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Gimme ur best pick up lines and I will test them on russians and show u how it works,lets get fucking n00dz mby? o_O
2019-05-31 23:22
Estonia badbait0r 
let me rush your double doors ))) 😎😎
2019-05-31 23:23 msg 2)What? 3)Said let me rush your doors in ruski 4)Fuck off Pick up failed ;(
2019-05-31 23:28
check his name and be ashamed of yourself
2019-05-31 23:29
Estonia badbait0r 
ok try this: i have small penis, but i can lick pussy )))
2019-05-31 23:29
Netherlands RincoB 
2019-06-01 13:07
Hey men))) How you doing))
2019-05-31 23:23 Ruski part 1)I don't know english 2)Can u send b00bz? 3)NO!
2019-05-31 23:32
At least you tried))
2019-05-31 23:36
If you sat on my face, I would eat my way to your heart <3
2019-06-09 01:54
What do u mean brotha?
2019-06-09 01:54
try this pickup mens))
2019-06-09 02:00
Europe PlatinumToe 
Haha, thats fucking great mate
2019-06-09 13:54
brilliant xd
2019-06-09 14:18
that's love <3
2019-06-15 17:21
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
Hey want some dicking?
2019-05-31 23:23
Estonia badbait0r 
expected from UK 0iq 😎😎😎
2019-05-31 23:24
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
2019-05-31 23:24
want some dicking XD
2019-06-15 15:18
why am I so hard?
2019-05-31 23:24
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
Oh my god i am flattered 🥰
2019-05-31 23:25 her last msg means ofc.Next step? o_O
2019-05-31 23:37
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
Koneshno lmao, ask her to show bob and vagene
2019-05-31 23:40
2019-05-31 23:45
Typical Lera.
2019-06-09 14:59
Is that how you approach your rats ? England is my city btw
2019-05-31 23:53
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
Works everytime, have to spike the drink first tho
2019-06-01 13:03
You look like Dosia!
2019-05-31 23:26 She blocked me lel Russia msg:Who is it?
2019-05-31 23:48
2019-06-13 06:24
rain | 
Other sH0guN95 
Look deep into her eyes and say "this dosen't have to be rape"
2019-05-31 23:28
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes 
2019-05-31 23:30
2019-05-31 23:46 Russian part 1)So who are u? Do I know u? 2)Write in Russian Does it worth to continue? o_O
2019-05-31 23:55
Poland dailyy 
2019-06-01 00:12
What to write? I am out of ideas.
2019-06-01 00:31
rain | 
Other sH0guN95 
i actually had read this on hltv some time back
2019-06-01 00:58
Deja vu? cuz I haven't posted anything for a while.
2019-06-01 00:59
rain | 
Other sH0guN95 
I am talking about the pickup line
2019-06-01 01:09
Ohhh pick up line is new.
2019-06-01 01:10
Hey baby, if you were salt I would drink the whole ocean found this on duolingo actually sent to a chick on tinder and got instantly unmatched
2019-05-31 23:31
the end made me laugh
2019-05-31 23:39 Me:If u were salt,I would drink the whole ocean She:Ahahahaha Its so So cute Me:If its so cute Can u send me your cute pics? she sent fucking pics but she is too fucking young like 14 probably,I won't continue that shit,tooooo young.But pick up line works,at least on 14 yo girls. I wrote her in russian only cuz nobody got what I meant when I wrote same in english.
2019-06-01 00:01
catfish spotted
2019-06-01 01:22
What do u mean?
2019-06-01 01:23
she looks like she got beaten b4 the pic LMAO
2019-06-01 14:00
Argentina messi__10 
she draw a heart in her right cheek lol
2019-06-09 02:16
I didn't touch her,I swear
2019-06-09 02:17
link her and i'll take it away from here
2019-06-15 17:23
Is "are normal girls" some new meme? cuz I remember one guy wrote it on my thread lel
2019-06-15 17:25
yea a one day meme and now i gotta wait a month before i can change my nick again feelsbadman
2019-06-15 17:26
Or give meme 2nd life and keep name
2019-06-15 17:26
200iq thanks men))) now link me the grill !
