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New squat pr
Germany buffdude49 
Today at the gym I was blowing off some steam and I squatted 220 kg I only got one rep but I’m still fucking pumped Can anyone on this site even do nearly as much? Probably not most of you don’t even lift
2019-06-03 01:31
2019-06-03 01:32
does the fact that i can squat much more than you hurt your feelings you little beta? haha
2019-06-03 01:33
yes im hurt rn 😭
2019-06-03 01:34
what's the point if you are a pumped but ugly beta anyway 😭😭
2019-06-03 01:45
I’ve been with 15 women kid 😂😂 I’m fucking shredded and most women say I should model. You are nothing kid haha
2019-06-03 02:05
2019-06-03 02:09
He wont send a pic cuz he is probably a ugly incel 😎
2019-06-03 02:15
was expected tbh, a boring troll
2019-06-03 02:46
Sorry I don’t want to out myself on this website like that haha. You probably want to touch yourself to me. You probably want to kiss me
2019-06-03 02:53
nt troll, try better next time and don't reply me anymore ty
2019-06-03 02:58
Was I a troll when you were falling for it? I’m not trolling but either way you lose On one side I trolled you On the other I am an alpha to you Believe what you want either way I win ;)
2019-06-03 02:59
Nt desig0d
2019-06-03 05:05
Who the fuck is desig0d? People keep talking about him in my threads
2019-06-03 05:07
rain | 
Estonia Turittu 
desig0d > buffdude49
2019-06-03 08:15
Fuck desigod He’s not even an active user look it up fuck off with that shit
2019-06-03 08:19
rain | 
Estonia Turittu 
"alpha male" lol Most beta male seen on this site
2019-06-03 08:20
That’s kinda sus you want pics to stare at of me haha. It’s really not my fault I’m not as big of a loser as most of you on this site. Go to the gym get some pussy for once then you can talk to me
2019-06-03 02:29
#17, #18 /closed
2019-06-03 02:30
Pics, I want to compare myself to the perfect human so I can evolve to the final state too
2019-06-03 02:42
buffdude49 baiting the entire cs community since 2005
2019-06-03 15:48
Plot twist; You're a gymcel wasting time in gym just to not get laid xDDD
2019-06-03 02:14
Plot twist; your little basement dwelling beta self can’t stand the fact that I am so much better at life than you haha. Yes kid not all people are losers like you maybe one day you can be more like me
2019-06-03 02:36
Nt ahmed
2019-06-03 05:06
United Kingdom yungblades 
I’m fucking shredded and most women say I should model. You are nothing kid haha
2019-06-03 22:52
2019-06-03 18:57
220kg thats like half of my official competition max. how cute 😜😉😘
2019-06-03 01:36
allu | 
Brazil largeshaw 
lmao are you really that guy?
2019-06-03 02:21
yea he is!, i'm his older brother and i administrate his account
2019-06-03 20:58
2019-06-03 23:02
It would actually be awesome if hafthor was on hltv lmao
2019-06-03 02:44
Denmark how_much_ 
I curl 220kg men))
2019-06-03 01:36
this guy 65kg and do it:
2019-06-03 01:37
you really think you can troll me like that kid? KILOGRAMS NOT POUNDS WE DONT USE SHITTY AMERICAN MEASUREMENTS HERE
2019-06-03 01:39
Sorry he ment 637 newtons
2019-06-03 02:43
what is gym
2019-06-03 01:43
Who cares about squats. Everyone knows bench press is the official exercise to brag to others about how much you lift.
2019-06-03 01:44
You don’t even want to hear my bench haha. It will make you feel so small
2019-06-03 07:40
Germany RobiDable 
lmao, since your using hltv and your username is as retarded as this site, i dare to doubt that.
2019-06-03 23:03
nt desig0d 2.0
2019-06-03 02:06
Who is desig0d?
2019-06-03 02:27
Hungary OwlOfMoist 
2019-06-03 22:30
Yeah definitely
2019-06-03 22:25
shox | 
Lithuania Jaguar4s 
doing legs in 2019 LUL
2019-06-03 02:07
United States WashamGaming 
2019-06-03 02:09
train legs = gay
2019-06-03 02:14
frozen | 
France HYPNO5 
HAHAHAHAHAHA most retarded comment ive ever ever seen its the exact opposite
2019-06-03 22:50
i do lateral raises with that weight you little bitch
2019-06-03 02:31
on a serious note is there a harder exercise than lateral raises? as in, if i had to do every exercise with the same weight, raises would probably be the toughest
2019-06-03 02:54
Empty cans
2019-06-03 02:56
What's worse than people braggin about their gym achievements people bragging about gym achievements wihtout even going to the gym
2019-06-03 02:36
I’m 190 cm 102kg Barely any fat on my body muscles popping on every part of me. You wish kid. My body is perfect
2019-06-03 02:39
Guess I'm gay now
2019-06-03 02:46
I’ll dm pics If you don’t show anyone ;)
2019-06-03 02:57
Thanks buds
2019-06-03 03:03
145kg in 1,5 years training
2019-06-03 02:45
What's worse than people bragging about their achievements? People desperately trying to bait on hltv.
