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
Keep illegal aliens? Their business can have such a moneylaunder going on the background that no one would believe it.
2019-05-28 03:02
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