2019-06-15 17:28
She is 14 or smth like that as I remember bro but anyway can send u id in pm if u want
2019-06-15 17:30
just send me the pics 😎😎 i'll find her when she learns some london.
2019-06-15 17:32
I have no more pics of her,wanna me to ask her? she is from russian man,they don't learn london at school.
2019-06-15 17:33
if you were so kind and do it for ur brother, sure ! gotta teach her myself i guess
2019-06-15 17:36
Do u have discord? I wrote her hi but she was online 40 mins ago.I will write u what she answers and stuff on discord.I mean I can write u everything here but it won't be so fast.
2019-06-15 17:37
nah man hltv pm will be enough. it's gotta be a pleasant surprise 😎😎
2019-06-15 17:39
Ok so I will try to get more of her and send ya if I get.
2019-06-15 17:39
you're so nice man humanity on hltv not lost yet !
2019-06-15 17:40
Thanks brother :D hltv is full of friendly guys but for some reason most of famous ones are weird nowadays.
2019-06-15 17:41
I feel like they're not that active anymore... but maybe that's only because the loud and angry are just spamming everything
2019-06-15 17:44
Also problem is that most of threads are being deleted without reason so people who spent more than 5 mins creating threads left hltv cuz there is no reason for tryhard.
2019-06-15 17:46
Oh yeah totally... this pissed me off many times before. Let's hope this one won't get deleted :))
2019-06-15 17:47
If it does,I will leave this site cuz they already deleted around 10 threads on this acc only :D
2019-06-15 17:48
Hey do you need another daddy?
2019-05-31 23:36
2019-06-01 00:04
when I tried it with my stepsister it worked tho :S
2019-06-01 00:11
Congratz but I think it works only on stepsisters :(
2019-06-01 00:18
TaZ | 
Poland trollorowy 
your sister is better
2019-05-31 23:37 me:your sister is better than u she has everything better than u even ASS she:not true me:true,prove that u have better sending that pic lel,if u want I can upload this picture to imgur and send u pm.
2019-06-01 00:18
NiKo | 
United Kingdom Wazerz 
send me plz
2019-06-01 03:07
You might send me as well, please :D
2019-06-10 01:37
I have lost pic sadly and our convo with that grill is deleted by her.Maybe if I find imgur link will give ya.
2019-06-10 01:38
No problem. Thanks for telling me :)
2019-06-10 01:44
Found,sent,check pm.
2019-06-10 02:38
Thanks :)
2019-06-10 08:03
You send me? XD
2019-06-12 22:10
Was expecting bait Ty mate =DDD
2019-06-13 03:17
hahaha men))))
2019-06-10 01:37
You know America has alot school shootings, can i shoot you? A baby inside you!
2019-05-31 23:40
this should work
2019-05-31 23:43
"ure good but not best (jw best)" "ure so cute and delicate. like a flower"
2019-05-31 23:40 If u want to get pic,I can send u it in pm.
2019-06-01 00:58
wtf men it actually worked? Im gonna convert to online dating guru I think men))) oki why not^^
2019-06-01 04:22
2019-06-01 13:53
"wtf men it actually worked?" exactly my thought wtf xD
2019-06-01 14:01
what kind of site are you using lul
2019-06-01 13:19
2019-06-01 14:02
Send me aswell))
2019-06-15 17:04
I didn't save brother but u can ask StillAwake mby he saved.
2019-06-15 17:21
F mens((
2019-06-15 17:25
rofl :D
2019-06-15 17:25
I'm rank 10 in faceit.
2019-05-31 23:42 russian part she:who are u? me:I am rank 10 on faceit and she keeps ignoring :(
2019-06-01 14:18
Germany zeolikk 
"hey I'm famous on HLTV wanna hang out?"
2019-05-31 23:45 russian part me:Wanna hang out? she:*retarded laugh* why not me:so look I am getting some condoms and coming to you she:*again retarded laugh* ofc
2019-06-01 14:27
Germany zeolikk 
wow men it worked))
2019-06-01 14:28
Ofc men :D being famous on hltv = insta bitches everyday.