2019-06-03 02:50
I know these shitty baiters are ruining my thread.
2019-06-03 02:51
At least you are dedicated, I'll give you that,
2019-06-03 02:56
desigod can 300kg 5 reps
2019-06-03 03:39
Who the fuck is desigod? I find it hard to believe anyone can do that. Proof?
2019-06-03 03:41
bro he's 6'5 250 shredded
2019-06-03 13:01
Proof? I don’t believe anyone on this site is bigger than me...
2019-06-03 18:38
his record is 5x but its 4x captured on video
2019-06-03 18:40
Wow I’m impressed to be honest. How do you know that’s desigod ? did he send this to you?
2019-06-03 18:47
no i made that all up and found this vid on yt, cheers
2019-06-03 22:11
But I found a thread where he says he can squat exactly that much. Are you messing with me?
2019-06-03 22:16
yes hes also said hes 6'5 250lbs shredded, hes a troll
2019-06-03 22:24
lol lowbar squatting at an olympic lifting gym
2019-06-03 21:00
bro he's 6'5 250 shredded
2019-06-03 12:28
Poland teacandothat 
still lost 2 world wars
2019-06-03 07:42
Finland Kurko_Of_HLTV 
non funny version of desigod, insert "ah shit here we go again meme"
2019-06-03 07:45
Who the fuck is desigod? I am new to this website and when I go to desigods profile he is inactive for a long time
2019-06-03 07:48
nt desig0d
2019-06-03 07:55
African Union tier99baiter 
2019-06-03 08:08
allu | 
Europe samje 
I squat maybe 100kg+ but I destroyed my knee in football so squatting is rip for now
2019-06-03 08:13
Stay on the grind my son
2019-06-03 12:22
allu | 
Europe samje 
thank Mr. Buff Dude 49
2019-06-03 13:13
Only 220? Pathetic
2019-06-03 12:25
I prefer being lean than big.
2019-06-03 12:56
I am big and lean the perfect combination
2019-06-03 13:24
Not without roids u aint.
2019-06-03 14:51
With hard work, blood, sweat, and tears I am. You wouldn’t understand how hard I worked for this. Gtfo kid hit the fucking gym
2019-06-03 15:42
Then you're probably not what i'd consider big.
2019-06-03 15:45
6’3 225 shredded to the fucking max kid.
2019-06-03 18:36
wtf are these numbers cringe
2019-06-03 20:12
221 ez
2019-06-03 12:57
Netherlands poeya 
another one of these yikes
2019-06-03 13:02
Other delmaszm 
2019-06-03 13:05
I did a personal best of 27.5 yesterday lol.
2019-06-03 15:46
Colombia HachitaVidal 
2019-06-03 15:51
Colombia HachitaVidal 
Probably had shit form and did quarter squat but good job
2019-06-03 15:51
Perfect form ass to the fucking ground. You think you get to that weight in the first place with shitty form?? Here’s a hint you don’t...
2019-06-03 18:42
Other xrist 
if you are on gear you can easily get to those squatting numbers while using shit form
2019-06-03 19:03
Colombia HachitaVidal 
ok yeah you probably winked at the bottom, which isn't perfect form. 0 iq braindead bratwurst
2019-06-03 23:10
oh yes, thats my warmup weight nice try blowing of the steam rookie
2019-06-03 15:51
Szohn | 
Nepal Nepali 
2019-06-03 15:51
Other xrist 
Pic of urself?
2019-06-03 16:37
So you can touch yourself? Make a thread outing me? Probably If you really want one dm me about it
2019-06-03 18:39
Other xrist 
just post a pick of your legs like #88 says
2019-06-03 18:55
Finland James Nelson 
Post pic of leg for proof, with username tag and preferably date aswell. Otherwise you are just another baiter, and yes I dont squat nor go to gym I dont care.
2019-06-03 18:49
I’ll dm you a pic If you don’t send it around
2019-06-03 22:40
Other xrist 
Dm me with post it note w/name+date
2019-06-03 23:28
Denmark OzzFan 
Rookie. Let's talk again when you pr is 250 kg.
