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How do I no fap
s1mple | 
Latvia 4wheeldrive 
I wanna have a wet dream. I never had one. I am a no lifer chill on my PC, hike alone.. stuff like that. Everytime I get bored or frustrated after MM or other stuff I start jacking my cock. After 2 days no fap it feels I will already have a wet dream if I resist it somehow, my cum production facilities do work
2019-06-01 02:16
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Bulgaria Omaiguudnes 
+1 bump
2019-06-01 02:16
expected from fan of streamer
2019-06-01 02:17
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes 
fortnite streamer
2019-06-01 02:17
Panama FUN4ENCE 
Don't beat meat
2019-06-01 02:18
man if I still had my old friends, had an awesome life.. not saying my life is bad its jsut not awesome... it would be easier. Get my mind off that stuff
2019-06-01 02:19
Lock your pants
2019-06-01 02:19
Sweden 1stWorldMuslim Give the key to your mother and tell her to give it back to you in 1 month.
2019-06-01 02:20
Denmark idkwhoami 
i had wet dream i raped 12 year old girl once, that was my first and last wet dream.
2019-06-01 02:21
how did u know she was 12? u've checked her documents first?
2019-06-01 02:23
Denmark idkwhoami 
well around that age, it was very lucid
2019-06-01 02:25
Korea XigNw0w 
Quite common in Nordic countries I suppose.
2019-06-01 02:27
Denmark idkwhoami 
yes very
2019-06-01 02:28
FBI open it up )))
2019-06-01 05:11
You will have wet dreams once you lost your virginity mate.
2019-06-01 02:21
2019-06-01 02:27
I already lost fate to lose my virginity, maybe in my 30's as reproducing is a major goal. Casual sex is impossible for a guy with anxiety that years of isolation made worse
2019-06-01 02:32
Pay a hooker to unlock your wet dreams then
2019-06-01 03:08
I hate the concept of hooker, also thats too much anxiety for me. My dream is to find a chick and after 1 day shes DTF but thats fantasy stuff for me and unlikely anytime soon
2019-06-01 05:08
You shouldn't hate the concept of hookers. I'm well aware some are forced to do it, but don't pick those then. Imagine the courage these ladies have to do what they do. And they are in fact helping the society by endorsing such life. But if you rather to not use them, that's your choice and that is totally respectable. No idea what DTF means btw. Also, why 1 day? If there is any rush then not using hookers seems contradictory to me. Anyway, in your dream, you find a chick. But it is up to you to achieve that dream. I know easy to say. But that's the only way out : it is 100% up to you. You should solves your issues one way or another. If anxiety is your problem, then go see a doctors, there is many ways to solve this. Xanax being one.
2019-06-01 06:50
cut off ur dick)
2019-06-01 02:27
China VanNistelrooy 
Use software to block porn websites. Let your friend set the password so you can't turn off the blocker.
2019-06-01 06:06
Brazil Mentecapto 
start using very strong antidepressants, they'll destroy your libido pretty fast
2019-06-01 06:13
smoke rat poison
2019-06-01 06:32
Poland Arknes 
just start life - me 2019
2019-06-01 06:36
China teguP 
Get a roommate
2019-06-01 06:40
try to suck it to yourself
2019-06-01 06:52
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