2019-06-01 14:30
can we compare penis sizes? works every time, although i'm yet to find one with a smaller penis then mine mens (((
2019-05-31 23:47 Russian part she:in russian me:lets compare our sizes of kxm kxm she:what do you mean? me:our kxm kxm :D she:I didn't get what are u talking about me:LETS COMPARE SIZES OF OUR COCKS STUPID GRILL and she blocked me lel
2019-06-01 20:28
see, worked. No worry for u 😎😎
2019-06-01 21:22
Ur not a jail rebellion but you make my bed catch fire
2019-05-31 23:50 Didn't get n00dz but at least rekt.
2019-06-09 02:44
i amnt
2019-06-12 21:48
Its not that bad for Russian tho,at least she got what I wrote her lel
2019-06-12 21:52
true :D
2019-06-12 21:53
United Kingdom IgglePiggle 
Marks out of 2? I'd give you one
2019-05-31 23:52
United Kingdom IgglePiggle 
tbh im not sure whos stupider
2019-06-10 21:57
Surely her,she is grill.
2019-06-10 22:01
Yugoslavia kief 
I am 6'2 with western passport and money
2019-05-31 23:54 Hltv best country lel.
2019-06-10 01:04
women want normality, so be normal in positive way :P
2019-05-31 23:57
Not all,I have seen much grillz that hate normal conversation.
2019-06-10 01:19
Do you have diabetes? Because you are so sweet.
2019-06-01 00:08
lul is this you?
2019-06-10 13:58
2019-06-15 13:28
i shat in my bed can i sleep in yours?
2019-06-01 00:16
what is this site? vk?
2019-06-01 00:19
Yes its vk.
2019-06-01 00:28
Do you just randomly add everyone? Is it like Facebook or more like tindereque dating site
2019-06-01 04:32
it's russian facebook rip off basically
2019-06-01 13:13
Its like a fb but u can write to random people without problem.(u don't have to add them)
2019-06-01 13:53
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
Do you hate woman ?
2019-06-01 00:22
Why u think so?
2019-06-01 00:28
Czech Republic KOKOT123456 
2019-06-01 00:25
2019-06-01 01:19
Ok so guys I take a break,its harder than I expected,anyway got one ass pic so its not that bad result.
2019-06-01 00:33
Czech Republic KOKOT123456 
you can send it my mens)))
2019-06-01 00:35
#48 I still w8 for his answer,mby he doesn't want to show ass that was picked up with his pick up line lel
2019-06-01 00:38
Germany zeolikk 
where do u even find so many grills
2019-06-01 01:21
From grill groups on vk,find post that was made 1 min ago,check who liked it and write who has public profile.
2019-06-01 01:22
Germany zeolikk 
Russian grills are so easy to get wtfmen
2019-06-01 01:22
Yeah they are easier than European girls but I think its not that hard to pick up European girl as well,all you need is good pictures and humor sense.
2019-06-01 01:24
Ohhh I forgot about money
2019-06-01 01:28
Germany zeolikk 
You don't necessarily need money
2019-06-01 01:28
Its a way easier with money,for getting nudes,its not needed but for picking up 10/10 girl irl,more money = more chance.It doesn't work all time cuz girls have different priorities but I know too much girls who care about money.
2019-06-01 01:30
most of them talking only online tho just cuz they are bored and want attention
2019-06-01 13:15
Yeah but georgians don't act like that even online lel
2019-06-09 01:52
good for you my man
2019-06-09 10:49
Aleksib | 
Finland tmu 
Can I rush your lower b?
2019-06-01 00:41
Shall i put my pee pee into your vagina ma'am?
2019-06-01 01:29
#19 its almost same,I asked if I can put my dick in her pussy.
2019-06-01 01:31
North America PhantomX 
I will fuck you brazil style :D
2019-06-01 01:30
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
Gimme some pussy, I know you have.