2019-06-03 18:50
stfu mikey you beta cuck
2019-06-03 18:58
United States BubbleFlames 
You are just a baiter. People on this site who actually lift post pics of themself (Fitguy, Mikey) Others like you and desigod are baiters. (At least desigod is relevant, who are you)
2019-06-03 18:59
United States BubbleFlames 
I bet you can't even do a pistol squat
2019-06-03 18:59
HAHHAHA WHAT A BETA EXERCISE HAHAHAHAH. You probably do yoga you beta lmfao
2019-06-03 22:39
United States BubbleFlames 
I actually do. Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics...All the strong beta stuff
2019-06-03 23:26
2019-06-03 23:27
Canada mattyfinch 
Ignore any of the virgins on here who suggest squatting 220lb isn't impressive. The percentage of the human population that can is in the single digits % wise. I do 275 for 8 reps as my max full 8 rep right now. Hoping to work up to 305-315 this summer before hockey starts in September again. My max single If tried is 335lbs The most effective way to add more is working your core and legs through varying exercises, including different types of squats. One i use is called dumbbell squats. You hold a dumbbell in front of your body and do a squat keeping the dumbbell on your chest. Saw massive improvements in my squats after a few weeks of incorporating these.
2019-06-03 18:59
You realize I said 220 kilograms right? Gtfo you beta
2019-06-03 21:31
Canada mattyfinch 
I did, and I rofled. So i figured I would troll you with the opposite and see if you realized it. You did :(. Germany 1 - Canada 0
2019-06-03 21:36
You can’t troll me kid haha I have 140 IQ. Good luck trying I see right through you ;)))
2019-06-03 22:18
Canada mattyfinch 
KID? hahahahahahaha. I probably shot loads of cum with more natural intellect then you currently have, years before you were born Anyways, we both know you're not going anywhere near ass to grass, and are likely using a smith machine, so its probably time to rename yourself duffboob.
2019-06-03 22:25
Haha I am 6’3 225 fucking shredded kid what’s so hard to understand about that. I go to a straight grudge gym only body builders and you say smith machine?? XDDDD are you fucking dull? All my squats are ass to grass. You are one of the stupidest fuckers I have ever seen on this site haha
2019-06-03 22:46
147.6 kg 1RM :(
2019-06-03 19:01
2019-06-03 19:38
2019-06-03 22:16
Well then keep it up :) happy for u
2019-06-04 14:37
i squat undefined kilopascals
2019-06-03 20:13
That was a good one. Stay_wet_my_comrade
2019-06-03 20:45
2019-06-03 21:14
hazed | 
United States Bewwg 
Nice work dude!
2019-06-03 20:15
140kg pr here. I weigh in at 70kg atm. Whats your weight?
2019-06-03 20:45
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes 
Weird flex
2019-06-03 21:01
but dog
2019-06-03 22:23
i cant squirt more than 2 kg bro wtfuk
2019-06-03 22:23
300kg pr
2019-06-03 22:23
Hahah you like lying on the internet cus I intimidate you?? Hahaha fucking embarrassing get off my thread and hit the gym for once You betas get worse and worse every day
2019-06-03 22:32
I’m 6’8 270 shredded I go to the gym 12 times a week and lift the most out of everyone I have completed many mind destroying challenges such as a half marathon and staying up for 7 straight days. I constantly challenge myself to improve mentally and physically. You wish you were me haha
2019-06-03 22:33
You think I still don’t know who desig0d is? I did my research I was looking at the wrong one. You can’t bait me with that beta shit.
2019-06-03 22:34
Desig0d is 6'5 and 250 pounds, shredded, also high IQ.
2019-06-03 22:35
As far as I see he’s an embarrassment to the real lifting community. So are you
2019-06-03 22:38
Wtf men))) I am like Larry wheels x2
2019-06-03 22:39
I am new to this site who is Larry wheels?
2019-06-03 22:40
2019-06-03 22:41
Finland 7ones 
You are quite strong. I can get 200 kg but with belt squat, barbell would destroy my spine. Other lift scores? I can do 130 kg bench and 55 kg extra pull up.
2019-06-03 22:51
HS | 
Czech Republic VerySadGuy 
DESIG0D! Where are you? You have here some omega male who thinks that is powerful without any proof. hahaha omega man
2019-06-03 22:59
Get the fuck out of here with this desigod bullshit fuck desigod
2019-06-04 00:47
Btw I curl 220kg
2019-06-03 22:59
2019-06-03 23:01
Mexico LEWORb 
Ez, 245 my record, did 2 rep
2019-06-03 23:14
2019-06-13 01:55
Sugar | 
Europe Daddy! 
Pathetic Germ(an).
2019-06-13 02:03
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