2019-06-01 01:53
If you are cold approaching pick up lines really don't matter. It will actually give off a player vibe and she will most likely don't even pay you attention. Its easy as fuck to come up to a girl and say hi, the hard part comes afterwards. If you're on tinder and/or instagram then it works. On tinder I always go for "Can I be honest with you?" and then I drop a bomb. On the streets I just go for "hi, i just saw you from there and you were glowing/looked like fun/looked so hot, so I thought it would be a good idea to come and say hi".
2019-06-01 03:15
Netherlands ZoMilan 
Do you like raccoons?
2019-06-01 13:56
Netherlands ZoMilan 
He's talking about the singer :(
2019-06-15 16:46
Is it singer? wtf I thought its animal.
2019-06-15 16:47
Netherlands ZoMilan 
Animal is 'raccoon' Racoon is a Dutch singer or band idk. Actually quite famous
2019-06-15 17:35
I don't think that she knows that singer since its some stupid grill that probably listens to some ruski trash rap whole day.
2019-06-15 17:39
Are you an archaeologist? Cus I have a large bone for you to examine
2019-06-01 14:09
damn nice one
2019-06-09 02:16
Rofl 8/8
2019-06-09 15:00 Sticker was added by me,she sent 3 pics lel,can show u in pm.
2019-06-15 14:38
Ooo send to pm pls
2019-06-15 14:53
2019-06-15 15:06
Russia Nikosimus 
Nu davai posmotryu na etu shalavu))
2019-06-15 16:57
thats my boi dima ))
2019-06-15 17:40
i want to see ur bone men)))
2019-06-15 17:39
can u show me too?)
2019-06-15 18:57
"Hey you want to go back to my place, or do you want to dance first?" she reply something like "Surely dancing" "I will go to the bar then, come tell me when your finished dancing..."
2019-06-01 23:52
I do only in vk :(
2019-06-15 17:20
#DiaDeFuria ez4FURIA FURIA>you
2019-06-09 02:03
Hang around outside the girls bathrooms and as they come out ask: ''Hey, wanna go for number 2?''
2019-06-09 02:13
Russia isn't visa free to test it ;(
2019-06-10 13:13
tarik | 
Morocco Most! 
You: Someone sent me the most beautiful meme ever do you wanna see it Her: Sure. *send a blanc pic with "You" in Comic sans MS and a bunch of hearts around it. EZ grills mens, don't forget to share the b0bs with yo mens
2019-06-09 02:19
United States NoKeTchup 
hey man how do u do that in which vk group are u
2019-06-09 13:52
I am not in any group just writing to random girls,my scheme is ez as fuck,stalk some group about love and grill stuff,check who liked newest posts so that girls are online,write them whatever u want.
2019-06-09 13:54
NiKo | 
Serbia Krosis 
You are doing gods work,keep it up
2019-06-09 15:19
Thanks man ^_^
2019-06-09 17:18
If you think a line is going to magically give you pussy, you're in for a surprise mate LOL
2019-06-09 15:21
No but its funny to troll girls and maybe even get some nudes.
2019-06-09 17:18
Enjoy it if thats your endgoal man. Sad.
2019-06-09 21:03
Whats sad about it?
2019-06-09 22:47
Canada Abolition 
pretty funny if you ask me
2019-06-13 02:43
Name checks out
2019-06-15 17:11
Serbia Suckleus 
bump mens do more
2019-06-09 21:25
I will do it later,just not in mood to talk with grillz atm
2019-06-09 22:48
Serbia Suckleus 
True alpha
2019-06-09 22:50
Thanks man <3
2019-06-10 01:05
Germany RobiDable 
True alpha handles them ladies at any time, this sounds more like a beta cuck.
2019-06-10 01:07
Serbia Suckleus 
you got it all wrong Hans
2019-06-10 01:08
Germany RobiDable 
I dont think so, but pls feel free to explain.
2019-06-10 01:28
Serbia Suckleus 
would you not rather find that out by yourself?
2019-06-10 01:30
"True alpha handles them ladies at any time" Yep. Beta spotted
2019-06-10 01:30
Yeah,nobody should care what anyone wants.
2019-06-10 12:55
True alphas do whatever they want as 1/2 true alpha I know how it works.
2019-06-10 01:31
Canada Abolition 
wtf mens))) we need more
2019-06-13 04:00
I am not feeling very well cuz some personal issues,will do it when it gets fixed ^_^
2019-06-13 06:07
Canada Abolition 
ok mens hope your personal issues get sorted
2019-06-13 06:07
Thanks bro
2019-06-13 13:17
Portugal NabasKi 
You look a lot like my next girlfriend
2019-06-10 01:25
Dre | 
Sweden günT 
are you from ireland? cause my penis is dublin
2019-06-10 01:30
Germany RobiDable 
Actually a really funny one, didnt expect that. 8/8
2019-06-10 01:33
"If you were my homework i'd do you everyday"
2019-06-10 01:39
xD Good one
2019-06-10 01:41
United States NoKeTchup 
xD Good one
2019-06-13 21:44
Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
xD Good one
2019-06-15 17:52
xD Good one
2019-06-15 19:08
Canada Abolition 
are you an AK cause I'd put my mag in you
2019-06-13 03:29
Men just thank you for this hilarious thread ''If your hair doesnt hit your ass, I'll hit it for ya"
2019-06-13 06:32
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
Best one: I shat myself multiple times Or There are allegedly around 6.5 millions Finns, right? That's out of 7.125 billion humans. That means Finns make up 0.0912% of the planet. Thats not 9%---that's point zero nine percent, less than a percent. To put it another way, 99.9% of the planet are not Finns. How do we know this? Government censuses. Now, the best government censuses have a margin of error of at least 1%. So Finns make up 0.0912% of the planet, plus or minus one percent In conclusion: there is a 50/50 chance Finland doesn't exist.
2019-06-15 13:27
Finland Teukkasd 
wat man))
2019-06-15 15:08
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
Sorry I love Finland mens)) 😎😎
2019-06-15 15:16
Finland Teukkasd 
2019-06-15 15:22
Are you a scientist , because I "lab you". > I change it a little bit...from the original pickup line...because it was on my own language and translating it to English doesn't fit well. Also are you the sun because you just made my day < Overuse line.
2019-06-15 13:39
New Zealand RickRonk 
Did you fart? Because you blew me away
2019-06-15 13:42
720 | 
Germany felixlulz 
can i suck your dick please?
2019-06-15 15:07
You thirsty?
2019-06-15 15:08
best pick up lines
2019-06-15 17:25
google inspect :/
2019-06-15 17:42
i dont believe in this pidr
2019-06-15 17:42
If u teach me how to add emotions and images with google inspect for vk,I will be happy bro :D
2019-06-15 17:43 like this u gavnovoz driver
2019-06-15 17:47
I mean vk emotions not emojis.
2019-06-15 17:47
its vk emotion
2019-06-15 17:49
right click on emotion and then copy attribute and paste it its ez
2019-06-15 17:50
I thought that they had their owns emotions wtf
2019-06-15 17:51
Holly crap this really works,ok now teach me images and I am going to fake everything very fast
2019-06-15 17:51
Are you from south korea? Cus i think we can be seoul mates.
2019-06-15 17:43
hello, i have a ponytail. and long hairs!
2019-06-15 17:51
Dude do you understand that if she doesn't like you it won't be fixed by whatever you do? You may even "convince" her to fuck you but once she has a chance to fuck a guy she liked from the moment she saw him - she will do it and remember about you only after they have done it and he has left. Whatever crap you say to her it doesn't matter, attractiveness is in the appearance, however witty or confident you were all the time - she will fuck a Jared Leto or a Zach Efron anyway anytime.
2019-06-15 17:59
So all picked up ruski girls just like my appearance and my pick up lines aren't even good? (((((
2019-06-15 18:01
2019-06-15 18:26
Sweden N1ppy 
Is your dad retarded? Because you are special ))
2019-06-15 19:00
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